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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 9:37 PM --- Post#694533840457009865

After asking 101 ppl, its cfm. A's release is scheduled this Friday. Nth can change this day of reckoning to all who took their A's last yr. T-T

Robert's romantic day becomes a nitemare. Cygig will be booking out on thurs nite. Depending on the OC, he can make the grp burn their weekend if he considers this as a weekend bookout. In simpler words, since they r booking out on thurs nite, the OC may ask them to book in on Sat to make up for the training they wd miss on thurs and fri. Well to Cygig, he wd seriously hope tt the OC let them book in on sun nite as usual. So for now, the decision is in the process of pending.

Today was nth much, some str training and gym workout. They r all toning down cos thurs morning is the final IPPT test.

"Wad a waste of time. I wd nv pass it in the 1st place. I haf nv passed physical test in my 18yrs of life. AND for some unknown reason, I haf not seen any improvements after I entered army. I actually DEGRADED!" Cygig felt despaired upon saying all these.

To add on to his misery, he mentioned tt his score sheet for napha was worse off, compared to the girls. OUCH! 2 more weeks to end BMT. ENDURE..

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Monday, February 26, 2007
Uneasy nite..
[havoc] ranted at 9:17 PM --- Post#6643676263326709291

Once again, our hero dragged his legs back to Tekong. It was a restless nite for him, and also for his bunk mates as well. There were rife rumours tt this Friday we gonna get back our A's lvl results. (juz received news tt the rumours r true)

Oh well, this worries Cygig. Firstly, he doesnt want to haf any business wif AJC again in his life. Therefore, the idea of stepping into tt fateful place again brings back painful memories. The teachers, the sch authorities and ppl there all play a part in leaving a hideous scar in his memory. Tt place was worse den army, if not worst. Too many bad things happened to him in tt cursed land and he really hoped he cd steer away frm the sch as far away as he cd.

Secondly, RESULTS. The time of reckoning. Everyone is nervous. But for Cygig, it was a nightmare. He is neither street smart like Robert nor is he able to mug like Elvin. Oh well, this says quite alot abt his results. Thus, he had no courage to receive the result frm his teacher.

If he disappears after the release of the result, pls dont bother to probe abt his result. This maybe too big a pressure for him to handle.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007
A day without army
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:13 PM --- Post#3284803084980463315

Life is never good without music. I was walking down the same old street to bus stop. Ahhh....bus stop...such a..hmmm..weird thingy. It had been a long long time since i sat on a bus stop. The bus came and i boarded it.

Feel so shiok to slack on the bus. I remember the bus and MRT trip home was one of the best times in AJC. The transport ride was always so tranquil and such a nice place to slack. I was pumping MC Hotdog, Cherry Boom, and Tank's new album (Keep Fighting) in my ears. I love music. I enjoy the crystal clear sound and overboard bass from my G3 and CK7. I upped the volume as i entered the bus to cover the outside noise.

I love my IEM (ATH-Ck7). As human we can close our eyes to not see what we dun wanna see. We can choose what to eat or not to eat. We can choose to touch the texture we like. We can apply Medicated Oil or stop breathing to cancel out foul smell. BUT.... there is no way to control things we hear. Sound travel rite into our ear drums and no way to close our ears. The only way is to block our ears. In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) are earphones that are shaped like ear plugs. They block out outside noise so that we can enjoy music better.

I always dreamed of having background music in my life. My CK-7 sort of made it come thru. At about volume 20/40 on my iAudi G3 player, 90% of the outside noise are blocked out. Such that i can walk on the street or sit in the bus and get sort of "isolated" from the world. One day u should try it. The feeling of seeing ppl and objects moving around u and their sounds are replaced by your fav music feels damn good. It feels like u are from another dimension seeing this world.

And to block off my sight from this ugly world, my eyes were focused on my Nintendo DS. I remembered i was playing NanoStray, a aracade style shoot-them-up flight game for DS. The graphics by far are one of the more stunning and top-notch, compared to other Ds titles.

The bus arrived at Bedok bus interchange. I alighted and waited around Princess theater for Ah Yan and Boss. Boss arrived first and treated me to ice lemon tea. Ahh....coffee shop...a heart warming place. A place that me and my friend gather lots of time to enjoy heavenly and cheap food, while toking cock and showing off gadgets. I missed the coffee shop that sells Ba Chor Mee opposite of AJ. Last time no matter how bad the day is in AJ (almost every day is a bad AJ day...), eating Ba Chor Me w ah kiat, ah yan and ah lam there always cheered me up. Three Cheers to Ba Chor Me!

Yan arrvied late, by then me and Boss in Princess theather watching Just Follow The Law liao. Nice movie, but i no time to write a review. Princess theather is another hang out point w my friends. Reason being its near to my house, its cheap and its not crowded. $5 on weekdays and $7 on sundays are tix prices u cant get anywhere else in singapore. Movie theather...another place that takes me out of the world for that 2 hours. Watching movies also provided another source of inspiration for me.

