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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Negative Reversed Effect
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:47 AM --- Post#3891070932771507119

As all said after going NS, boys become men, independent, fit, strong men, who are able to defend the country. You will wake up at 5.30 every morning, make your bed, wash your clothes....blah blah... How true is that?

I had only been in army for 2 weeks...and i can say its only having a negative reversed effect on me.

What is a negative reversed effect? Simple, it means the more you pound on a certain behaviour/value/idea/action, the more reluctant i am to follow them. I find myself much much more lazy at home...i leave everything to my parents....let myself be pampered. At home i always asked for good food and stuff...The allowance given to me just allow me to waste more money on my gadgets and stuff. When i wake up [not at 5.30 am of course], i purposely make the the bed even messier. I never believe in making beds...cos u will still make a mess out of it in the night...making bed dun make you more hygiene also...its just FOR SHOW...or what they call "wayang"... Toilet? Yes im still enjoying my one hour toilet stay with TV, aircon, lots of nice prenium toilet paper plus, of course, my nintendo DS and my phone just in case im bored while shitting.

I find myself chatting more....watching more ahem ahem online...I bath 3 times a day at home as well. In the past, i dun really care if my toilet is nice, i dun give a damn about sleeping hours and if i will make my bed, i dun care what food i eat as long as im full. But now after NS, i began to ask for the best of best as long as im home. Becos i cant get all of these in Tekong....thus i want REVENGE....i want "compensation".... No doubt im that poor winnie recruit in tekong who has to follow orders...but thats another story....

All these are negative reversed effect. Im someone who differentiate situation a lot. AJ PE still sucks, it sucks more than NS, even if i able to tahan NS, AJ PE still still sucks. Why? Cos AJ PE != NS, i can survive has nothing to do with AJ PE. NS is ns, AJ is AJ, at home is at home. DIFFERENT. I expect different things from different places.

Negative Revered Effect is just...making me more lazy lor....maybe thats the "change" they expect from you?

I used to be restricted to use the computer by parents when young. Later on in life...i vowed to learn IT and POOOSH.....now im addicted to computer. The more my parents restrict...the more i want it the reversed way. Same thing to NS...

Some things like values or views of certain organisations change [negatively] ever since i enter NS...and i can tell its not only me...a lot of ppl also. Whats my view and who are the organisations i better not say...else later i die...

I am still ZOMBiE, the old ZOMBiE everyone noes about. I refuse to change myself just for NS, but im willing to act and wayang to fit into the "requirements" of NS so as to reduce troubles and stuff, but that only apply in Tekong.

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Friday, December 29, 2006
Back again
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:09 PM --- Post#7097138050586609947

Back home once again. I was home last nite....dun ask why....I got to noe i was booking out only last nite. I always tot we booking out today [friday] morning. Then OC came tell us we were to book out on thurs nite, and return the next day morning for the trip to Singapore Discover Center.

Its lame lah....it took me like 40+ minutes to get there...and the visit is only like one hour...haiz...returned home to shit [after dunnmo how many days never shit] and rest and play DS a bit.

Same again, thanks Jas for helping me blog. I will book in on Tues nite. Enjoy myself!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
The day after Christmas...
[Jasmine] ranted at 2:51 AM --- Post#281581978624559379

Hi everyone, back to blogging for Zombie again! =)
Well, he's back in Tekong again (for more torture), haix =( He feels that although the time spent outside, which was during christmas, was less than 24 hours, but it feels like he had a time to travel back to a 'normal' life. There is a big contrasting difference in atmosphere, events and people. His home felt strange yet warm. Time seems to slow down during family time, but now he's back to Tekong once again. He feels scared... of what that is going to happen next...

The day after christmas - 11.20am
It was raining, and he and the rest were waiting for the rain to stop. They got their M16 rifle today, and it was lighter than the dummy rifle they had for first aid exercise. Its about 3kg. They are then in their uniform or 'long four' which means the green army uniform with long sleeves, and also they had their helmet and combat jacket, which had only the water bottle attached. And since it was raining, they wore their rain jacket, which has the same pattern and colour as their uniform (green). The rain jacket was supposed to be the most expensive item given to them. When the rain stops, they will be going to the rifle range to see the shooting demo...

