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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
The infidel
[havoc] ranted at 9:36 PM --- Post#4452510996188118731

This entry is dedicated to my acquaintance, who is btw an irritating fucker by the name of harshal. Pardon the use of profanities. He deserves it, in my most humble yet reserved opinion.

The days of backstabbing r over. Man, I felt relieved. The tense atmosphere in class, coupled wif a few friends who r always plotting to backstab other ppl, was a terrible exp for me. Being backstabbed was not a pleasant thing, esp if tt came frm Harshal.

Tt 2 faced fish cum backstabber was a pain in everyone's ass. And I mean everyone in particular. He was responsible for the offset of friendships or alliances betw each groups. Juz when u think u noe him v well, think again.

Gd at covering his own tracks without leaving a single trace. Proficient in the use of words to convince ppl tt he is an innocent party. The most vicious and cunning super villian one can ever imagine. Yet he is rite here in our realm. OMG!

Though the backstabbing days r over, but his childishness nv cease to amaze me day by day.

Whenever he is online, he wd say hi to anyone who is msn online. A very polite boy I muz say. Juz when i was abt to reply and send him my well wishes for him, he wd suddenly appear offline. It didnt happen once. It didnt happen twice. It didnt happen thrice. WTF! It happens almost every single time. Is this a kinda of joke? So I decided to ask my friends whether they experienced this b4. The results: YES!

WtF was he thinking? A 19 yr old young adult, wif the mind of a 1 yr old? Is the body developing faster den the brain himself? A clear demonstration of how the growth of a body far surpass tt of a human mind. Seriously spking, I was abt to call SUNDAC to check whether any of its patients was granted an early breakoff. The 1st person tt came to my mind when I asked tt: My beloved Harshal.

Some ppl r born to be great. Some haf great trust bestowed upon them. Harshal was no where in betw. To put it simply and bluntly, he was off the scale. He was neither born great or had tt much of trust to start wif. He is a mangy son of a bitch.

PS. Harshal, if u so happen to read this entry, do not be so pissed off that u start to pee in yr pants or run off to yr mummy and ask her to comfort u. This is wad the rest and even myself felt towards u. No hard feelings. But for a bloody faggot like yrself, u wont noe how it feels like to be bestowed the power of love. Dun worry, we wont shed a drop of tear on yr deathbed. The only thing tt we will be shedding is our unsympathetic passion towards u.

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