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Friday, December 08, 2006
Going NS soon
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:35 AM --- Post#6846299928648030720

I very buay song ans fed up. Not cos i got to go NS, not cos they put me one month earlier....but why must they shedule me in December 15? Its like i haven recover from A Level's TRAMA, then suddenly want me go NS...

AJ had wasted 2 years of my life, and now withou a break, i will be tortured for another 2 years. I mean i have quite some plans to do after A's, not really plans but looking forward to events like christmas, new year, chinese new year, setting up my online shop, make more photoshop art pieces, complete my blog tools, take up more poster jobs from VR-zone....Not to mention gimme time to complete my NDS games or just idling at home enjoy the enjoyment of slacking.

Its like my last paper end on Nov 24, and second last on Nov 15. Between these days i dint really plan much cos there is still a last paper. I have to scrap a lot of plans. My parents could have brought me to some other more fun places, but changed to genting. I should not be bothered about no one free to go out with, but now i will, cos its a waste of my "free time".

Why? Must so fast? Why must post me so early? Can like gimme a break. Its just like O levels, after O's not long then JC life begin...can slow down a not? Can anot?

Summore need spend tons of money on NS...goggles...no-cam phone...battery charger..spare specs....crap...And my parents keep toking about it...like they cannot wait for me to disappear liddat...its like damn hurting lor...NS will waste my time like AJ do. Sorry im not in for combat and those physical stuff....

fuck lor, win liao...i really got rotten luck all my life.

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