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Thursday, November 02, 2006
GP Tradegy
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:28 PM --- Post#116245050217827137

Right after the GP paper, i keep telling myself "it simple...its easy....". I was like halfway through fooling myself into that i had just taken the simplest paper in my Life.

The Summary soooo easy! And so its the AQ. I was doing Paper 2 halfway, when my energy level decreased till zero. Suddenly i became restless. Suddenly my mind started wandering off...thinking about all sorts of things...in fact a lot of strange things popped up in my mind, like what im going to eat for lunch, what am i going to mug today, how long did i sleep and wtf some tic-tac-toe thingy came in (Frank, remeber i asked u about the relation between some sets of numbers?).

My eyes read the passage but my mind used only like 20% on that process, it resulted in repeated reading...and suddenly i got a glance of some chio bu sitting around me and all my XXX sites popped up in mind as i cursed Kiat why he never finish transferring the Jap porn last nite.

Ahhh...its only till the last 20 minutes, when suddenly the air con got more chilled. The coldness woke me up from restless-ness. Guess what? I suddenly realised im out of time. Relax...i tell myself...relax...its the easiest paper! The paper is so easy.

So off me taking my sweet time to finish my Summary and AQ, and when the invigilator yelled "Can you see whats on the $1.8K clock? Its TIMES UP!". Yeah i haven finish, but nvm, i told myself once again, this is such an easy paper that i need not do all questions to get A.

Going out of the exam hall, i put on my "hehehehe" face and went round telling the world how fucking easy the paper was...BUT....

I saw my junior, Xiao Chen. Suddenly i realised there isnt just me in AJC, there are lots of J1 victims as well. For my junior's sake, i have to warn him! I started to change...ARGGG JUST LIKE werewolf on a full moon nite!

I went up to Xiao Chen, "Eh...thats it man...err...". Xiao Chen looked at me with curiosity, "Kena owned?!". The word "owned" rang in my empty head. I stared blankly and though about it for a while. I shook his hand, "eh, GO! GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!".

At this point braddy and JJ came, "oi fuck u cheebye, can u be uglier anot?". JJ was whispering "he just now out there still kao bei the paper what how easy". ARGGG...reality struck me hard, like lightning zapped my ass liddat. The paper wasnt easy at all! I was lying to myself only!

I pulled Xiao Chen aside, screamed into his face, "fucked le, owned until no more lan cheow le!". ARGGG....i start panicking and pacing, grabbing my own face. IS THIS REAL?! Xiao Chen was trying to comfort me as i pushed him aside, "GO! GO AWAY WHILE U CAN! FUCKING GO!".

My legs began to power up, ran as far as i can. Ran as fast as i can. To where? I dunno. I remeber pishing aside the incoming crowd and hearing some cursing as i made my way through. Things flashed in my mind, bits and drabs of my life. Hauntings of the GP questions attacked my sanity and soul. Before i knew anything more, i arrived at this big spacious and brite area.

In front is an overview of AMK, I could see the MRT, down there is Student Alighting Point. Wait wait...where am I? Why am i standing so high up? What am i doing? Out of a sudden, my body collapsed, as if used up the last 0.001 volt of my battery. I sat to the ground, staring blankly as an MRT buzzed off the station.

I knew the answer. Instinct is calling me, my pencil case seemed wanting me to open it. I opened it. Out i took a penknife, i swiveled out the blade and tested the sharpness using my thumb. With faith, i held it using both hands. Firmly. Each second passed seemed like one second off a timed bomb. I aimed the blade at my chest, and with a courageous grip I stood up.

"bye.." I muttered to myself. A tear roll off my cheek and i stepped forward, feet just at the edge of the roof. I let my balance off and held the blade closer to my chest, making sure it will rip my heart off during the fall.

I let my body off balance. For just that one last second...i could see the ground falling towards me, i could also see all the evils beside jeering and teasing. Then, i saw red.

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