After Just Follow The Law, Boss left and Yan accompanied me watch Protege. Nice typical HK Drug Trafficking movie.

After that, me and yan sat at the kerb side and ate ice cream. Watching civilians walking here and there and seeing the big big clouds move across the sky while toking cock seemed to be an utmost enjoyment. Gossiping about this AJ-gal (which is rare to sight in Bedok since AJ is so far away in AMK) walking pass us holding a near 30 years old man...toking about how to make GBA into an oscilloscope, asking Yan hows the ppl in AJ doing, and had those bastard authorities in AJ died...blah blah. Nice.

But....once i board the bus and get home...smthing struck my mine...i need to return to tekong today... All these peace and tranquil broke suddenly. For the moment i tot my depression is cured. I was wrong. My depression came back. Suddenly i realised in a few hours time my freedom will be seized. My life will be as bad as before. OMG....

I....I...will have to book in to army tonite. Every hope of mine shattered. Tear flowed.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007
Opera For DS
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:52 PM --- Post#895700311517237004

Using my sis's Supercard SD as memory expansion, i managed to run Opera on my DS...waiting for the Rumble+Memory expansion pak to come out neh...

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:11 PM --- Post#2284898891077208247

Managed to run FTP server on my DS. Not much use...except that i can access files from my R4's microSD card from my computer without having to take the card out and risk having the spring loader loose (oh ya, mine went loose last time...but got it replaced at the same shop at SLS)

Speed is damn slow :(

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
^ DS FTP the NDS FTP client. The configuration (user and pass and ports and all that) are stored in a cfg file in the microSD card.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
^ Accessing my microSD card running on my DS thru DS FTP using Windows Explorer.

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Friday, February 23, 2007
Chiong arh!!!
[havoc] ranted at 8:22 PM --- Post#6824571167607417791

It was another bz and tiring day for Cygig. The morning was kicked start wif Agility Grp Running. It involves continuous running for half an hr. Of cos to Cygig, this 30 mins was hell in a cell. Sad, indeed.

After lunch, the Basic Assault Course awaits him. First, Cygig was ordered to take cover bhind a wall. Upon seeing the coast is clear, he is supposed to dash to the dummy soldier and kick it twice. Next, he ran over a log. Soon, the 2nd dummy soldier came to sight. Cygig raised his rifle in his hand and did a side butt swing at it. It did not end juz there. The 2nd dummy soldier was also given a front swing by Cygig. Ouch.

After torturing the 2nd dummy soldier, he baby crawled thru a zinc tunnel and arrived at his nx dummy. He gave it a abs kick and a rifle headbutt. The onslaught ended. Soon, Cygig was on the run again. This time, he back crawled under sharp wires to the nx dummy. The 4th dummy was also given the same treatment as the 3rd dummy, but the latter was spared frm a groin wack frm the rifle.

Wif tt, Cygig crawled thru the last stretch of wire and at the last dummy, he thrusted the rifle butt twice on its head. The course, though 100m long, was filled wif mud trenches. Cygig was not spared frm the dirty fight. He soon found himself cleaning gears in the evening. HAHA! Poor thing..

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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Back to work.. Oh I mean training
[havoc] ranted at 8:42 PM --- Post#7174165491379145128

It was a fruitful CNY for all, esp for Cygig. He gets to haf ample rest at home during these 4 days, juz sufficient for his body to recover frm the vigorous training he had back in tekong. Well, he's back there again, bringing us more news and updates abt his horrid life there.

In the morning, he went to the gym. The gym is pretty much similar to AJ's. After the workout there, they were given some time to rest b4 their nx assignment. Cygig used this time to take out his sketch pad and started doodling like he always do in AJ lectures. HAHA!

The afternoon training proves to be a tough challenge for him, as there was the Basic Close Combat Training (BCCT). It teaches how to use one's rifle to poke one's enemy in battle. The training was soon followed up by Strength Training.

Seems like this blog has somehow caught attention of the Commanding Officer. (biggest guy in BMTC) One of Cygig's sergeants was reprimanded bcos of the harsh training and punishment employed during training exercises. Serves him rite? Cygig hoped tt his sergeant learnt his lesson.

Tmr's lineup is the Basic Assault Course, which involves gg outfield n doing BCCT moves on dummies. Looks like Cygig cant avoid this battle without taking back home mudstains and dirt tt he wd be acquiring there.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
BrainWash Inc.
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:51 AM --- Post#2785501609683480625

Let me tell you a secret.... i had been kidnapped by BrainWash Inc. "BrainWash Inc" is merely a pseudo-name i give the organization, for i will die of horrible death should i reveal the true identity of BrianWash Inc.

You got play HalfLife? Remeber City 17? Remeber the human converted stalkers? The scene of helpless stalkers walking around doing their routine task with Combines taking batons and watching over the poor coolies is damn familiar to me.