The day after christmas (Part II) - 11.40pm
Zombie says everyone got their first punishment today, after the parade. They draw rifles and were officially presented with the M16 rifles in a parade at about 7pm after sunset. The rain was quite big but they insisted to have the parade outdoors, which is strange as normally its strictly under shelter even when there's only a drizzle. Anyway, they were all drenched and stuffz, and there were lots of 'cock up' during parade like forgetting to greet when grabbing the rifle or having the rifle slip out of their hands. By that time everyone was all tired, yet things delayed and 'cock up' again when they were keeping their rifles, coz they were made to hold the rifles damn high when waiting to keep them, then everyone's hand was in great pain. So, after supper they were all asked to fall in outside platoon bunk and got into push up position and held it there for like 20 odd minutes. By then zombie's arms was already like jelly liao. And by the time all that ranting ends its already over administrative time and they have no time to bathe, so everyone had to put powder and sleep just like that.

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Monday, December 25, 2006
My Hate....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:21 PM --- Post#7457093989119725037

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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For Freedom
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:47 AM --- Post#262805225520637812

This all just dun feel right. No i dint wake up 5.30 in the morning, nor did i sleep at 10.30 in the nite. I dint wash my own clothes, i dint make my bed either. But home no longer feels home. Becos u noe this is only a temporary place for you.

Dunno....after some 10 days or tourment, i had began to zombify...starting to lose my senses and feelings, closing up into my own world, the last time this occur was in J1. It goes on until im used to all these in J2.

Its like....i cant be bothered to feel anything....just follow the pace and dun even hope things get any better....just follow...dun think...

This must be the worst Christmas ever...becos it dun feel Christmas in anyway. One day of break is just too short...and ya the stupid driver issue on my comp is still there...im really out of luck these days....

I really dunno how...i had never been that lost in my life before. If not for my VS/AJ/Online friends and family i would had lost myself long ago. Now some of the AJ memories seemed so precious...

Ok you see im not complaining of tough training over there, but im really put off by the lack of freedom. You guys noe me, i support freedom till max. They can give me free shoes, clothes, food, loding, but Im willing to give up all those for freedom.

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Back from Hell
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:19 AM --- Post#4136737808013682346

Welcome me back. I will jolly well be back Tekong in less than 24 hours' time. Haiz... This must be the worst christmas i ever had....becos....it dun feel "Christmas" in any sense.

First of all, before all my rantings, i really really needa thank Jasmine for blogging for me. Not only she did helped me conveyed all my message, her summarisation is daamn good as well. What u read are basically what i did in the past 10 days. Hahaha i really dunno how thank you le...helped me so much le.

But all these aside, my comp is down w this gfx card driver error. Causing several program to go into infinite loop and return as a BOSD. One is GunZ. I tot i can have a good GunZ game once im back, but im damn wrong....

After 10 days never come home....my home seemed soo.....alien to me. It wun be long b4 i start bringing my ns life back home....sleeping habits and all that. Strange enuff, im not "excited" at all to come home, most prolly cos i had zombified liao. Just....there....listen...heck...losin all senses n emotions.

Now my life seemed to get stucked...haiz....

About my transferral to other Company, its yet to be confirmed. But thinking back now, its not bad cos i get to slack like few months....just do light duties, so that after the re-coursed BMT i work less from there. Also more likely to post me to non-combat unit if im in the obese group, increasing the chaces of getting me an IT job, which is helpful for me in future. Also obese group less tough....yet i still get to tok cock w my current bunk mates cos i will still be sharing the same bed.

Isnt it nice then? Remb i will still ORD on 15 Dec 2008.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006
The very bad news...
[Jasmine] ranted at 3:23 AM --- Post#4412363718988303243

Hey all, do tag more to keep the blog lively! =D

So, these few days have been pretty bad days for zombie! He was deemed as fat, and was told that he entered the wrong company, which also means that he need to re-BMT. This kind of situation... haix... either he grew fatter, or CMPB made a mistake and posted him wrongly. And most likely he will re serve the first 3 months of NS in March, together with all the other fatter ones... and from now till March, he will have to do guard duty. -.- This is pretty crazy...

And also, zombie spent the whole of today in the medical ward due to over exhaustion, together with dehydration. Although he said that he drank alot of water, but still dehydrate then kena the big hole in my vein to put in the drip and rest in bed for the whole day. =(

Thats all about his day today... kinda sad, and yeah future NS men, do drink lots and lots of water when you are in NS! And of course, even normal days also must drink, just like now. =)

Tataz! ^_^

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Friday, December 22, 2006
The disastrous NS
[Jasmine] ranted at 3:33 AM --- Post#1400199103412954597

There was the road march today. And afterthat the fatter ones were pulled out, including zombie and those people told zombie and the rest that CMPB had posted them wrong company, and they should be in the 15 weeks TAF company over at school. And its like wtf, how can the CMPB make such a mistake! And zombie feels that he is quite settled down over at his company already, and now they want him to go to a whole new platoon with whole new people, commanders, practices and stuff, and the administrative stuff had to be redone, so everyone over there was complaining, so the sergeant said to wait for medical officer and see hows the situation.

