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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Thank you, Mr Math Tuition Teacher!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:14 PM --- Post#116300170298714728

I was sitting on the sofa, waiting eagerly for him to come. I knew it, when he says "about 7.30pm" i means 8+pm. Finally, the familiar doorbell rang, and as usual, me grabbed the keys and opened my gate.

My tuition teacher will walked in softly and quietly. He seemed to be overly quiet, yet fast in action. He will grab the seat to my left and ya start to gimme tuition.

There is no lesson plan or format. Its simple - explain my lecture notes and guide me on my tutorials. I never asked him for any challenging or what extra papers cos, ya, i suck in math and being able to catch the basics is more than enuff for me. In a way, i plan my own lessons.

He is pro, he flips my lecture notes as if he was the one who wrote them. Whenever i asked a question, he will to the page of my notes on that area. Its like "wtf? I dint even noe there is such a page in my notes!". Ya i was sleeping most of the time.

Normally (days before any exams), he will come on Sunday morning, and i find it damn irritating. As it Math spoilt my Sunday right from the start. How bad... But towards A levels and prelim, i may ask for addition lesson.

Everytime before he goes, he will say "thats all for today" softly on the last question. I will burst into life and chiong to the gate to open for him. Then we will say "so next sunday same thing". I will nod.

But this time after he left, he never say anything..as in cos this is the last time liao. Tml is the last Math paper for A Level. I wun be seeing him again. I even reminded him before he go and when my mom was paying him "ya today last lesson, cos tml math paper liao", i said subtly.

Suddenly i realised its like 2 years le. Every Sunday without fail unless i have some special program on. Thinking of when i first met him and when he first went thru my math with me. I remember its on sketching of Trigo function graphs.

I dint even realised its 2 years liao, i just knew he is my Sunday morning... And i never tok to him about anything else except math. Cos perhaps im not too socialble to start an off topic conversation. Now and then i will "oooo" or "errr..." and "ahhh i noe le" to soften the quite serious tuition session.

Now towards A levels, i realised how important he is. I never find him destorying my Sunday, rather i wake up early and prepare what i want him to go through. Its like i never pass math before, and he is the only one who can help me, giving me 2 hours of his time and let me ask as many questions and go through the actual process of me doing the questions and catching my careless mistake and correcting my thinking path. In exchange for $50 ($25 per hour).

After he left today, i sort of feel that i lost someone liddat. Strange...its like i will never see him again, unless i repeat JC. Strange isnt it? Since i dun tok to him about other stuff, i dunno much about him. I dun even remember his name or his Uni or anything about him. But ya i still consider him friend. $25 an hour is not a lot, compared to my other classmates who pays like $100 per hour. And there isnt any math qn he dunno how to solve...

Not seeing him again also means smthing else - this Jc phase of life comes to an end. I cant adapt well from one environment to another. I will have lots of hang over. Maybe when i tot i wake up and goes to morning assembly in AJC...i maybe wake up and find myself in an army bunk. Its like time disorder and warping sort...

I dun think my tuition teacher will read this blog...i wish him all the best and ya THANKS a lot!

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