BrainWash Inc. lock me up in this little room together with 11 other ppl. Day by day i see ppl changing, slowly having their own characteristics and personalities pulled apart and replaced by a mindset defined by BrainWash Inc. BrianWash Inc and their authorities said that the mindset defined by them are beneficial to us, true enough it might be after all. But i am not willing to accept certain aspects of their mindset, especially the way they forcefully drive it down to us and tactfully used threats to make us accomplish some tasks.

As i observe, when we were first kidnapped, everyone laughed and joked with all the rules and regulations and doings o BrainWash Inc. But as the day passed, they seemed to have accepted them. Maybe thats what the others call "learn to love smthing you dislike", which to me is bullshit as i find it meaningless to bluff yourself and change yourself for something you noe deep inside is smthing you hate a lot. Say that im despicable, childish or bo liao, but i would rather find an escape route or bend the system rules such that i can keep off those actions i dislike, rather than going ahead and forcing yourself to do it.

What BrainWash Inc did may be good for us. Heard of brainwashing-for-the-good? Maybe it does exist. Maybe our core values inside are so screwed that BrainWash Inc has to fixed it up all over for us. But still i find their methods of counsellings (a nicer word for "brainwashing") very underhand and irritating.

So why must BrainWash Inc brainwash us? I noe! I noe their motive! They want to configure us for an event that will threaten the existence of a nation in concern. And precisely, BrainWash Inc's job is to defend the nation in concern, which few ppl are willing to do it cos honestly speaking, not everyone likes the nation in concern. Not everyone is cut for the job of protection, thus BrainWash Inc got to change this mindset to their pre-defined one.

Ok...shhhss....this is a top secret. If you happen to get kidnapped by BrainWash Inc, u really need a strong mind to maintain your own thinking...else...you get brainwashed!!!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Sit Test Manic
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:57 PM --- Post#8694175510641610099

I will try to make this short and sweet. First of all i would like to thank Havoc and Frank (aka jungle paw) in my blogging. I noe there are some kinda of conflict but im not blaming anyone cos i do not have the right as you guys are voluntary helping me out. Remb to ask me give your a treat some day. As your noe im confined cos i need to re-Sit Test. So ya here is what happened...

>>SIT Test ('M' Phase)<<
SIT Test means Situational test. Basically its smthing like your JC/Sec skool team bonding games. Put u in a group and then give u a sort of puzzle or situation to solve. Everyone gets a chance to be leader, then the accessors (external re-service officers) will see your leadership potential. Its a out field, in-the-forest thingy, 3 day 2 nite.

I booked in on 4th Feb 2007, and right after submitting my MC (excuse field pack) for my shoulder injury, they told me that the Sit Test is inclusive of the 12km road march, which is not quite possible for me cos i cant carry field pack (if u still dunno, u need to wear field pack while marching). I wanted to withdraw and endure for the road march, but my commander says its not possible. And they told me i need to re-Sit Test. Shit.

I was thinking maybe i can rest in bunk since i cant participate, but no, i was asked to go out field as well....to be a sai-kang (Shit Job) warrior.

SIT Test ('M' Phase) Day 1 (Monday 5 Feb 2007)
So much for being a sai-kang warrior, the usual job of carrying the water point, benches, equipment and stuff up the tonner and be loaded to the camp site before the rest arrive. So ya when we reach, we unloaded everything, and cleared the training shack for the commanders to rest in.

Next up we were told to dig the shit hole. You see, in the jungle there is no toilet, so u needa clear a small space in the forest and dig holes, then the ppl shit inside the hole. There is this large drill, about 30cm in diameter, 1.5m tall. One guy will sit on top to provide the downward force, while two others will turn the drill to drill the shit holes. Its quite hard, esp to balance the guy sitting on top of the drill. Funny funny things are dug up in the process like half rotten shit (which i use my hand to personally get rid of it as its stuck in the drill), frogs...light sticks...

It takes about 40 minutes to dig a 1.2m deep shit hole. Next up, use iron picket and canvas to make the "walls" of the "toilet". I mean u dun really wanna see the next guy squatting there while u shit rite....

After that shit is lunch time. Same old disgusting combat rations..eeee....

After lunch, a certain Platoon Sergeant (PS) called us to help set up the stations needed for the next day. Things like dummy soldiers, rods, jerry cans...blah blah... we pack all up the tonner and off we go to the various stations.

Well done, tonner driver. In total we had like 4 hours of tonner ride on the bumpy road. How bumpy is the road? Easy, its so bumpy that seat belts are not that useful anymore, and u REALLY fly off your seat of u dun get a grip onto smthing. Its jungle road mah...welll. One guy his seat no seat belt, on one of the high bumps he flew off the seat and onto the, and the rear door was opened for easy of loading/unloading of the stocks. We have to pull him else he will just slide off the tonner.