Then, when zombie was swimming, he swam 3/4 of the way and he was called over and was told that his swimming failed.

Well, this is a pretty bad day for zombie... =(

I shall end here, as i have alot to do... cyaz everyone!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006
The real side of NS...
[Jasmine] ranted at 2:54 AM --- Post#870294209837187882

Hi everyone!

Today, the real side of NS is revealed! According to zombie, commanders are getting more and more bastard, PT becomes more hiong liao, and its not long before all the slacking ends! =(

And tomorrow will have swimming, road march, formal ceremony whereby everyone march out one by one and receive a book from a high ranking 'officer', or bastard as he calls it. And then there is also the need to make some snowman for decoration.

What zombie is currently feeling...
He feels anxious, and that everything here is zombified... he feels that everyday listen to them talk command, and everyone's brains are totally dead. Even Shaun dont feel like the classmate who always joke around... And he hopes that the commanders dont trigger his zombie instinct or else they will end up like rou hua next time.

Hmm. What i can say is, NS do sound horrible, but this is what i assume from the smses by zombie, so future NS men, dont be frightened by what i say okay? And, if anyone is free, do sms to encourage him alittle. =)

Have a nice day/night! ^_^

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Rain rain and more rain...
[Jasmine] ranted at 12:51 AM --- Post#7520243925409380413

Its been raining for like the whole day... and even when it stops, its only for awhile... but then later it rains again.

So, due to the heavy rain, all NS activities was cut. This is good news for those who wanna slack, but bad news for those who dont wanna slack. Zombie polished boots with Shaun today, and yes, Shaun is back from the medic already! Due to his asthma attack, Shaun can slack for 6 days... and he's singing some christmas song... Lol.

I shall end here. Quite a short blog entry this time round. Hope you all dont mind, and do take a look at the previous entries if you have not. =)

Enjoy your day!

PS. Its been a pleasure blogging this and having my blog entries read by many others. For more blog entries by me, check out my blog: http://www.stars-biz.com/starletblog =D

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
18 Dec 2006... another random day...
[Jasmine] ranted at 2:00 AM --- Post#6802718133791885395

Hi all! Its me again, =p.

18 Dec, another day in NS...
Theres nothing much for today, but according to zombie, shaun reported that he felt his chest kind of tight and was sent to the medic. And the medic was quite inefficient because at one time, only one doctor is inside, so it was common to wait hours for small illnesses, and Shaun was there for more than 3 hours.

And tomorrow, the 2km run will start and zombie and the rest will have to run around the whole BMT, but he finds it suspicious because he doubt the BMT is that small.

So thats about all for zombie's day today.

Random words from me...
The weather's pretty bad today, it has been raining heavily since noon. Hope readers here will take care, and do remember to bring umbrella when going out... i was kind of drenched when coming back home today.

Also, i would like to advertise my online shop (Style Generation) here...
Im selling MP4 players, portable speaker, DDR SDRam, christmas cards, and a battery pack currently... do take a look... http://www.stars-biz.com/stylegen

With this, i shall end here. =)

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Monday, December 18, 2006
Zombie's in NS!
[Jasmine] ranted at 12:26 AM --- Post#5134453812715783002

Hi there everyone, im Jasmine, first time blogging here, and im here to help zombie blog while he's away in NS. Yup, and i blog based on what he tells me in the sms... And its nice meeting you all readers, hope you enjoy my blog entries, and do remember to tag the tagboard! =D

The first day of his NS...
Quite a boring one actually. When he reach there, the parents and enlistees were separated while the enlistees have to go and get their id card and stuffz while the parents tour around the area. Then there was a long wait in the audi for all the parents to come, and already then, some disciplined was already instilled, which was very similar to npcc. Then the people there asked if theres anyone previously from any uniformed groups, but there wasnt many of them, and all of them looked quite nerd. After some video in the audi, it was lunchtime, and he saw two friends from his sec 4 class, same company, Company M. =)

Night time was a pretty bad one... because he could not sleep, especially since he was not used to sleeping so early, and was also thinking of everyone.

The life in NS...
Every NS men had to wake up at 5.30am every morning, including zombie himself, and assemble at 5.45am. Then from 9.30pm to 10.30pm is the time for personal administration, for example, doing their chocolate cake business, bathe, wash clothes and call friends all in that just 1 hour a day.

