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Thursday, January 11, 2007
part ii
[havoc] ranted at 9:08 PM --- Post#3913841216956756412

"Status of patient?"

"Heartbeat normal. 2 major cuts near the chin. X-ray shows no fracture of skull. Skull seems to be intact."

"Wheel the configurator to the operation room. Prepare for stitching operation.'

"Yes doctor."

Chee was wheeled into the operation room for almost 1 hr. The tense situation of the medical centre, buckled wif the mystery appearance of the trench they saw earlier, made the trio entrenched to their seats.

Unknown to them, a dark shadow looms in the dark corner behind them, watching their every movement v closely. He has been following them for the past 1hr. His eyes are like those of a hunter eyeing his prey. His focus was not on the trio, but at the door which holds access to the operation room.


Cries of agony blasted the quiet hallway. The trio was shocked by the abrupt noise. The noise pierced and shakened the ears of the trio for 2 mins. Zombie wished he had brought earplugs. "Too bad den," he murmured to himself.

Just den, the guardian angel in white reappeared b4 them, wif a face of disgust.

"Yr friend is okay now, all thx to the thick skull of his. We had stitched the 2 cuts. His jaw is fully operational. The patient is now conscious. U can visit him, but dun disturb him for tt long. He nids ample rest."

Off they stormed to the room to meet chee.


The trio sensed smth amiss frm the operation room. But they cant pinpoint wad is wrong or out of place.. Soon they were brought back to their senses. How come chee wasnt given anesthesia? WTF?

"FUCK U," the doctor made his last entrance as he approached the trio. " Do u noe how expensive anesthesia drug is? This is the island of Tekong, if u want proper treatment, by all means, go to the main island. Our medical centre is too poor to afford such high quality and elite treatment.."

The trio was caught dumbfounded.

"Also, i nv seen such a coward in my entire life. Yelling and screaming at the top of one's voice for such a minor operation. Adults behaving like toddlers.. I wont be distributing MC to such a pathetic guy. He can go fuck shit for all he wants. I wont ward him. Pls show the basic courtesy of bringing him home! Pls get off frm my uncaring and unsympathetic face."

Chee was speechless. But not for the dark shadow. He has been grinning ever since the guardian angel stepped out frm the operation room.

To be continued

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