We got lost lots and lots of time...and i seriously dunno what the tonner driver is doing, at times he simply drive INTO the vegetation. Ok, normally tonners drive on this distinct (vegetation-less) ground tracks in the forests, but this time...the driver just like force his way through the trees and bushes and shrubs.

We came to this woods where there was a steep slope in front, and cannot reverse cos trees are blocking behind (im wondering how he came in in the first place), and ya he tried reversing and the ppl sitting near the back of the tonner can see the bloody tree coming right into their faces. We all signaled to the driver ask him to stop....but he just cant hear.....until which the tonner really hit tree. BANG! The tree slanted...some roots poked out from the ground. Luncily its not a big tree. He go front again, attempting to make a sharper turn and immediately reversed once more. BLOODY! BANG! This time the tree collapsed! And thankfully...the ppl sitting there are still a live and the tonner managed to squeese its way out in the end.

But strange enuff...everyone was very enthu. Cos the PS taking us keep encouraging us...and for the first time, we are appreciated for our help. PS went running when we reach a check point with us to deliver the items to the stations, which is a rare rare sight cos commanders usually sit one corner and leave everything to the recruits. For that i really respected that PS for acknowledging our effort and participating and helping with us.

At about 6pm liddat, the tonner went back to get the Secu and another Platoon Sergeant to help set up the tent for the accessors the next day. Basically we got abandoned by the tonner with 5 other ppl and struggling to build the tent before sun set. The sun did went down eventually, and we got to rely on a small pathetic handphone for light and the mosquitoes attacked us in swamps until everyone also buay tahan.

We went back at 10.30pm in a Rover, by then all the rest of the Sit Test participants were already asleep in their pashas (small tent). We ate dinner and went to rest.

There is smthing i never understood, all the Sai Kang Warriors are all those on medical status, yet they always call these sick ppl to do odd jobs, things like running around with a 5kg jerry can is really no joke for someone with injured shoulder or ankle. And i felt that the jobs we did were much more tiring than the Sit Test itself. Justice? Logic?

SIT Test ('M' Phase) Day 2 (Tuesday 6 Feb 2007)
Nothing much today, all the participants were out there while we woke up at 7am and tok cocked the whole day.

We got info today we going with Pegasus company on sunday (which is true later on...)

K skip to day 3...

SIT Test ('M' Phase) Day 3 (Wednesay 7 Feb 2007)
Nothing much today either, first thing is to dismantle and fill back the shit hole, which involves playing with fire, buring of the shit and some fun stuff...

Then we helped load up all the Sit Test participants' field pack and take them back to company line, then came back to deliver lunch to the accessors.

By afternoon the Sit Test ended and the rest of the day were spend cleaning up rifle and stuff.

Thursday (8 Feb 2007)
Slacking all along...cos my excuses last till saturday. Confirmed going with Pegasus Company on sunday liao...so need to get confined on Saturday cos they scared we all go out get MC to skip the re-Sit Test.

Friday (9 Feb 2007)
Hand grenade day! Although i on status, im good to go to throw the freak grenade. Remembered some cockster lost his safetly ring after throwing it, and everyone were sent to look for it.

At first got one practise, then throw the real grenade. The impact sibei big...can feel the sock wave. Basically, u go into the grenade range, wait till your turn, collect the bomb and when asked, enter the bay.

Outside the bay, say "I, (nric) (rank) (name), Right Master hand, No Sweaty Palm, requesting permission to enter the bay sir!". Your officer will give u permission to enter the U-shaped bay. He will ask u to prepare grenade, u take i out and hold it with both hands outside the bay.

Command will be given to get ready, then twist safety pin, pull it and take it out and reply "grenade prepared and ready to be thrown sir!" The grenade has a safety pin, and it will detonate only when the safety pin and lever are detached. So after pulling the safety pin, it will take 6 secs to explode after the safety lever is released, which is when the grenade leaves your palm when u throw it.

Now commander will tap your shoulder and u throw it. On seeing where it land, by the 4th second u should be squatting down behind the bay and wait for the explosion.

There are quite some cases of blinds, meaning the grenade wun explode on throwing. Then the C4 charger will be placed and BOOOM, blow everything up together. That on the explosion is like....blowing off the whole BMTC liddat.

Unsurprisingly, all the commanders were very very nice to us on that day.

Saturday (10 Feb 2007)
Confiment day! It really hurted when u see ppl packing up and going home...while u are left alone with the rest of the re-sit testers doing nothing for the rest of the day....

SIT Test ('P' Phase) Day 1 (Sunday 11 Feb 2007)
Woooo i love Pegasus company! I had heard that they are a more pleasant company. They are nicer ppl than i tot sia! The commanders are always smiling and they give reasonable timing like an hour for lunch, breakfast, dinner, to build pasha...

The 12 km road march is killing, not to mention that my shoulder is still injured, which reminded me that i went for re-sit test for nothing...cos no matter its monday or sunday....my shoulder still hurts like hell. But their officers were nice enuff to encourage us and tok to us nicely and gave us ample time to rest for the day.