The second day of NS
The whole of this day was just filled with boring lectures and crappy stuffz. Well and the lectures consisted of stuffz like telling them who to look for and if they feel like killing themselves or what...blah blah >_< And according to him, there is this stupid platoon sergeant who only knows how to scold knn and cb for the whole day... which is totally bastard...

And zombie, with the rest of the newly enlisted NS men, wore the army uniform today. It was surprisingly easier than wearing the npcc uniform.

The buildings around the NS area
There are alot of buildings, one building is for one company, then one company got 4 levels in the building, one of the level is called platoon, and each platoon has 4 rooms, called sections. And each sections has about 12 beds. And zombie is in Mohawk company (cool name, yea?), platoon 2, section 1 and bed 7.

So the above in the summary of his life in NS... it dont seem easy afterall. Even if the first few days is more relaxed, but it wont be like that for the whole NS period... hmm and he's only coming back for 1 day during christmas!

Thats what i have to say for today, tadaz, and hope everyone have enjoyed reading this. =) Have a nice day/night!

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Friday, December 15, 2006
Last Post
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:06 AM --- Post#8668391854418073753

Last Post from me....asked Jas to help me update my blog...and in return let her post some ads here...

Going to hell le...If i never come back dun miss me...

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Thursday, December 14, 2006
Want to cry
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:27 PM --- Post#2340769079327205295

I want to cry le...not becos im going NS...but the stupid trojan is BACK....seems that the source of orgination is not my OS drive...but rather in either my FTP drive or my portable HDD. As usual it infects all .exe files and render them....useless....and then the anti virus will delete them...

Haiz....im already not in good mood le...still liddat tiao me...haiz....bad luck dun come in only one single instances...

Oh ya Angie....i dun blame you. Haha, no need say sorry la. I should be the one thanking you for being such a nice friend. Everyone is busy, hahahha.

In a few hour's time, this blog will close down.....my computer (and its trojan) will sleep for a long long time after servicing me for some damn years. My DS will also sleep...until maybe its battery dies...bye bye my nintendogs!

Remember: The most shameful thing is not crying, its not being able to cry when you need to.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
The End?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:45 PM --- Post#6632537193106030572

Went to Century Square's Sakae to eat my "farewell mean" with Jeremy. Nothing special to mention, just ate from 3 to 6, slowly eat until we get back all our money (buffet is $16, one plate is $1.90, by eating 10 plates or more, we sort of "got back" our money). Then went to Tenpenis mall to play pool.

Well....i haven been drinking much yet gorging with food these days...maybe its call self abuse, how i iwsh i die of dehydration. Sleeping at 5 or 6am every...morning? These days im totally in state of blur....hoping to relieve my pain this way.

Im already immunised to exams and all the bads of AJC, but not yet on NS. Dunno...very fustrated...for a long period of time, i can say good bye to all my friends, my computer, my photoshop, my Flash, my blog, my iAudio, my DS.

After a dark dark period of time in AJ...another dark period is arriving....these never ends...or will it?

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
workied till 5 last nite
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:54 PM --- Post#4363909036156987107

I worked till 5.30am last nite...attempting to complete my SoftGloss skin for Moonshell player. I just....cant stop till i complete the skin. Why? Cos im going damned army in 2 days...i damn scared...cos once i sleep, when i wake up its one day gone! I have quite some other stuff not cleared yet! My bPanel!

Feel damn upside down now...digestive system screwed...never shit for days, once i shit i got diarroea...meal times all screwed as well...often cos of anxiousness...fuck it...

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SoftGloss Skin for Moonshell
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:44 PM --- Post#6206374904344663795

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Moonshell is a polished and full fledge multimedia player for Nintendo DS. This is my 1st time making a skin for mooonshell. Pardon me for the lousy design.

This skin is inspired by various GUIs like Mac, WinXP or Win Vista. Its clean and should be easy on eyes when it comes to reading. All (if not, most) graphics are newly drawn by me in Photoshop CS2.

To use this skin, simply copy all the files over to your "shell" folder and ocerwrite the old skin.

To support this skin, or to give a comment, simply email me rubbish52@hotmail.com. Or visit my blog http://cygig.blogspot.com. Your little comment on my tagboard is the greatest support to me. Thank you!


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Monday, December 11, 2006
The Grabber anbd the Stacker
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:51 PM --- Post#8617104238505354709

That saturday, everyone was shocked i sort of organised an outing. Not really an outing since i dun want much ppl also. I dun like go out w lots of ppl, 1 to 4 will be fine.

Kuen ho and Reyneth was sort of late. But its ok. Went to suntech without a plan...First we went to Sake Suhi...

