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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Hell? Maybe not
[havoc] ranted at 9:04 PM --- Post#9014647668592097027

The day drew to a quick closure. Everything ended smoothly for cygig. Well almost everything. The postponed shuttle run test was scheduled this morning.

Cygig ran. For the 1st time, he gave all his heart and soul into tt sprint. Results proved to be disappointing. He failed. Fortunate for him, he was given a retrial. This time, Cygig mustered all his strength, got ready at the starting position, and ran.

He sprinted forth and back twice. Ouch! His knees hurt, but tt didnt stop our young bucaneer frm completing the torturous race.

"It was a race to the finish. No stopping now," he repeated tt in his mind.

Soon it was abt to be over. However, Satan was beside him all the while, watching his every movement. He raised one finger and pointed to the block tt cygig has retrieved earlier and placed on the ground.

Oblivious to Cygig, he was heading into the road of doom. He sprinted. Suddenly, he tripped over tt block on the floor and fell flat on the ground. The ground ard him starts to shake juz when his whole body collided into it.

"Ouch!" Cygig exclaimed.

IFC is nx on Cygig's task list. First, he had to judge the distance using only his eyes, thumb and feet. Then, he had to determine tt distance by drawing on a range card. A range card is a simple map of the surroundings, indicating one's arc or boundary of fire and some other prominent landmarks. This is to aid reinforcement troop understand the surrounding when they replace yr position if u die in war.

"How nice and thoughtful," Cygig gave a sacarstic remark.

Basha aka small tent building was nx. The weather was on Cygig's side this time round. It was sunny, so he didnt get too wet or dirty from pitching the tent.

Tmr is live range shooting. Cygig is scared, bcos shawn will be there. He's worried history will repeat itself. Cygig also quite scared tt his throat may get worse, since the pain came back after panadol's effect wore off.

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