I quite appreciate the fact that they standardised and take off their LBV and helmet as long as they are not doing training, which i find acceptable, rather than asking for permission all the time and defeats the purpose of resting since its damn uncomfortable to rest with the gears on. Trash bags were given to throw their rubbish...hmmm hygenic? hmmmm...im not implying anything here ah...

The rest of the day was just lectures and rests. Everyone was broken and mixed into details. Each detail member got jobs like Medic, Navigator, Demolisher, Miner, Claymore.... Which is needed in the SIT test later on. I dunno anyone from Pegasus...but they are social ppl and i get used to them very fast.

SIT Test ('P' Phase) Day 2 (Monday 12 Feb 2007)
The morning fast march is terrible...its like running with LBV, helmets and rifle on...jia lat...4km leh...

The late morning till afternoon is the SIT test itself, which im not going to describe cos well...too many stations...

SIT Test ('P' Phase) Day 3 (Tuesday 13 Feb 2007)
Same stupid fast march in the morning again...this time 2km...and im dying liao by the end...haiz...sianz...

Same time Sit Test till afternoon then we brought back to compant line.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 9:24 PM --- Post#5440212692751297595

Today passed easier den Cygig had imagined it to be. The morning started off wif SOC. He requested the Physical Training Instructor (PTI) whether he wd b kind enough to teach Cygig all the 11 obstacles, as he nv attend most of the lessons.

Luckily for him, the PTI was a kind soul. He taught Cygig as patiently as he cd. Smth nice for a change?

When Cygig crossed the Suicide Window, he can feel his diarroea acting again. Wet matter was abt to ooze out frm the only exit in his body wif penetrative force. Cygig was trying to force it back to where it came from wif every strength he can muster in tt split sec. Tt saved him for the time being. However, it soon gave way and Cygig had to rush to the toilet to do some clearance in the afternoon. Well, at least he was in time for the clearance, or else he wd end up washing up soiled pants.

16km road march tmr. Wad to do? Tt's tmr afternoon for him to wry abt. For now, Cygig laid in his bunk and did some momentary skiving. Besides tt, he also had to eat up some painkillers in advance, lest his shoulder pains again during the march.

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The test
[havoc] ranted at 8:53 PM --- Post#7848990954325599584

Finally, after 2 long awaited days, I haf received news frm Cygig. It seems tt the company he was put under for the retest gave him a whole new exp of army lifestyle. Compared to his company's test, Company Pagesus Sit Test is really nth. NTH AT ALL. This made him feel sick of his company and his platoon sergeants.

In Pagesus's, their commanders seldom punish the recruits. Punishments such as push ups were seldom enforced. Rules were less stringent, as compared to Mohawk. WTF! After further explanation, it turns out tt Pagesus is a welfare grp. LMFAO!

Tragedy struck on Cygig yet again, in the form of diarroea, which caused him to make frequent visits to the toilet during his test. The possible cause of this: Unhygienic food served.

Oh well, tt wraps up his test basically. He will haf SOC and 16km road march the nx few days.. Wif much perseverance and determination, nth will wry our young bucanneer. The only thing on his mind is how to conquer this seemingly impossible task wif a drained body and a painful stomach. Beats me.

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Monday, February 12, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 8:21 PM --- Post#9215859581784539978

On Friday, Cygig went for live grenade throwing exercise. The platoon commander was behaving diff from usual. He was especially nice to everyone. Smth tt left everybody thinking wad was wrong wif him. But this was gd news for Cygig. For obvious reason, Cygig threw once and risk once. The commander nids to risk 50 times for the whole platoon.

If the grenade does not explode (blind), the team will come in to blow it up wif a c4 charger. When the grenade finally blows, one wd see where the grenade wd land b4 the commander push one down and take cover bhind the bunk.

After the exercise, everyone went back to pack their stuff for bookout. Only poor Cygig and Guo Xiang stayed bhind for the test tt was scheduled for them on sunday. Morale was low for Cygig. Seeing everyone happily preparing to go home, Cygig finally felt depressed for the 1st time in tekong when he cdnt go back home bcos of some stupid shitty test.

One day had passed and soon Saturday came. The day started fine wif a 30 60 run, which is a 30 sec sprint and a 60 sec jog incorporated together. After tt, everyone left, leaving him to his cruel fate. He cdnt leave Tekong. He cdnt turn up for the reunion dinner as promised. Worse still, he had to sit for a test, which was energy consuming. He spent the remaining hrs of Sat clearing the stinky drain bhind the building and preparing for his test.

Cygig stared at the mirror. To his horror, he hasnt slimmed down. WORST. He has grown fatter. Perhaps its due to too much MC and eatting too much supper. Haiz who else to blame other den himself?

