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Saturday, January 13, 2007
Total Zero Energy Left
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:50 PM --- Post#5836956628353773878

The New Blogger
The blogger is Havoc, formerly known as Hoi Hoi on Kiat's blog. And wtf my blog team doing....why my daily events not updated sia...well just joking...they are busy as well. Ok...let me try recall what we did in tekong...

Saturday (6 Jan 2007)
Returned to Tekong, supposed to return one day before, but cos i sick so i got to return the next day.

IMT time again. Remeber IMT? Its the simulator shooting. Today trying out new targets, like the snap target which appear for only 4 seconds...strangely...they are not as strict this time...i remb they kao bei a lot the last IMT lesson.

Cos im only day 1, the afternoon PT i was slacking all away...

Shaun on MC....returning on Sunday

Sunday (7 Jan 2007)
Shaun returned from his...FLU...ya rite...and kena guard duty on monday.

Today really....slack? Again im on Day 2, slacking away off the PT. Everyone is complaining cos its fucking bored...its a Sunday...so not much activities...its like wasting our time lor...

Yaseen tore his chin while running...its like im sitting there slacking with Shaun when i saw Yaseen returning to join us with a bloody PT shirt. What happened was someone knocked into him and he fell on the edge of the parade square and got this chin deeply cut. He was sent to the medics immediately..where they and the commanders decide what to do with him. The commanders suggested putting antiseptic cream and bandage..while last minute the medic decide to do stitching.

Stitching is still alright....but the medic never put anesthesia (dunno the correct term for it). Its like...just stop the bleeding and stict his chin right infront of him...even the commanders dun wanna see..all walked off. After that...he cant tok, he cant eat, he cant luff...pain on the chin mah. Then the Medics also never give him any medic status...so its like they expect him to join in all the physical activities right after getting stitch on his chin

Monday (8 Jan 2007)
Day 3 liao...haiz...got to join PT. There seems to be a lack of commanders...a lot of them not there...

Morning is the IMT test. Again the commanders were screaming his old same phrases again. "Its ok...do what you want, if your kill someone in the live range then your know". Since Shuan did not come on the last practise, he missed out a lot alot. So ya lor, he was like damn blur about the procedures. He still failed after three tries. He keep saying what cannot see the target.

Honestly, i cant see shit also for the illum target. Nite shooting is tested, but its the first time doing it. They have a practise magazine, then the next magazine is the test liao. WTF? Nite shooting got 3 type, illum (a guy slightly camouflaged to the sandy bg), flashing (the target itself cant be seen, but a flashing light is centered in the target, simulating an enemy firing at you) and lastly the silhouette target, which is brite light coming from the back and the target is just a black shadow.

My eyes just cant pick up the illum target from its bg well. I got 0/4 shots for that.

There are foxhole, squatting/kneeling, standing shoulder, prone position to be tested...trust me...except for foxhole, the rest all damn tiring...its like u cant relax your arms cos u will be scolded for pointing your rifle anyhow.

Ya i passed the test...just barely passed...As for shaun...the commander say "i have no time for you (for more tries)". Well...maybe he got to re range again or smthing.

Shaun say guard duty very easy, he got sent to the Ammo Depot...and guard 2 hours, sleep 4 hours...until tuesday monring. Can bring food, bring phone, bring radio. Shaun carried the shield and some rod to wack off ppl trying to steal bullets. Sadly no one stole any bullets.

Tuesday (9 Jan 2007)
PT starts today...oh wtf...AGR was canceled halfway cos of the rain. Then the commander say we will have OTOT (Own Time Own Target) as a platoon. What 15 standard push up, 10 diamond, 10 spider and end with another 15 standard. This is one set...we did a lot of sers...plus all the leg rising...50+ jumping jets, lots of chicken backside (squat down, hold ankle and move your butt up and down) and a lot that i cant even remember.

Shaun came back from guard duty then, halfway thru our brutal punishment. He was given the permission to sleep for four hours after he comes back from duty, while we were manically tortured.

In the evening is the 4km road march...with the field pack this time...haiz...so tired liao still want march. I tell u hor, the bloody field pack is like...what 10+kg? U put it on u dun even feel like moving liao...much less marching 4km. Seriously tiring.

