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Friday, January 19, 2007
Screwed up..
[havoc] ranted at 9:49 PM --- Post#7604887533545697358

Nobody was born a saint/god. I dont haf a halo above my head when I was born, nor do i haf one now. Angel Gabriel didnt drop by one fine day told my mum tt she wd be pregnant.

Looking at my previous entries abt myself and the class, I felt I was too rash in my conclusion. Someone once told me an interesting thing, which I tot was meaningful and decided to share wif ppl viewing this blog.

"Life is filled wif ups and downs. There r times where u will experience immense joy and happiness. Of cos, there wd also be times where situations do not favour u. Its up to u to achieve the impossible. Forgive those who haf sinned against u. Forget those miserable times where the sinners had obstructed yr progress in yr work. Forgive and Forget. The 2 f words r the most fundamental principles of life. Some ppl r born great, while some haf great trust placed upon them. Who r u? Ask yrself. Do u noe the answer?''

Well I found this paragraph quite familiar at 1st glance. Maybe frm some bible or holy teachings? Who cares.

Forgive and forget. These 2 f words on the surface r any ordinary words where one can check up their meanings in any English dictionary. How to forgive? How to forget? Easier said than being done as anyone wd say. I feel the same way too.

To forgive is an easier task den to forget smth. To forgive those who haf sinned against u, for example in the backstabbing case I haf mentioned, it is easy for me to forgive the one who is guilty of committing the crime. I juz accept tt as a part and parcel of life. I do not blame him for stabbing me with a 5-inch knife behind my back. Anyway wad goes ard comes ard.

To forget abt tt matter wd b the hardest thing to do in most cases. Since the 5-inch knife is already stabbed in my back, it had thus left a hideous scar in my sea of memory. Its tt ugly scar which reminded me of how I was backstabbed and who the culprit was. The scar was more of a symbol tt wd stick to my body for years to come. The day the scar finally disappeared is the day where I haf successfully forgotten abt the matter. Time will heal all wounds?

Similarly I forgave everyone in class who ignored my email, esp those who treat the email as dirt. Of cos, I shd show more empathy to my classmates. Putting myself in their shoes, if I was to receive an email by yee one fine day, asking me to provide suggestions to improve some worthless piece of shit, I wont even give a fuck abt it. I wd choose to ignore it. Worst. I wd take it as I didnt receive the mail. Y? The reason being tt nobody felt obliged to do this shit. Since this shit landed up in yee's hand, he might as well clean it up. Do us all a big favour. Well, wad can I say? Ppl's mentality is like tt. The more I blame them, the more I wd hate them. Might as well forgive them. Forgetting abt the unco-operativeness the class had demonstrated was another matter altogether.

I was not born to be great. I am not Theodore Roosevelt aka Teddy. I did not construct the Panama Canal. I haf too many flaws to be picked on. True. Well, at least I dare to admit them. I m definitely not like someone who likes to stir up unhappiness and sow distrusts among friends, yet pretending to be oblivious abt the matter.

The pen is mightier the sword. However, I feel tt the mighty pen is no match to the cunning behaviour one has displayed in front of others. There is always one mountain which is higher, I suppose.

I dont noe whether I qualify for the latter. Who m I? I dunno. U decide?

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