Another worrying matter tt struck him when he was looking at the mirror was shaun's candid behaviour. After the unhappy incident tt devastated him at the medical centre, Shawn had changed. Shawn seemed as if he was possessed by Satan. He kept pressing on the fact tt he wd achieve wad he wants, no matter wad the cost. Wad made him say tt? Probably the ans lies wif the medical officer himself. Shaun had also become more bitchy and less complaining. This saddened Cygig, but he was worried as well. He was frightened tt he wd become the nx Shaun in the few days to come.

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Friday, February 09, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 7:55 PM --- Post#6024678614564005319

Cygig did a damn stupid thing today. He skipped his medication. He seriously wanna see how painful it wd be without medication. Well, the pains he felt proved tt the painkillers were working.

Some sharp pain were felt at nite. But tt didnt bother Cygig abit. He went to haf a nice chat wif his commander, hoping to skip the test tt is scheduled this sat. The result: He has failed.

His commander told him the Sit Test is v impt. Even if u cant turn up, u will b forced to go wif another company nx time or u will be faced with the recourse penalty. Unless the medical officer gives him a referral letter to go specialist to get his shoulders checked, there is no way Cygig can avoid the test this Sat. Tough luck.

So wad to do? The only thing he can do now is to stay confined this sat in tekong, while the rest get to book out. He wd b joining company P on sun. No matter how frustrated he was at the commander's decision, he finally learnt to accept the cold hard truth.

The fact tt Company P has gals tt r gg thru the same test, has revitalised his whole body and made him even prepared for the challenge tt awaits him this sun. Plus, he is able to skip some tiring Physical Training on mon and tues. WTH!

Oh well, wish him all the luck this sun.

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[Jungle Paw] ranted at 7:17 PM --- Post#5734721626201140201

Cygig the Zombie skipped his medication today to see how painful his shouder could get (He isn't called zombie for nothing really). His conclusion: His painkillers work.

Of course being the zombie that he is, the pain was tolerable, and did not reach the pain that he experienced while suffering in hell.

However when he talked to his commander, much to his utter dismay, the sit test was compulsory for him, or he would have to do it with another company or recourse (gg). So this Saturday he is confirmed to be joining "P" company, which happens to consist of girls. Of course at this, being the emotionless zombie, all Cygig was think of was that his time there would be much slacker than in Mohawk, and he would get to skip some training (yaw... yay i mean).

And eveyone, a plea from Cygig - PRAY FOR HIM GOGOGO!!!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 8:43 PM --- Post#7267117049360733398

If I remembered correctly, I did some flaming on someone in one of my blog entries. And tt particular someone: Harshal.

Weeks after tt incident, I finally received news frm him. A rather horrendous one. Apparently, it had come to his attention of the existence of my blog and my entry abt him. So this was how he returned fire at me after I relentlessly sprayed him, thru msn conv. The below was an extract of an email he received and he showed it to me..


University Scholars Programme Interview

Thank you for your interest in the University Scholars Programme at NUS. I am pleased to inform you that an interview, which is part of the admission selection process, has been arranged for you. The details are as follows:

Date: 15-Feb-2007

Time: 10.30AM

Venue: Block ADM (Next to Central Library), Level 5, SR4

Well, to finish the conv wif an added twist..


As soon as he finished tt, poof. Offline. Gone wif the wind.

It was gd riddance for me. Another word frm this cutthroat dog, I will do him in. After he left abruptly, like he always did last time, I was amused. Amused at the fact tt the whole thing was only an interview, yet he acts as if he is already a promising prospect tt deserves our applause and recognition. With his calibre, I haf total faith in him tt he wont make it pass e interview.

Y and wad make me say tt? Simply bcos: His looks already make pigs nauseated. His brain is similar to tt of a 3yr old. His 40-40-40 figure is juz nice for a 2-man seat on MRTs. Enough of personal attacks. Lets talk abt his behaviour and char.. Behaviour is positive most of the time, but dun be mistaken. His postive behaviour coupled wif his cunning personality is a force to be reckoned wif. Dun b fooled by his innocent behaviour. Bhind tt rosy pic he painted of himself, there lies a hideous part of him. So hideous tt mirrors start to crack upon seeing his reflection.

He is always plotting to get close to everyone, trying to get into their gd books, in an attempt to use tt to his advantage. Wad advantage u may ask? Well, like getting secret notes from teachers and spreading ppl's secrets ard so as to create discord betw 2 parties. Tt's not an end to his nonsense. He even goes to the extent of betraying alliances he made. A 2 faced scumbag. Such ugly traits were detestable among his peers. Yet, he didnt gif a fucking screw abt it. Solid evidence to show tt he had done this: My classmates can justify every statement I mentioned. Not creating nuisance here, but its a mere presentation of his undignified acts and traits.

The University Scholars Programme (USP) is a premier undergraduate programme at National University of Singapore (NUS) designed to develop the intellectual, leadership, and personal potential of promising students. Him promising? Promising and him don't fit well in a pic. Quite understandable y is this so.

