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Monday, January 15, 2007
A simple yet hard to swallow truth
[havoc] ranted at 8:59 PM --- Post#1121320805552646741

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to anyone, dead or alive, is entirely unintentional.

In dedication to Uncle Alvin's Nov post..

Well my case is less severe, compared to uncle alvin's scenario. To put it simply and bluntly, life really sux when u take someone for a friend, yet he/she treats u as a rubbish chute..

The most immediate response from a person who got deceived by the other party in the above scenario: WTF!

Of cos, I muz admit I m pretty blind myself to not notice this ugly trait tt my so-called friend has subscribed to. Ignorance is bliss? One certainly has to rethink and revalue tt statement.

How I manage to find out? Mere coincidence and sheer luck, sadly and truthfully spking..

Juz happened to meet up wif bq and wj one fine day at Ajisan. It was bq's bookout day. We were hoping to see how army has transformed and shaped our young debator friend. Besides tt, wj and I were curious how army wd be like? Is it tt horrible like most of our predecessors b4 us had mentioned it to be? Or wad? Well, there we r at Ajisan getting to noe more juicy news frm him.. Wad a better person to ask other den him?

So he was sharing his wonderful experiences he had back in army. It was not tt bad as some had prescribed it to be.. Feeling bored, I decided to change the conversation topic.

"Hey wj! Wad r u bz wif nowadays?" I asked.

"Nth much. I juz quit frm my previous job.''

"Haha. U juz cant live without me, rite?"

WJ gave a sacarstic grin. Den he popped in a qn which left me astounded for minutes to come..

"How come U were not at the farewell gathering last Weds?"

"I beg u r pardoned? Wad gathering? How come I didnt hear a single shit coming frm the organiser or the one in charge?"

"The gathering was at kel's hse. HP was the organiser.. I think it was a get together gathering to send off kel and the rest of the pack who r enlisting in JAN.." Wj replied.

"Ouch," BQ lamented sacarstically.

"Army's life drilling a hole in yr body?" I tried to tackle tt insult BQ made.

"C'mon. Stop digressing frm the issue.. Not poking fun at u here.." BQ fought back.

"Haiz maybe she forgot? Or the person who is supposedly to msg me forgot all abt it? Or.." I answered half-heartedly..

"Or wad?" BQ spoke in an intimidating manner.

"U juz want me to spell out, rite? Fine, tt incident last mth.. Happy?" I frowned.

"Of cos. Its highly possible tt she left u out juz bcos of tt." BQ answered.

"Nah, I dun think so. HP isnt tt kinda of person." WJ defended.

While the 2 r debating on the issue, I was sitting in one corner listening to wad they haf to say. Obviously this has turned out to be a cat fight betw the 2 of them. I was no where in the pic. Finally, I gave them a piece of my mind.

"Aiyah. Though I cant be certain abt wad BQ said, but his words bear much sense. After tt incident, it made me realise how selfish and self-centred and cold-blooded HP can be.. For a person whom I regarded as friend for 2 yrs, tt is like a knife stabbed in my back. Let's juz stop arguing abt this issue and move on to another topic, shall we?"

Obviously, I want them to talk abt smth else. Arguing abt it makes no sense and has no bearing in our life. If a friend whom i noe is so petty abt such stuff, it will be jolly gd for both of us not to be friends in the 1st place. Though I want to hear her explanation, after wad I had witnessed, I find it meaningless for me to do so. It saddens me to noe a friend of such ugly behaviour and trait.

Her existence in this world brings joy to some ppl, yet endangers the nature of humanity. Humanity is at risk. Who is there to stop this? Sadly not me, but herself.

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