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Thursday, December 07, 2006
4B Gathering
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:55 PM --- Post#8435627724057584962

Went for the 4B annual gathering. Same place - Dry Lip's (Samuel) house. No pics cos i dint bring camera, i dun intend to get any pics from them as well.

As usual, i step onto Tana Merah MRT at exactly 6pm. Went there and say Izzat, Potato (shen yean) and Big Lips (tao yat). Waited a while before Bison (jason) came. Went sneaking into the side gate of Sam's condo and asked Reyneth to come out to opened it.

I was expecting the fire roaring and chickening's fragrance in the air...well when i went there the bbq pit was much of a dismay - nothing there...not even charcoal. Put my bag into Sam's house and well...start fire.

There was no fire to start with...no lighter no match stick. Before than Rey called Potato when we waitng outside the condo, "you got lighter?", Potato replied "GOT!, xy was 69kg last time, he is 68kg now, got LIGHTER!". Apparently Rey dint get the joke and we were left...without lighter.

Then a woman came (i guess its sam's neighbour) with a small small handheld map and a small small candle inside. We had only one pack of fire starter yet we wanna built two bbq pits. I used the thongs (metal one, not the cloth one) and start flaming the fire starter and placing them surrounded by charcoal.

Honestly i haven really start a bbq pit b4, all see my dad do one. Well, bison was helping most of the time. I threw in tons of firestarers and it took more than half an hour to "stabalise" the buring coal. Later on we spreaded out the whole thing so more areas are covered. We fanned and fanned and fanned and with Bison's magical puff, dead flames grew alive once more.

Meanwhile, our chem teacher Mr Tik arrived with sushi and Sam ordered pizza.

It took a total of 1.5 hours to set up the pit....We keep adding charcoal to thicken up the base. Others keep saying "can liao can liao", but me and bison insisted not enuff...well when the flame was quite alright, we just topped everything with charcoal start to bbq liao.

The chicken's marinate damn nice. but most of them turned out black outside and sticky inside. And then i realised the second bq pit wasnt setted up evven half way. There was only a little bunch of fire. Hahahahaha.

Adam mistaken me for Mushroom (sean), who arrived damn late after 9. Bryan low went back early cos he got another bbq. Cedric, zhe ming, danny never come. I heard andre went overseas liao.

After some meal, we played murder (as usual). I was enjoying the seat beside Big Lips, gazing at stars....lol the Murder game sibei funny....its goes liddat: everyone close eye, then host will choose two murderer and two nuse. Murderer will open eyes first and select who to kill. Then close eye. Nurses will then open eye and "choose your heal". "I want HIGH HEEL!"...Then everyone woke up and someone will be announced dead (depend if the nurses heal the right person). Then the rest will vote for the murderer.

Lol most of it its random guessing, giving reaons like "becos he looks sneaky...". Then poor Potato keep getting killed in the first turn.

I sort of went mad (even mr tik agrees) that night lah....i keep screaming and making lame noises (like those during Computing lessons) and keep giving lame "Doctor Doctor, there is a fly in my soup" jokes. Its a long time since i caan go mad... well in AJ u go mad no body luff one...where is their sense of humour...at least ppl get my lame jokes in Computing lessons. Conclusion: AJ ppl damn boring.

Serious...suddenly i feel like its two years back. All the memories fly back liao...in fact these covered up most of my AJ memories..which sort of faded off liao....and strange cos i keep mixing up characters and events of AJ and VS...and feel strange like a time warp.

Yes finally all the scarasm, parent's name calling and all the mad mad weird noises come up, spinning of hotdog, pretend gay sex when taking photo, anyhow scold fuck and knnccb....hahaha...all those deemed "abnormal" in AJ...In fact its much more heart waarming there than any day in AJC....

Hahha u realised i keep in using nick names...bison, big lips, drp lips, potato...hahaha cos fun mah...u try calling ppl names in AJ thats it man.....

My nick is Sotong in 4B...guess why...(my fingers)

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