And Harshal, thx for showing me this email they sent u. Now I m gg to duplicate another copy of this entry, of cos cutting back on my vulgarities and personal attacks on u. I m gg to present the real side of u thru email to their address. U shd be thanking me for wad I haf done for u. Btw, if u want one copy, u can ask directly frm me nx time. I will be more den happy to send it to u for yr personal reference. And till den, go hug yr mum and cry/piss u want.

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[havoc] ranted at 8:00 PM --- Post#6082416227324968690

Its been some time now since my last update. Well mainly bcos Cygig didnt send me anything to update these few days, haha! Lets get on wif the show, shall we?

The Situational Test. Lets juz say due to his condition, Cygig had been outfield frm mon to weds, and was excused frm the test. All he did those 3 days, can b simply summarised into 4 words: STARE BLANKLY INTO SPACE.

There was nth he cd do. He was injured. He cant carry tt massive and bulky field pack, cant road march to the camp site.. But all these did not seem to brighten up his 3 days in outfield.

Immediately he sent in his excuse letter, the officers told him the test he wd be sitting includes the road march. If he fails to march, he wd haf to resit for the test. Of cos upon hearing this, it was too late for him to withdraw the letter from his officers. Oh well.

The story didnt come to an end bcos of this, rather. The min he got to the camp site, he was ordered to do odd jobs of transporting heavy stuff which are more tiring den the test itself. He was also astonished tt by the time he finished all these jobs, it is already the wee hrs of the nite and most of his bunk mates had already turned in without him.

He was told on tuesday tt he wd sit for the test this sunday wif company P. It wd mean tt his whole wkend wd b burned off in tekong. Oh well, no more physiotherapy for him. Tough luck.

So to keep his body in tip top condition for Sunday's test, he wd nd to resort to eating pain killers tt the doctor prescribed him back den to relieve the pain in his shoulder. Well, Cygig didnt care much. The thing he was frustrated abt was the early submission of his letter. To put it simply, if he didnt hand in the letter back den, he wdnt be excused for the test. He cd haf taken the painkillers and tahan the test wif his platoon mates. But as a result of handing in the letter, he was forced to sit for a makeup test this sun wif other company. Wad had initially turned out to be a blessing had came back to haunt him. Poor old Cygig.

To add on to his misery, there is a reunion dinner this sat for Cygig's family. Since he is forced to take the makeup test this sunday, there is no way he can attend it. Wif his morale at rock btm, the Situation makeup Test wd prove to be a challenging feat for our young hero. Wd he b able to pass it? I wd be crossing my fingers..

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Awaiting the gd news
[havoc] ranted at 9:51 AM --- Post#462913542606684875

NS life is juz getting worse.

Today, tt particular commander who blew his top last week was super nice to all of them. This is gd news for Cygig, as it was a gd chance to tell him abt his shoulder problem. Well, at least he starts to haf mood swings again.

It looks like Cygig's shoulder was an old ailment. Juz tt the pain was bearable last time. Now due to the hectic training, the injury had gotten worse den b4 and it is harder for it to recover. The only way for the shoulder to heal itself is to let Cygig go thru physiotheraphy.

Easier said den being done. This is BMT. Physio treatment is time consuming and he will sure need to recourse for tt. The doc examined the situation and gave him excuse for carrying field pack for this week. He also prescibed him some painkillers if the pain nv cease to subside. The doc also told him to go for physio treatment after he passed out.

Since he was excused for carrying field pack, he was naturally dropped out of the Situational Test. From the looks of it, he nids to sit for a re-test with other company after his shoulder has recovered. But all these r juz his speculations.. he nids to await higher orders.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Introduction to Revolution For DS (R4DS)
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:00 PM --- Post#2780492234309440597

I have no time! This is the review video i spent on for half the sunday. Why am i burning my book out time for such sia!

Anyway its the R4, the Slot 1 solution for NDS, the video is ya...bad quality but it hilight certain homebrew and functions of the R4, which is similar to the SuperCard rumble, just that its more convinent as it supports clean roms. Gtg now, enjoy my video!

Link to youTube

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:58 AM --- Post#2470872877461786294

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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Help? Help?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:51 PM --- Post#6757828410901420311

The urge to blog. Yesss...i feel my freedom of expression once again, unlike in tekong. First of all, i needa thank Havoc and Jungle Paw for being such a good blogger for me. Seriously needa thank them good. Also congrats to Kiat's blog for making into the youth.sg contest. Thanks to Ah Lam for his concern as well.

Anyway, my right shoulder isnt that good. In tekong, ppl had been calling me "chao keng king" or "status sergeant major", which simple means i like to fake illness and slack. Ya i luff luff and pretend to march around and command the medical status personnel to berhenti at the cookhouse shelter all the time.