At nite is swimming...quite song lah...cos slack what...take float and swim like 25m...then finish le.

Wednesday (10 Jan 2007)
Double PT. Double strength training. one on the morning...one in the afternoon. Its the same old stuff again. The warm up, 5BX (5 basic exercise), movement drill, then take dumbells and lift, then throw medicine ball at your partner (partner cannot catch, down 20). Same old commanders yelling and screaming at us for the slightest mistake. Same old tekan and push ups...same old sweating until whole body wet. SAME!

The SAME repeated for the evening PT! But they cut off the 5BX and the movement drill. Cos later on after dinner is the National Education tok (which is sleeping session mostly) in the Audi. Was sitting w old buddy Shaun and Yaseen toking cock and imitating the commanders' yelling and screaming.

Nite falls and...ya we went to bed. Damn tired. Although in my blog, u read u think like we very relaxed liddat, but the environmental stress, run here run there, cant sleep well in bunk plus all my usual over-anxiousness really pushed me till to level zero. Here the seven hours sleep is like not even as nice as a 3 hours sleep at home lor...stressed...AHHHHH~

Thursday (11 Jan 2007)
Morning's PT was canceled due to the heavy rain. No OTOT also. Happy. Then got some lecture on IFC (Individual Field Craft). Then lunch.

After lunch, we lethargically put on our LPV (Light Protection Vest), helmet, long four and rifle and proceed to the outfield for practise on camouflage. They never really taught us how to put on camouflage cream...We anyhow anyhow lor. The base is green in colour, then three black strips from left top to right bottom of your face to cover your nose and your two cheek bones.

For your body, stuff grass into the shoulder rank strip to break the shape of your shoulder. Then poke in grasses into your helmet. We went into the forest at first, but then it rained too heavily out of a sudden. So we went to a nearby training shack to wait. After the heavy rain, we found a better forest clearing to practise the camouflaging.

I dunno anything...just follow Shaun around...poke grasses into each other's helmet....then just lie on the wet ground behind the bushes.

WTF the ground really WET and crawling with all sorts of INSECTS. Although ya a bunch of guys...but the amount of insects in the vegetation is really...disgusting. Woodlouse size of cockroaches, large spiders crawling up your shoulder, mites going into your underwear and bite your cock...all sorts of crawlies...

We suppose to observe what the commanders are doing at some distance from where we hiding, so as to simulate observation of the enemy. "ah ah that two buddy...come out"...me and shuan kena caught...i guess cos we keep toking to each other.

Then after some tries i sort of "pass" the test lah. Then asked to roll in mud and stuff.

Its fun....but the cleaning up is worst sia...all the mud and stuff so damn hard to get rid of...and the smell of mud is making me puke. All my LPVs and Uniform completely yellowing...and after 5 rounds of rinsing the water is still opaque yellow.

Friday (12 Jan 2007)
Same thing again...AGR in the morning canceled halfway, followed by IFC once again. The rain is fucking big and we were made to roll in the wet field. Learnt how to approach the enemy. Walk walk walk then when contacted with enemy, prone down.

Prone down:
1. Squat with master hand supporting ground, another hand hold rifle forward
2. thrust out both legs, like push up liddat. Another hand still holding the rifle, pointing forward.
3. let go of master hand and grip rifle properly and take aim

Now the supressing fire suppose to attack enemy, so this chance u can stand up and advance forward to the next cover. within 4 seconds, u need to prone again. If u haven reach your shelter, then u leopard crawl there. Why 4 seconds? Cos an average human take 4 seconds to aim and squeeze trigger. So within 4 seconds u got to prone to avoid getting hit.

By the end of the lesson, same as the day before, all wet all mud and my boots is like got tapole lying eggs inside liao.

Again damn shagged and sick and still got to clean the rifle and mud.

Saturday (13 Jan 2007)
Today (the day i wrote this entry) is book out day. Morning got IPPT. As usual i fail Pull up, running, SBJ, shutter run only lah. In fact my results deprove liao from last time AJ. Anyway i dun give a fuck care about IPPT (u noe me....)

After that was a hectic Area Cleaning. Then due to the new intake parents and the rain, book out time was delayed from 12.30 to 1pm plus.

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