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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Negative Reversed Effect
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:47 AM --- Post#3891070932771507119

As all said after going NS, boys become men, independent, fit, strong men, who are able to defend the country. You will wake up at 5.30 every morning, make your bed, wash your clothes....blah blah... How true is that?

I had only been in army for 2 weeks...and i can say its only having a negative reversed effect on me.

What is a negative reversed effect? Simple, it means the more you pound on a certain behaviour/value/idea/action, the more reluctant i am to follow them. I find myself much much more lazy at home...i leave everything to my parents....let myself be pampered. At home i always asked for good food and stuff...The allowance given to me just allow me to waste more money on my gadgets and stuff. When i wake up [not at 5.30 am of course], i purposely make the the bed even messier. I never believe in making beds...cos u will still make a mess out of it in the night...making bed dun make you more hygiene also...its just FOR SHOW...or what they call "wayang"... Toilet? Yes im still enjoying my one hour toilet stay with TV, aircon, lots of nice prenium toilet paper plus, of course, my nintendo DS and my phone just in case im bored while shitting.

I find myself chatting more....watching more ahem ahem online...I bath 3 times a day at home as well. In the past, i dun really care if my toilet is nice, i dun give a damn about sleeping hours and if i will make my bed, i dun care what food i eat as long as im full. But now after NS, i began to ask for the best of best as long as im home. Becos i cant get all of these in Tekong....thus i want REVENGE....i want "compensation".... No doubt im that poor winnie recruit in tekong who has to follow orders...but thats another story....

All these are negative reversed effect. Im someone who differentiate situation a lot. AJ PE still sucks, it sucks more than NS, even if i able to tahan NS, AJ PE still still sucks. Why? Cos AJ PE != NS, i can survive has nothing to do with AJ PE. NS is ns, AJ is AJ, at home is at home. DIFFERENT. I expect different things from different places.

Negative Revered Effect is just...making me more lazy lor....maybe thats the "change" they expect from you?

I used to be restricted to use the computer by parents when young. Later on in life...i vowed to learn IT and POOOSH.....now im addicted to computer. The more my parents restrict...the more i want it the reversed way. Same thing to NS...

Some things like values or views of certain organisations change [negatively] ever since i enter NS...and i can tell its not only me...a lot of ppl also. Whats my view and who are the organisations i better not say...else later i die...

I am still ZOMBiE, the old ZOMBiE everyone noes about. I refuse to change myself just for NS, but im willing to act and wayang to fit into the "requirements" of NS so as to reduce troubles and stuff, but that only apply in Tekong.

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