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Monday, December 11, 2006
The Grabber anbd the Stacker
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:51 PM --- Post#8617104238505354709

That saturday, everyone was shocked i sort of organised an outing. Not really an outing since i dun want much ppl also. I dun like go out w lots of ppl, 1 to 4 will be fine.

Kuen ho and Reyneth was sort of late. But its ok. Went to suntech without a plan...First we went to Sake Suhi...

"you got buffet?"
"sorry sir, buffet only weekdays"
"THANKS", kuen ho flashed his palm and we walked off.

Next is thai Express
waitress: "Good afternoon, wanna have lunch? We have THIS THIS THIS THAT THAT THAT for today!"
KH: "ok..."
ME: "Not bad not bad"
Waitress: "of course not bad, i love it! we have non-spicy food if you want"
ME: "but i want SUPER SPICY"
Waitress: "Alsog got, this super spicy chille noodle"
KH (whispering to us): "your want anot?"
ME: "..............."
KH: "WE walk round then see see first lah!"
Waitress: "No prb!"

After walking 10 meters, i say "eh i think tt one not bad noe!"
Everyone: "THANKS! now then you say!"

We ended up at Fish and Co. Three of us ate $60++. I ordered $14.90 Sting Ray, KH ordered $14.90 New York fish and chips and Rey ordered $12.90 Pasta. Then we shared one plate $10.90 oyster (6 only sia). Then ya after adding GST, Service tax, each of us need pay like $3++ extra sia...but ok lah, their sting ray not bad, quite filling also.

Then we spent the rest of the time at the arcade. WAsted tons of money on the plushie machine. Put in $1, then the mechanical hand will move and grab the soft toy...Everytime it seems like it grabbed, but when it lifted the plushie will drop. Totally like 0.1% chances of getting it only. There say "375 prizes won since Jan 1 2006! Prizes are original!". I think fake one...but it always seems like JUST A BIT to reach, and it NEVER reach the hole.

Then we see this STACKER game. Game rule is simple, starting with 3 blocks, u stack until u reach the top. Then u win one PSP or phone. LOOKS simple, then u ALWAYS lose when u reach the second topmost compartment. You lose when your block dun fall on the last one.

Smthing like this:
[][] << SMall PRIZE (a packet of mentos)

Now i noe now aracde earn money....they make the game like just miss a bit to win the prize, but you will never (0.001 chance) get the prize.

Nvm...dun waste money liao...sit down look at some chio bu dance DDR...hehehehhehe....

THen got this guy also, he used $2 to play Time Crisis. Then He spent like more than 1.5 hours and COMPLETE the ENTIRE game... Never even die in between sia! Wah lao!

Then tired liao..went to food court play NDS...then go home...

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