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Friday, November 10, 2006
The Math Hunter
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:43 AM --- Post#116312692626756739

I stared at the questions, and they stared back at me. I cant take it anymore, i picked up my pencil on the floor (i left it on the floor so it wun obstruct me writing) and took out the two Panadol on the side pocket, popped them off the plastic shell and swallowed them with the few drops of water left in my water bottle.

I closed my eyes...trying to concentrate. Computing paper had already taken up most of my sanity and senses as i tried my best to get an 'A' for it, plus i dint sleep early last night. Actually all those are excuses, the real problem is that i dint study for Math paper 2 - stats.

Im trying my best to work out the answer for 3rd last question, and i only have got like 20 minutes left. For the moment i feel like just putting my head down and let time flies, im really tired and sick of Math. I dunno how to do most of them, even if i know how to, i get tons of funny answer which i knew its 100% wrong. Whats the point of completing the questions then? Just to make myself feel better and so i can tell ppl "see i finished all!"...and and all wrong also...

In the end i only touched the first part of the EITHER question (qn 29, last qn). In fact i skipped big parts of 26 and 27 liao. After the exam i dint tok to anyone, just smiled at my classmate and listening to them say "wah so easy neh!", "you did EITHER or OR on the last qn?", "you hypo tesing u reject or accept??"

One of the things i fear after exam is that when ppl ask how how u find the paper, u say "thats it man" while the others all say "no what, its easy".

Along the way out of skool, i saw my math teacher, i avoided her but she saw me. I wanted to run away and she called my name. No choice, i went to her and again, smiled. "Hows the paper?" and she made an "OK" sign on her finger, trying to ask me if its ok. I shook my head. "Err...50 marks? Can?" I wanted to say 30, but i dun wanna disappoint her, so i say "45 ba...just pass...maybe"

And off i ran, i dun wanna continue the conversation anymore. I ran to the toilet on the second floor. Strange enough, the toilet has no lights. Ahhh must be those lousy light bulbs spoilt. I dint bother to try the switch as i prefer the darkness. I feel like crying and hopefully no one sees me. I took off my specs and washed me face.

"SLAM!" one of the toilet door flew open inwards and slammed onto the wall. I was astonish as i tot there were no one in the toilet.I grabbed for my specs and they fell off the washing basin. I squat down and searched for them. Meanwhile i heard some footsteps coming, slowly, step by step. And the foot steps seemed light. I wiped clean my face using my shirt's shoulder piece and hastily put on my specs.

I turned my head and saw something that no one would believe. Its a small woman, and wtf is shw doing in the guy's toilet? Did i enter the wrong toilet? Her face looked utmost familar, yet i cant remember who she is. She stood less than a meter tall, looked about 40 to 50 years of age and clearly some sort of mutant.

"Why? You regretting? Hahha how do you feel? Humiliated by your friends?". Is she refering to Maths?

"YES, MATHS! How uselss you are, how can you fail such an easy paper?" OMFG, she can read my mind...

"I can read everyone's mind, especially those useless students like you who cant study." She walked forward, as im was sitting on the floor, crawling backwards.

"You lazy, do you know if you fail math, there is no place for you? No uni wants you? you will bring SHAME to the college, DISGRACE to your family, and it reflects how LAZT, STUPID and IDIOTIC you are!", She sneered and jerred at me.

The more i looked into her face, the more scary she gets, i pushed myself off the floor and headed my way to the door. The door flew closed, and i used my body mass against it and gave it a real hard bang and found myself falling and the door nudged open. I grabbed the railing in front of me. Stood for a while and headed to the water cooler behind to take a sip of ice water.

Outside, the skool dun look like the normal skool, its now sort of like...greyish...desaturated... I walked around and saw some swarms of students standing on the foyer, there another of such creature, but this one has big curly haird and protruding eyes, but looked less scary than the previous one. They seemed to look listless, and under a spell or something, they are all walking slowly out of school, and the curly-haired creature waved her arms over them and seemed to be intaking some form of energy from them.

This dun look right...As the "energy" was taken from those students their face grew paler. I even saw some of my friends there...i quietly went round the Hall and took the stairs to the canteen, arriving at the back of the swarm of "zombified" students. I shook one of them, who seemed to be like from class 03, he looked at me queerly and started to burt out some math formula. He has super dark eye rings and dead eyes. Then he pushed me aside as the crowd continued...

I backed away...this is...what is this? Just then, someone pulled me back and threw me to the ground. "ouch...wtf..." regained my stance and not surprisingly the hideous creature in the toilet was facing me.

"What do you want? Whats all these? What happened to my school?!"I asked

"What do you think, how can we survive without YOU? We need POWER, REPUTATION, and RECOGNITION and its only those muggers can bring us. It happened EVERYDAY, just that under our spell your dint know. The more you mug the more knowledge and experience i take in. And the more powerful i get! And you this bastard! You useless fool!" She retorted.

"Why can i see you know then?" I questioned.

"You can see me now means you are an ASS-HOLE, a SCUMB, because dumb you cant study! Its just a few math questions, others can all do it, why not you?!" she screamed.

"So what?! I stupid none of your business!"

"You are no longer useful to me, if you are alive, you have got some value, but why did u choose to DIE?!" She asked me back.


"Head to the parade square... look at yourself..." and poof she was gone.

Sure from the canteen i can see the parade square...and there lies someone...i rushed there and as what she said..i was looking at myself....just that im covered with blood, and my arms and legs are bent in such an unnatural way. My school uniform is no longer blue... its red.

And in my hands...im holding...the entry proof.

==The End==

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