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Monday, December 18, 2006
Zombie's in NS!
[Jasmine] ranted at 12:26 AM --- Post#5134453812715783002

Hi there everyone, im Jasmine, first time blogging here, and im here to help zombie blog while he's away in NS. Yup, and i blog based on what he tells me in the sms... And its nice meeting you all readers, hope you enjoy my blog entries, and do remember to tag the tagboard! =D

The first day of his NS...
Quite a boring one actually. When he reach there, the parents and enlistees were separated while the enlistees have to go and get their id card and stuffz while the parents tour around the area. Then there was a long wait in the audi for all the parents to come, and already then, some disciplined was already instilled, which was very similar to npcc. Then the people there asked if theres anyone previously from any uniformed groups, but there wasnt many of them, and all of them looked quite nerd. After some video in the audi, it was lunchtime, and he saw two friends from his sec 4 class, same company, Company M. =)

Night time was a pretty bad one... because he could not sleep, especially since he was not used to sleeping so early, and was also thinking of everyone.

The life in NS...
Every NS men had to wake up at 5.30am every morning, including zombie himself, and assemble at 5.45am. Then from 9.30pm to 10.30pm is the time for personal administration, for example, doing their chocolate cake business, bathe, wash clothes and call friends all in that just 1 hour a day.

The second day of NS
The whole of this day was just filled with boring lectures and crappy stuffz. Well and the lectures consisted of stuffz like telling them who to look for and if they feel like killing themselves or what...blah blah >_< And according to him, there is this stupid platoon sergeant who only knows how to scold knn and cb for the whole day... which is totally bastard...

And zombie, with the rest of the newly enlisted NS men, wore the army uniform today. It was surprisingly easier than wearing the npcc uniform.

The buildings around the NS area
There are alot of buildings, one building is for one company, then one company got 4 levels in the building, one of the level is called platoon, and each platoon has 4 rooms, called sections. And each sections has about 12 beds. And zombie is in Mohawk company (cool name, yea?), platoon 2, section 1 and bed 7.

So the above in the summary of his life in NS... it dont seem easy afterall. Even if the first few days is more relaxed, but it wont be like that for the whole NS period... hmm and he's only coming back for 1 day during christmas!

Thats what i have to say for today, tadaz, and hope everyone have enjoyed reading this. =) Have a nice day/night!

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