"you got buffet?"
"sorry sir, buffet only weekdays"
"THANKS", kuen ho flashed his palm and we walked off.

Next is thai Express
waitress: "Good afternoon, wanna have lunch? We have THIS THIS THIS THAT THAT THAT for today!"
KH: "ok..."
ME: "Not bad not bad"
Waitress: "of course not bad, i love it! we have non-spicy food if you want"
ME: "but i want SUPER SPICY"
Waitress: "Alsog got, this super spicy chille noodle"
KH (whispering to us): "your want anot?"
ME: "..............."
KH: "WE walk round then see see first lah!"
Waitress: "No prb!"

After walking 10 meters, i say "eh i think tt one not bad noe!"
Everyone: "THANKS! now then you say!"

We ended up at Fish and Co. Three of us ate $60++. I ordered $14.90 Sting Ray, KH ordered $14.90 New York fish and chips and Rey ordered $12.90 Pasta. Then we shared one plate $10.90 oyster (6 only sia). Then ya after adding GST, Service tax, each of us need pay like $3++ extra sia...but ok lah, their sting ray not bad, quite filling also.

Then we spent the rest of the time at the arcade. WAsted tons of money on the plushie machine. Put in $1, then the mechanical hand will move and grab the soft toy...Everytime it seems like it grabbed, but when it lifted the plushie will drop. Totally like 0.1% chances of getting it only. There say "375 prizes won since Jan 1 2006! Prizes are original!". I think fake one...but it always seems like JUST A BIT to reach, and it NEVER reach the hole.

Then we see this STACKER game. Game rule is simple, starting with 3 blocks, u stack until u reach the top. Then u win one PSP or phone. LOOKS simple, then u ALWAYS lose when u reach the second topmost compartment. You lose when your block dun fall on the last one.

Smthing like this:
[][] << SMall PRIZE (a packet of mentos)

Now i noe now aracde earn money....they make the game like just miss a bit to win the prize, but you will never (0.001 chance) get the prize.

Nvm...dun waste money liao...sit down look at some chio bu dance DDR...hehehehhehe....

THen got this guy also, he used $2 to play Time Crisis. Then He spent like more than 1.5 hours and COMPLETE the ENTIRE game... Never even die in between sia! Wah lao!

Then tired liao..went to food court play NDS...then go home...

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:46 PM --- Post#4275510420220338352

Its just plain unfair i have to goto NS so soon, i have like less than a month of holidays. This is plain mad.

Hmm this feeling in me is like....more horrifying than A's. Since im prepared to fail A's, im alright with it. Fail then fail lor, no big deal. But now, going NS is really not on my side. Damn fucked. As usual me, i will speculate all the mis-fortune i will meet during NS.

This feeling is worry + angry + sad + buay song.

Its just not fair, i haven enjoyed enough yet! Now i gotta go hell once again! Sianz...haiz...

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Friday, December 08, 2006
Never regret never go prom
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:58 AM --- Post#1371350686313047155

I never regret not going prom.

Why i never go prom:
- too costly
- dunno how buy cloths for prom
- unsure of food quality there
- too formal
- i dun like such social events
- its yet another AJ day
- girls look horrible there

About the zhar bo looking horrible, i was browing through friendster, and saw lots of prom pics from sec 4. And i tot they would improve by JC....i was wrong...

Why i say lots of girls look horrible in prom? Basically, a lot of then put on TOO much make up, which its like overdoing it...its either too red or too blue or too shiny...too loud an image.

Secondly...their dresses all damn guai lan, as in their face dun match their clothes...those gowns, low cuts, bare back look inappropiate, why? I also dunno. Im not saying they ugly, but the clothing and make up make them disgusting. Its like everything is too over done. A lot of them look much much better in their tangs, mini skirts, jeans, hot pants with fancify hair clip and accessories... or even AJ uniform. Strangely when it comes to all those formal formal clothes and horrigible make up...its....omfg liao... Yes, a lot of them look much ko ai WITHOUT make up.

I wish i can have pictorial example...but i dun want die so young.

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Time for Gunz
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:52 AM --- Post#4578444434107883540

IJJI had recently launched Gunz, got time goto http://gunz.ijji.com
and take a look.

Quest mode is here....but quest server is still down...prenium items can be bought online, which also means the admin will taake greater blow to hackers. Some interface had been touched up.

Yup...bye bye iGunz, here i come ijjiGunz!

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Got cheated
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:44 AM --- Post#8541163023793685574

var aPerson = someone who cheated me;

I wun mention name here, but after what Jas told me that day I tot i might be fooled by aPerson for such a long time...without knowing.... aPerson was quite nice at first, did helped me quite a lot, but got colder and colder, exams after exams. Did mugging changed aPerson?

