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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
SAW - Saddist Physicist
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:05 PM --- Post#116350200682201467

My head spun as i woke up. Where am I? Hell? I lifted my arms to massage my temper to relive my headache but to my horror, my arms CANT MOVE! The chains rattled as i try to detach them. I squeezed my eyes and forcefully bought myself to attention.

Luckily my specs were still intact, but unfortunately the area was almost pitch dark. I can smell. Smelt stale air and rust around me. All my limbs were locked.. Argg...stupid chains! In front is an old wooden table, i guessed so since i cant see well, only some lights came from the door slit behind me.

I reached out my arm, and the chains were long enough for me to touch the table top. How nice, i though. I could barely feel any table, most were layers and layers of dust and hard crispy, which I think were, dried insect bodies.

Suddenly, my fingers came across a cold, plasticy remote-control-like handheld among the dust and dirt. Instinctively, I felt for the largest button - Power On/Off and gave it a push. Strong light radiated in front of me, blinding my vision which was already adapted to the dark.

An old 21 incher flashed up with a white noise screen. Other than that there was nothing else in screen. With the flare of light from the TV, i could see my surrounding more vividly. This room looked familiar, In front me behind the table was a large cupboard with a large array of books, which looked quite messy. To my right are frames and frames of by-fold windows, but the outside was locked out by planks and nails. The little water fountain on the left was completely dried up.

This place looked so familiar that I knew there will be a small couch behind me beside the door. But my head could not identify this scene in front of me. Where AM I?!

Of a sudden, the screen popped an image of a horrendous face, the face of infinite pride and plots of immorality. Looked like a woman in her 40's or 50's. Wrinkles paved her scheming eyes while she smiled like a devil. A little camera on the side of the TV caught my attention as it swiveled towards my direction with a blinking red LED. She is monitoring me? What does she want?

"Hello ZOMBiE, i want to play a game with you and here are the rules...", she started off without even introducing herself. But deep in my mind i though i saw her before? My name is ZOMBiE? Why cant i recall anything before that?

"...dun worry, you MAY be fine " ,she raised her browns, "and dun bother trying to think to anything else, your brain had been wiped cleaned..."

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" I yelled,

"You had been found to be...hmmm...not loyal to us..." she continued as if she dint hear me, thoughts raced through me, as i was considering the video was either pre-recorded or there was no microphone for her to hear me.

"..but thats no longer important, all those rebels ended up like you, so you think you can get away from my grasp? I will see if you are still useful to me. Prove to me your ability and perhaps i can spare your life. Remember the rules of the game, you will be given five minute to three questions, enter the correct answer into the little digit lock on your side, three correct digits and the lock will open, and any wrong...the revolver above your head will fire."

I struggled in my seat and noticed that there is indeed a little digital lock on the side of the steel chair im locked to. So perhaps unlocking it will release me from the death chair? I looked up, startled by the fact its not a revolver on top of me, but a two barreled rifle. Attached to it is a gear mechanism that will pull the trigger and the various control cables were linked to somewhere else.

This is sick, real SICK. "Are you ready?" She said in her monotone. "First, what is a radian? Second, if your life is halfed every 70 years and you already lived 1/40 of your life, how old are you when you had lived 1/20 of your life?"

"What about the last question? You said three!" I screamed, as tears almost dripped.

"If you answer the last one correctly, you will get the answer for the first two questions. What is the code that came out on the top right that makes everyone fear after nine? Hahaha" The image faded away on the TV screen.

"Hey you idiot! What kinda of questions are those? How do you expect me to know the answer? And the digital lock can only take numbers! How do i answer the what shit on radians? Hey you come back!" I yelled and yelled and hope i could get some hint. All that is left on the screen is white.

A little clock previously unseen on the other end of the room blinked in green. 5:00, 4:59, 4:58...Ok now what am i going to do? Im like no HDD, Im like no Elvin...Im like no smart...but those questions sounded familiar...arggg...

Instead of spending the time to think of all those nonsensical questions, i tried all the ways to escape, i banged my arms and shook my legs, hoping that something will come lose that will get me out. My legs were clipped directly to the base of the steel chair, but my arms could still move abit as they were chained up with a connections of rings for about 30cm long.


I tried to stand up, but my foot were not able to exert strength on floor as they were clipped tight about two inches from the ground. Oh shit no TIME! Once again i tried standing up, which only brought more pain on my feet as the force were exerted near my ankle by the toughened clips. I twirled the chain on my left wrist to make them shorter and used body mass to swing myself to the left, attempting to break the chains...noooo the chains were too strong to be broken by human.

Time Time! Maybe i should think about the questions and answer them? Or am i faithed to have an early death?! And who was the one on the screen? Why they doing all these to me? Why did they say im not loyal and why why why why why?! I slammed my arms on the table, shaking the dust all over.

An idea sparked in my mind, but do i have time? The chains were designed to be long enough for me to reach the remote control on the table, thus getting it would be easy. I cant really see my feet as its pitch dark, estimating the position of my leg, i lightly dropped the remote control to the floor. It landed with a soft "thud". I tip toed so the front of my feet could feel for the remote control and slided them across to my another feet, so i could have support on the remote control which was placed steadily on the floor.

Now that my feets were supported, i threw myself forward and landed my face on the table in front, burrowed in all those dust. My nose hurt. My ankle were still pivoted on the base while the chains on my arms acted as tension so my face wun slam right through the table.

At this angle i hope the bullet from the rifle on top would not be able to hit. With the last ounce of strength, i pulled my right arm to my back and


The rifle fired as the clock read 00:00. The bullet was fired at the center of the seat, and crossed path with the chain on my right hand on the last minute as i pulled my arm to my back, bring the chain across the seat.

I lost balance and i pulled the chain on the left to get myself back in seat. By now the whole room was quite messy, smell of gun powder, flying dust, falling objects from the table...the floor under me was scattered with papers, exam papers?

Something in my mind tells me to start searching from clues, as my eyes scanned through all the piles and arrived at this Physics A Level exam script. Though there wasnt a lot og lighting, i could see some workings and names written on it and footprints as well. I took a closer look.

I smiled to myself, and punched in "246" in the digit lock.

=The End=

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