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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Nostalgic abt SBQ
[havoc] ranted at 9:42 PM --- Post#2416421027719624788

Source A

This extract is taken from the conv with a berserker after reading my earlier entry.

"I juz want to let u noe the truth. It was a v last min thing, just to find company for hinho cos his last day b4 work. I only contacted 2 person, wj n ct cos they were online. We only contacted other ppl to join us when we were at kel's hse. I tot wj called to inform u abt the matter. However, he forgot. The purpose is to let u noe the truth so tt u wont misunderstand. End of story. Take it or leave it."

Source B

This extract is taken from a peacemaker during a conv wif him over msn.

"I read yr blog. So sry tt I forgot to tell u abt the gathering. I think it slipped off my mind. Its not HP's fault. It was a last min thing, and there was little time for us to prepare everything. So when we were at kel's hse, we started to call everyone. I called KS. Maybe I left u out. But it wasnt intentional. HP also suggested to ask u along."

Source C

This extract is taken from the blogger himself.

"I was bz the whole of yest. I had to spend the whole morning walking ard the whole office searching for missing files which were scattered at every corners of the office.

At nite, I had a final draft to process on b4 submitting it to the AJC teacher in charge. Teacher reprimanded me over fone for late submission of the draft. The reason behind this: The fucking email wif attachment I sent out to the entire class to ask them to give their views on Ms In, less den 1/5 of the class replied.

Though some constructive suggestions to improve it were made, it took them a decade to reply. Some didnt even take the trouble to reply me, making my job v difficult. If I noe the class were so unco-operative, I wdnt take on this job in the 1st place. No sympathy for the person doing the shit. No empathy for a person who is anxiously waiting for ppl's replies. Nothing. This is wad I get. WTF!

To add on to this nonsense, I haf to exercise multi-tasking. Besides editing the draft, I haf 3 msn conv windows on my screen, with 2 talking abt the same stuff. (pls read Source A and B for further details).

If a berserker who comes online all of a sudden starting to condemn wad one has written in one's blog, using preaching language to convince tt she shd not be suspected or even be blamed for this misunderstanding, it surely and definitely wd piss me off at tt moment. Though I was pissed at tt time being, I withheld my anger and frustration. There r more impt tasks, like editing my own work wif the few suggestions given, tt nid to be done. Tt was y I was reluctant to pull the trigger on the berserker. If u think u haf won, think again.

Also, pls do not make the conv like we r in a market place, slashing over prices of goods. The berserker sound as tt I m left wif no choice. The feeling of "Whether u r wif me, or u r against me". Sounds familiar? Yah go check out from whom's mouth tt came frm. U shd den understand y i m so pissed off wif u.

The peacemaker's approach was of cos "to make love, not war", which I appreciated. Less emotive words, but it brought the whole msg across. Gd tt he makes an effort in convincing me tt it was all a misunderstanding. I wd apologise if i see the nid.

I m not writing this bcos I want to piss the berserker off or humiliate her for suspecting her of hiding smth frm me. I serve to inform, not nag. I m not a hero/saint, but I m someone who slogs his guts out, working on a useless thing where few contributed. Y was I picked? I dunno. U can say its unlucky. No reward. Nth. This is the shitty reward I get. Who's there wanting to hear this life and true story I wanted to share wif? I can tell u truthfully. Frm the btm of my heart, the answer is nobody. Nobody at all. Not even KS. He's not there when I nid him. Bcos nobody gives a fuck abt me and the email I sent!

The gathering is all I nid so tt I can ask anyone u all invited to gif me opinion so tt I can improve on. When the teacher in charge told me to ask my class to sign for the draft I wrote, I told her this myself.

"No nid to ask them. They simply haf no time. I shall sign it for them on their behalf."

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