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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Excused? I m afraid not!
[havoc] ranted at 9:54 PM --- Post#2925768425770599832

The day started wif the close combat training. Its somehow similar to taekwondo, which involves kicking and punching. The only difference tt separates taekwondo and their training was tt theirs involve more kicking and punching.

Cygig was having an injured shoulder. Supposedly he was to sit out for training today and the days to come. The unsympathetic commander did not see his plight, and ordered shawn (who was also excused for training) and him to take part in the kicking and punching. Is this NS or is this some kind of torture camp? I start to qn myself and the commander's actions. Such acts will only hinder the recovery of his injury. Logically spking and thinking, if u want to someone to recover from one's injury, one shd be given ample rest. Of cos in NS, being excused from strenuous training will be the best form of treatment one can ever imagine. This act defies all logic and reasoning. WTF!

NS shapes young boys into MEN, but I nv knew it wd be such a painful process. Disappointing. Utter disappointment.

To add on to Cygig's misery and pain, he was ordered to carry jerry cans (small water tanks) during the Grenade Assault Course. As the stress on his muscles began to build up, he started to feel immense pain in his shoulders.

Well, tt does not mark the end of the cruel onslaught.

Instead of being grateful of wad Cygig has done, the officers were unappreciative.

"Aiyoh. U injured yr shoulder and shdnt be carrying such heavy stuff. U shd noe tt better. Y gei kiang?" The officer reprimanded Cygig.


Worse still, after transporting the jerry cans, Cygig was asked to sit out for the grenade throw exercise. As a result, he was forced to sit near the vicinity where the exercise was conducted and observed all the throws by other ppl. He was sort of "deprived" the chance to do so, if not for his injury. But the bigger pic i saw was tt the audacity the officer had in ordering Cygig to transport jerry cans when he knew Cygig was injured. Hmm questionable?

To mark the day wif a closure, Cygig participated in the afternoon run.

Shawn was moody today, because he dunno whether he needs to re-field camp or not, due to his sudden asthma attack during field camp and was forced to send back to his bunk. He rejoiced after hearing the news tt he only needs to make up for Battle Innoculation Course.

Wif tt, Cygig went to slp.

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