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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Get ready to fire..
[havoc] ranted at 9:31 PM --- Post#4296826970638256826

Today is the expected live shooting exercise. It took place in some remote part of Tekong. Since the place was too remote, Cygig cannot pinpoint which way points in the direction of his camp.

A 5 tonner military lorry, capable of transporting abt 30 men and equipment, picked Cygig and his friends at the transport station. The journey was short, but the roads were bumpy. Cygig got a few hard head knocks on the way due to the low ceiling. "Blast tt ceiling," he lamented.

Soon the lorry came to a halt. Cygig was amazed at wad he saw. Nth but several target practice. Everyone went for weapon zeroing, which is to offset the rifle's aim to one's eye. Due to the lack of space to carry out the live fire, platoon 3 and 4 were sent back to their camp and their shooting exercise will commence the following day.

As for Cygig's platoon, they took lunch at 12. After lunch, they entered the unfamiliar outdoor firing chamber and shot (I meant frm the rifle, b4 u think of smth else). The targets were all same as the IMT simulator, but the difference is the real fire recoil is damn, DAMN loud and explosive..

Cygig almost went deaf. It took him a few mins to realise tt he's missing his ear plugs. Luckily the OC didnt c, or else his weekend will be burnt off for guard duty.

Since it was a hands on exercise, lots of rifle jammed repeatedly and lots of reshooting were put in place. Lots of targets were spoiled. For instance, the target nv seemed to respond when Cygig hit the target, which affected his overall grade. In addition, there were times where the magazine went faulty, tt is bullets wont feed into rifle. Well, who else to blame for rotten luck? Other den himself?

The whole shooting practice lasted until 1230 am. It was a gruesome day for Cygig, managing to pass the overall test. Surprisingly, he failed his morning shooting. Fortunate for him, the nite shooting saved some of his ass and it brought his result to a pass grade. Of cos, the advantage of nite shooting is one can aim and fire at own time own target and at nearer distance frm the target. "Man, bring up the challenge. This is Gunz Live. And i really mean LIVE," he cheered.

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