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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
The day after Christmas...
[Jasmine] ranted at 2:51 AM --- Post#281581978624559379

Hi everyone, back to blogging for Zombie again! =)
Well, he's back in Tekong again (for more torture), haix =( He feels that although the time spent outside, which was during christmas, was less than 24 hours, but it feels like he had a time to travel back to a 'normal' life. There is a big contrasting difference in atmosphere, events and people. His home felt strange yet warm. Time seems to slow down during family time, but now he's back to Tekong once again. He feels scared... of what that is going to happen next...

The day after christmas - 11.20am
It was raining, and he and the rest were waiting for the rain to stop. They got their M16 rifle today, and it was lighter than the dummy rifle they had for first aid exercise. Its about 3kg. They are then in their uniform or 'long four' which means the green army uniform with long sleeves, and also they had their helmet and combat jacket, which had only the water bottle attached. And since it was raining, they wore their rain jacket, which has the same pattern and colour as their uniform (green). The rain jacket was supposed to be the most expensive item given to them. When the rain stops, they will be going to the rifle range to see the shooting demo...

The day after christmas (Part II) - 11.40pm
Zombie says everyone got their first punishment today, after the parade. They draw rifles and were officially presented with the M16 rifles in a parade at about 7pm after sunset. The rain was quite big but they insisted to have the parade outdoors, which is strange as normally its strictly under shelter even when there's only a drizzle. Anyway, they were all drenched and stuffz, and there were lots of 'cock up' during parade like forgetting to greet when grabbing the rifle or having the rifle slip out of their hands. By that time everyone was all tired, yet things delayed and 'cock up' again when they were keeping their rifles, coz they were made to hold the rifles damn high when waiting to keep them, then everyone's hand was in great pain. So, after supper they were all asked to fall in outside platoon bunk and got into push up position and held it there for like 20 odd minutes. By then zombie's arms was already like jelly liao. And by the time all that ranting ends its already over administrative time and they have no time to bathe, so everyone had to put powder and sleep just like that.

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