It doesnt mean there is a conversation window on my PC means aPerson is chatting to me, thinking back i remember aPerson actually seldom really listend and talked, most of the time is me toking to aPerson. Yet when it comes to asking me for help, i helped aPerson without thinking, but after that aPerson became damn cold again.

WTF? i actually dint realised, cos i tot aPerson is not such a person, but after telling a third party, it seems that aPerson is just being selfish, getting gain out of me and then just throw me into rubbish bin....

Its really dangerous....never know what ppl beside you up to.

aPerson is not December nor Kiat.

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Going NS soon
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:35 AM --- Post#6846299928648030720

I very buay song ans fed up. Not cos i got to go NS, not cos they put me one month earlier....but why must they shedule me in December 15? Its like i haven recover from A Level's TRAMA, then suddenly want me go NS...

AJ had wasted 2 years of my life, and now withou a break, i will be tortured for another 2 years. I mean i have quite some plans to do after A's, not really plans but looking forward to events like christmas, new year, chinese new year, setting up my online shop, make more photoshop art pieces, complete my blog tools, take up more poster jobs from VR-zone....Not to mention gimme time to complete my NDS games or just idling at home enjoy the enjoyment of slacking.

Its like my last paper end on Nov 24, and second last on Nov 15. Between these days i dint really plan much cos there is still a last paper. I have to scrap a lot of plans. My parents could have brought me to some other more fun places, but changed to genting. I should not be bothered about no one free to go out with, but now i will, cos its a waste of my "free time".

Why? Must so fast? Why must post me so early? Can like gimme a break. Its just like O levels, after O's not long then JC life begin...can slow down a not? Can anot?

Summore need spend tons of money on NS...goggles...no-cam phone...battery charger..spare specs....crap...And my parents keep toking about it...like they cannot wait for me to disappear liddat...its like damn hurting lor...NS will waste my time like AJ do. Sorry im not in for combat and those physical stuff....

fuck lor, win liao...i really got rotten luck all my life.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006
4B Gathering
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:55 PM --- Post#8435627724057584962

Went for the 4B annual gathering. Same place - Dry Lip's (Samuel) house. No pics cos i dint bring camera, i dun intend to get any pics from them as well.

As usual, i step onto Tana Merah MRT at exactly 6pm. Went there and say Izzat, Potato (shen yean) and Big Lips (tao yat). Waited a while before Bison (jason) came. Went sneaking into the side gate of Sam's condo and asked Reyneth to come out to opened it.

I was expecting the fire roaring and chickening's fragrance in the air...well when i went there the bbq pit was much of a dismay - nothing there...not even charcoal. Put my bag into Sam's house and well...start fire.

There was no fire to start with...no lighter no match stick. Before than Rey called Potato when we waitng outside the condo, "you got lighter?", Potato replied "GOT!, xy was 69kg last time, he is 68kg now, got LIGHTER!". Apparently Rey dint get the joke and we were left...without lighter.

Then a woman came (i guess its sam's neighbour) with a small small handheld map and a small small candle inside. We had only one pack of fire starter yet we wanna built two bbq pits. I used the thongs (metal one, not the cloth one) and start flaming the fire starter and placing them surrounded by charcoal.

Honestly i haven really start a bbq pit b4, all see my dad do one. Well, bison was helping most of the time. I threw in tons of firestarers and it took more than half an hour to "stabalise" the buring coal. Later on we spreaded out the whole thing so more areas are covered. We fanned and fanned and fanned and with Bison's magical puff, dead flames grew alive once more.

Meanwhile, our chem teacher Mr Tik arrived with sushi and Sam ordered pizza.

It took a total of 1.5 hours to set up the pit....We keep adding charcoal to thicken up the base. Others keep saying "can liao can liao", but me and bison insisted not enuff...well when the flame was quite alright, we just topped everything with charcoal start to bbq liao.

The chicken's marinate damn nice. but most of them turned out black outside and sticky inside. And then i realised the second bq pit wasnt setted up evven half way. There was only a little bunch of fire. Hahahahaha.

Adam mistaken me for Mushroom (sean), who arrived damn late after 9. Bryan low went back early cos he got another bbq. Cedric, zhe ming, danny never come. I heard andre went overseas liao.

