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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Poonage wif venom
[havoc] ranted at 10:38 AM --- Post#3036108071763380719

Friday was juz another ordinary day at work. Besides getting lots of alectos to sort out, I also accompanied Carol (my supervisor) to the post office to do some late afternoon shopping. Soon after we returned to office, its our knock off time.

Eric and I met up wif the others for LAN. Wif ql, frois and jchua ard, wad better game to play other den DOTA. So there was a showdown betw eric and me vs the trio. I managed to get my 1st kill (1st blood) frm ql, who mysteriously lag out all of a sudden after a while. So we remade the game. Den the same thing occurred. WTF!

We remade thrice in total. Luckily by the 3rd time, the game was fully operational. Or else, we wd haf gone to its neighbour to DOTA, since there was an adjacent lan shop nx to where we were playing. So the 3rd game lineup was me and ql vs frois, jchua and eric.

I was using venom and eric on the other hand was using his fav lucifer.. Since both of us cant be on the same team, I had to put an end to lucifer's tyranny early in the game. I was looking forward to combining doom and poison nova on a single target if we were on the same team. Oh well, fate tore us apart.

Ql chose broodmum and he soloed eric. Me, on the other hand, was soloing jchua's drow in the top lane. Frois? Well, lets juz say he was happily farming without any heavy resistance frm us in the mid lane wif his terrorblade. As usual wif venom's early game lead, I owed my 1st blood, much to the courtesy of jchua, who dunno wtf hit him. I also died along wif him as I wasnt much paying attention to my low health status. After killing chua, I was quickly finished off by the tower.

Well both of us resurrected and duelled on top lane again. Well, I scared the living daylight of jchua wif my venom after killing him subsequently. Ql also nabbed some kills from eric, wif the latter screaming for mercy and help frm his allies. Well mercy didnt stop QL and me frm pwning him. OF cos, frois was still happily farming until I decided to drop a visit on him. He saw me. He ran. LOL. There were times where I was looking elsewhere on the map when he skipped past me. By the time I noticed it, it was too late for me to catch up. I remb lvl 10 I got my sny, now to test this on a new target: Eric. Without taking any neccessary precautions, Eric got pwned naturally.

There was once Eric was screening me and told frois tt I m coming from the river. Frois took the necessary precautions and encamped at the mouth of the river. Little did frois noe tt I picked up invisibility when I was at the river. I skipped past him and went towards eric, who was at the 2nd tower on the btm lane. Eric saw me coming and cried for help and mercy. Too bad Frois was too far away to be dispatched to see his nid. The outcome: Eric was pwned. Shiit claimed an exta 225 gold from Eric. GODLIKE. Luckily frois wasnt sitting near me and Eric. Or else, I wd be far frm killing Eric.

The time I seriously got banged was when all 3 ganked me. Wtf. Frois was low on hp. He managed to escape. Of cos, I gave chase. Only to my surprise, I was welcomed by a reception party of 3. Sundar, cold arrow and doom. GG. Down goes my beyond godlike streak. Ql also got banged. Sad.

So they pushed until our 3rd tower and destroyed it, along wif the other structures. I finally got resurrected and killed Frois, wif the other 2 running away in fear after I made my appearance. I pushed all the way to their 3rd tower and destroyed every single shit. Too bad my reign was cut short by frois coming back into the game. I retreated.

In the end, Ql and I lost. But it was a great fight. We went to play other games. Footmen frenzy. A game I was kenna owned. I focussed too much on my hero tt I neglected the army. Of cos, nth cd be more fun other den to spice the game up wif a few make shift alliances and some backstabbing. HAHA! It left some of us crying in tears. Remarks like: U fucking bacstabber. Pls haf mercy on me.. were quite a common sight.

The nite was a fruitful one, for me and my venom

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