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Monday, December 04, 2006
Got my SD card back
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:53 PM --- Post#8276114384652254605

I finally cleared up with my Sis about my SD Card. Ok here it goes....

== Quite some months back ==
My dad bought this budget red mp3 player from BIG. It has no built in storage, thus required an SD card. And it came supplied with the player (1GB TEAC SD card), altogether for about $50+. Strange is that the mp3 player has lots of problem reading the SD card, and it corrupted the SD umpteen times...

== Quite some weeks back ==
Me and sis got our Nintendo DS. Sis's 256mb SD is just not enough to store her games, dad thus gave her the TEAC card. Not surprisingly, the TEAC SD card keep having problems. SuperCard ( The NDS GBA catridge that enable players to load rom from the SuperCard's SD card slot, which the SuperCard is then plugged into the GBA cart slot of the NDS). Thus out of my good will, i lent my sis my high speed Vigorium 150x SD card, which i bought for $150 years ago with my Palm Zire 72s PDA. That time, 1GB was a big thing, that explain for the high cost. But its in perfect working condition and read/write speed was more than good.

Thus i used my yellow multi card reader to transfer all the ROMS to over to my Vigorium SD card. It all went fine, the loading speed was much much improved. And i told my sis i would lent her for a day. She has to go looking for her own SD card. That was a week before 24th Nov, my last Computer paper then.

== What I speculate ==
The TEAC card was not faulty, but my dad uses the budget red mp3 player as a card reader for it. The player was returned before cos it simply cant even turn on or play songs. And that evn after the exchange the new product keeps corrupting the SD card. Thus i guess the TEAC card was corrupted by the goon player. A reformat in FAT by a good card reader should bring it back to use.

== The problem ==
After TWO WEEKS, my sis is still hogging to my SD card. Its not that im selfish, but its MY card, and it costed me a bomb then. Yes im no longer using it since my Palm PDA died. But ya thats the only 1GB high speed card i have. Im no rich brother, I bought my own MicroSD card for my NDS, and that my sis is richer than me, i dun see why she should just sponge on my resources. SD card are no longer that exp. Any $35 can give a decent 1GB one.

Yet she refuses to return me her card. I warned her time and time again. I even told her to return me in dad's car, and dad promise to give her his digital camera's 1GB SD, by Kingston i guess. And its not just once, i mentioned it a couple of times in front of both my dad and sis.

My dad keep forgetting and dint do a thing cos he deemed it as "unimportant stuff". My sis, sick of all the files transfer and seeing that my card is good for her, dint bother about returning me my card, less on asking my dad for his camera's SD card.

In fact, my sis just snatch my card reader away from me anytime she likes, and dad keep quiet about it. She wun even return it to me. My card reader ended up permanently beside her comp....Last IT exhibition he bought a new card reader. Not multi card but just SD alone. He simply cant be bothered to find it for me, i mean he is the one who kept it! Well i guess no one cared as long as the "bao bei" sista has all that she has.

I ended up searching for the extra card reader...and by luck i found it. Its easier to use than the previous multicard reader as well...heng...

I grew impatient. . . . . .

== Today ==
I decided to tell this to mom. And in the hawker center today i told sis to return to me once she gets home. She beg her mom to have a word of "fairness", and mom threatened to kill PokPok (my pet chicken) once i get to NS, since i wun be home for weeks, she can do watever to PokPok.

She was siding my sis most of the time, maybe based on that "guys should let girls have their way" and that "brother should let sister have her way". So i promised to repair (by reformatted with a card reader) the TEAC card for her.

I had a quarrel w sis while mom was buying 4D. Mom simply drove me home. WHY NOT SIS! She is P6 next year liao, and my house is less than a km away from the hawker center! Im ALWAYS the one driven home. I told mom "see, sis's friend all hang out playing outside skool, despite they lived even further from our house". Sis's skool is just like a stone throw from home. She simply replied "Your sister is a girl, so no way she is going out alone now. She is ONLY 11 years old!"

Rite.... I saw sis's female friend all hang out and play on their own...and my sis had lived in this area soo long that there is NO WAY for her to lose her way in this brite daylight. And im sure she has the intelligence to walk away from baddies. Oh come on...i mean how many kidnapping case you hear of now? Ok nvm about kidnapping, but shouldnt she be playing with her friends outside than to stick to momma at this age?

Anyway i went back home, found the TEAC card, formatted it and yeah it works now. So i told mom "i repaired HER card" (since dad gave it to her orginally). Mom say "ok lets try if it works then". Sis handed me her NDS, and i plugged out the SuperCard and swapped the card.

Sis cried. "I HAVEN SAVE MY GAME!!!". Ok....mom agreed to test out the card, and she gave it to me...and now you saying you haven save your game...if you haven save, why not save it then give me!!!!??? Becos she FORGOTTEN about it until the point i took out her SuperCard and resetted her NDS? And she blames me for the loss in game data for that?!

Yeah luckily mom gave her some scolding... but she yelled "Shouldnt had let you guys bought the system! See so much trouble!" Yaya...who started the trouble? Might as well say mom should not had gave birth to us, see the trouble! Ya i would be more happy not to be bornt.

Evenything was working...the budget TEAC card was extreme slow...well...that did crashed sis's NDS sometimes...and she better not blame me on that....just think... $50, Mp3 player+1GB SD card, how good can the goods be?

== Conclusion ==
Why you think i hate girls? Parents always sided my sis cos "my sister is a girl". Good lah, win lah. And now they got smart, to avoid me saying they bias, they will PUNISH both parties. Blame both of us for annoyance even sometimes its clearly my sis's fault. When its my fault, i get raining hell form parents.

When its my sis, she merely got warnings....

See lah, how girls are treasured in my family and how "becos she is a girl" theory works. Why do you think i hate girls? Why Why Why?!

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