After some meal, we played murder (as usual). I was enjoying the seat beside Big Lips, gazing at stars....lol the Murder game sibei funny....its goes liddat: everyone close eye, then host will choose two murderer and two nuse. Murderer will open eyes first and select who to kill. Then close eye. Nurses will then open eye and "choose your heal". "I want HIGH HEEL!"...Then everyone woke up and someone will be announced dead (depend if the nurses heal the right person). Then the rest will vote for the murderer.

Lol most of it its random guessing, giving reaons like "becos he looks sneaky...". Then poor Potato keep getting killed in the first turn.

I sort of went mad (even mr tik agrees) that night lah....i keep screaming and making lame noises (like those during Computing lessons) and keep giving lame "Doctor Doctor, there is a fly in my soup" jokes. Its a long time since i caan go mad... well in AJ u go mad no body luff one...where is their sense of humour...at least ppl get my lame jokes in Computing lessons. Conclusion: AJ ppl damn boring.

Serious...suddenly i feel like its two years back. All the memories fly back liao...in fact these covered up most of my AJ memories..which sort of faded off liao....and strange cos i keep mixing up characters and events of AJ and VS...and feel strange like a time warp.

Yes finally all the scarasm, parent's name calling and all the mad mad weird noises come up, spinning of hotdog, pretend gay sex when taking photo, anyhow scold fuck and knnccb....hahaha...all those deemed "abnormal" in AJ...In fact its much more heart waarming there than any day in AJC....

Hahha u realised i keep in using nick names...bison, big lips, drp lips, potato...hahaha cos fun mah...u try calling ppl names in AJ thats it man.....

My nick is Sotong in 4B...guess why...(my fingers)

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What am i doing?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:27 PM --- Post#5958405597306433945

Its a long time since i blog, so now im making it up by posting a lot today.

== What am i doing? ==
Basically idling at home. After my Kawaii kingston, it means im left with no job. So most of the time im at home playing my NDS, ya will give more details on that later. Also im working on my latest blog app, the bPanel.

== NDS Games ==
Games i had played:
- Elite Beat Agents (completed Easy mode, completing normal mode)
- Spyro The New Beginning (completed)
- Phoenix Wright (completed)
- Nintendogs (this game has no completion)
- Animal Crossing (this game has no completion)
- Metroid Prime Pinball (just started)
- Metroid Prime Hunters (still at level 2 of 9)
- Trama Center (at chapter 2)
- Mario Kart (unlocked 2 Cups (8 tracks) and one new character)
- Yoshi Island DS (World 4 of 6)
- Electroplankton (this game has no completion)
- Star Fox Command (half way through)
- Viewtiful Joe (started playing)
- Super Mario 64 (no intendtion of completing for now)
- New Super Mario Bros (no intention of completing for now)

== bPanel ==
Nothing much new, its a combination of some fragmented blog tools i developed. It will have four features:

- Profile (similar to Blogger's profile, may scrap off this feature)
- System Info page (display blog reader's screen res and flash player version, launch page to update flash player if detect flash player is not up to date. Display also last visit of your blog)
- mp3 player (simple one, playlist embedded in query, no external file needed)
- search (launch google to search this blog)

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Monday, December 04, 2006
Got my SD card back
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:53 PM --- Post#8276114384652254605

I finally cleared up with my Sis about my SD Card. Ok here it goes....

== Quite some months back ==
My dad bought this budget red mp3 player from BIG. It has no built in storage, thus required an SD card. And it came supplied with the player (1GB TEAC SD card), altogether for about $50+. Strange is that the mp3 player has lots of problem reading the SD card, and it corrupted the SD umpteen times...

== Quite some weeks back ==
Me and sis got our Nintendo DS. Sis's 256mb SD is just not enough to store her games, dad thus gave her the TEAC card. Not surprisingly, the TEAC SD card keep having problems. SuperCard ( The NDS GBA catridge that enable players to load rom from the SuperCard's SD card slot, which the SuperCard is then plugged into the GBA cart slot of the NDS). Thus out of my good will, i lent my sis my high speed Vigorium 150x SD card, which i bought for $150 years ago with my Palm Zire 72s PDA. That time, 1GB was a big thing, that explain for the high cost. But its in perfect working condition and read/write speed was more than good.

Thus i used my yellow multi card reader to transfer all the ROMS to over to my Vigorium SD card. It all went fine, the loading speed was much much improved. And i told my sis i would lent her for a day. She has to go looking for her own SD card. That was a week before 24th Nov, my last Computer paper then.

== What I speculate ==
The TEAC card was not faulty, but my dad uses the budget red mp3 player as a card reader for it. The player was returned before cos it simply cant even turn on or play songs. And that evn after the exchange the new product keeps corrupting the SD card. Thus i guess the TEAC card was corrupted by the goon player. A reformat in FAT by a good card reader should bring it back to use.

== The problem ==
After TWO WEEKS, my sis is still hogging to my SD card. Its not that im selfish, but its MY card, and it costed me a bomb then. Yes im no longer using it since my Palm PDA died. But ya thats the only 1GB high speed card i have. Im no rich brother, I bought my own MicroSD card for my NDS, and that my sis is richer than me, i dun see why she should just sponge on my resources. SD card are no longer that exp. Any $35 can give a decent 1GB one.

Yet she refuses to return me her card. I warned her time and time again. I even told her to return me in dad's car, and dad promise to give her his digital camera's 1GB SD, by Kingston i guess. And its not just once, i mentioned it a couple of times in front of both my dad and sis.

My dad keep forgetting and dint do a thing cos he deemed it as "unimportant stuff". My sis, sick of all the files transfer and seeing that my card is good for her, dint bother about returning me my card, less on asking my dad for his camera's SD card.

In fact, my sis just snatch my card reader away from me anytime she likes, and dad keep quiet about it. She wun even return it to me. My card reader ended up permanently beside her comp....Last IT exhibition he bought a new card reader. Not multi card but just SD alone. He simply cant be bothered to find it for me, i mean he is the one who kept it! Well i guess no one cared as long as the "bao bei" sista has all that she has.

I ended up searching for the extra card reader...and by luck i found it. Its easier to use than the previous multicard reader as well...heng...

I grew impatient. . . . . .

== Today ==
I decided to tell this to mom. And in the hawker center today i told sis to return to me once she gets home. She beg her mom to have a word of "fairness", and mom threatened to kill PokPok (my pet chicken) once i get to NS, since i wun be home for weeks, she can do watever to PokPok.

She was siding my sis most of the time, maybe based on that "guys should let girls have their way" and that "brother should let sister have her way". So i promised to repair (by reformatted with a card reader) the TEAC card for her.

I had a quarrel w sis while mom was buying 4D. Mom simply drove me home. WHY NOT SIS! She is P6 next year liao, and my house is less than a km away from the hawker center! Im ALWAYS the one driven home. I told mom "see, sis's friend all hang out playing outside skool, despite they lived even further from our house". Sis's skool is just like a stone throw from home. She simply replied "Your sister is a girl, so no way she is going out alone now. She is ONLY 11 years old!"

Rite.... I saw sis's female friend all hang out and play on their own...and my sis had lived in this area soo long that there is NO WAY for her to lose her way in this brite daylight. And im sure she has the intelligence to walk away from baddies. Oh come on...i mean how many kidnapping case you hear of now? Ok nvm about kidnapping, but shouldnt she be playing with her friends outside than to stick to momma at this age?

Anyway i went back home, found the TEAC card, formatted it and yeah it works now. So i told mom "i repaired HER card" (since dad gave it to her orginally). Mom say "ok lets try if it works then". Sis handed me her NDS, and i plugged out the SuperCard and swapped the card.

Sis cried. "I HAVEN SAVE MY GAME!!!". Ok....mom agreed to test out the card, and she gave it to me...and now you saying you haven save your game...if you haven save, why not save it then give me!!!!??? Becos she FORGOTTEN about it until the point i took out her SuperCard and resetted her NDS? And she blames me for the loss in game data for that?!

Yeah luckily mom gave her some scolding... but she yelled "Shouldnt had let you guys bought the system! See so much trouble!" Yaya...who started the trouble? Might as well say mom should not had gave birth to us, see the trouble! Ya i would be more happy not to be bornt.

Evenything was working...the budget TEAC card was extreme slow...well...that did crashed sis's NDS sometimes...and she better not blame me on that....just think... $50, Mp3 player+1GB SD card, how good can the goods be?

== Conclusion ==
Why you think i hate girls? Parents always sided my sis cos "my sister is a girl". Good lah, win lah. And now they got smart, to avoid me saying they bias, they will PUNISH both parties. Blame both of us for annoyance even sometimes its clearly my sis's fault. When its my fault, i get raining hell form parents.

When its my sis, she merely got warnings....

See lah, how girls are treasured in my family and how "becos she is a girl" theory works. Why do you think i hate girls? Why Why Why?!

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Saturday, December 02, 2006
System in preparation
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:50 PM --- Post#3222062845090875915

Yes after that stupid virus that infected all my application software, i decided to buy a new HDD and install Windows XP. Sua Ku of me to be the first time using WinXP at home, cos me using Win2K all the while back then.

Most of the stuff are installed, ya so i can relax for now...

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