But honestly i seldom fake illness. The slacking part i admit. Yes i love to slack, i love being on status, in fact i always liked to be sick, simple cos when im sick i get to have ppl to tend to me and get excuses off lots of things. Screwed up mindset? Whatever u think man! But i never fake illness, im sick means im sick, and im very very prone to illness ever since i came to army. Or rather, i dare not fake illness, cos ya im timid...scared of authories and stuff...

U dun believe me? Ya i noe...expected. Who will believe me man.

Ok, i have got this stuffy and running nose for like weeks, and I still dunno the exact cause of the severe dizziness and weakness in limbs i get esp when im in combat order (long four, LBV, helmet, rifle) although more salt intake does help a bit, my right shoulder is still very prone to stiffness and joint pain when carrying heavy stuff, and i can yet control my emotions there. All these are not major problems. But when u add all together u get a big problem. "U are just weak"..."Its all in your mind...". Ya Ya im weak...so? Im strong in some other areas, i just hate all these regimental stuff cannot ah?

As Shaun said, one day we must let the commanders try singing chior songs whole day long and i will punish them by letting them attend C++ lessons if they dun sing well. See how they tahan. Then when they complain its "sissy", "boring" and start to swear, i will then tell them "its all in the mind! you can do it!"

The most worrying thing is my shoulder. Im stupid enuff not to sound off 2 years ago in JC when i have the chance to. Ok the thing with my shoulder is that when i carry bag, be it right or left shoulder slinged or both shoulder slinged, my right shoulder will start acting up. At first all the upper right back muscle will cramp up and stiffen. It will be damn aching and pain. Then anything heavier (like the field pack) it will feel the pain inside the joint like the joint going yo snap anytime. After the bag is taken off, the stiffness will remain there. Its not sharp pain but a very disturbing ache, like those serious backache. My arm movement will be contrained, i cant lift my arm on its own above 80 degrees, then sometimes at certain angle i will feel sharp pain in my joint and i hate it when i feel like got one whole long stretch of muscle being pulled out. After some day it gets better and the pain reduce to like smthing biting your shoulder and back when u move your arm around. Yes after some days it will be ok, but it never fails to come back immediately when i carry load on my back and after so much trauma on my right shoulder, my left shoulder is PERFECTLY alright. And all these had been happening since like J1, two years ago and worsening now in army.

I had a hard time explaining to doctor and the medication prescribed is not very useful. How? U tell me how? Ya i noe its not like sharp urging pain, buts its very disturbing, its exactly the kind of ache u get if u sit in office chair at the same position for like one whole day for one whole year, stiff and contracted and u need a real good massage. Only thing is my shoulder dun need one day or one year act up, the ache comes immediately on heavy load on back and when sitted on chair for too long.

I guess the cause is cos i used to carry like 7~10kg bag when im in primary skool till Sec 3, simple cos i hate to pack my bag. And i light to right sling my entire bag. Also maybe cos of the longer sitting hours in sec and JC and im always sitting in a wrong position.

Help? Help?

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Friday, February 02, 2007
Is it juz me? Or is it not?
[havoc] ranted at 9:07 PM --- Post#2582272182225176734

Having spent abt 7 weeks in army, Cygig began to smell smth amiss. Initially, ppl ard him all hated the idea of being enlisted. They want to slack whenever they r given the chance to. But, the situation has changed. Everyone started to change.

According to him, ppl ard him all become enthusiastic to sign up for leadership courses. Everyone has this "I want to put in the best here" mindset. R they brainwashed? Nobody knows. One thing is for sure. They had changed.

The only 2 survivors who had successfully retained their mind are Shawn and him. Maybe bcos of Cygig's hatred towards the army. But, the fact tt Cygig nv gives in his best or effort into anything he does is also noteworthy. Well, tt's Cygig.

Shawn went to the medical centre today again bcos he wasnt feeling any better. The medical officer was extremely rude and unfriendly to him. He told Shawn tt if he was to declare to have a long term back injury, he wd haf to undergo BMT again. Of cos, the conv betw Shawn and the medical officer was simply a harsh, threatening and preaching one, which devastated Shawn. The medical officer was also reluctant to grant Shawn permission to seek specialist consultant on this issue. WTF! Is this army life? It is certainly worse off compared to the life at a concentration camp.. And to think I m gg there in 1 mth time, OMFG?

The aftermath of the conv of cos was another unpleasant one. Shawn was fuming mad at the medical officer tt he started throwing tantrums at Cygig. Gd thing was both of them were able to cool down after a while, as Cygig knew Shawn had the hell of a time when he was at the medical centre. There were greater things Cygig was worried abt: His shoulder.

Wad a day..

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Thursday, February 01, 2007
The worst is yet to come..
[havoc] ranted at 9:07 PM --- Post#3355429880087141441

It was another awful day for our young adventurer. The day was kicked start wif the CO supervising the Standard Obstacle Course (SOC). The CO was like the head of BMTC. The commanders were shocked tt the CO will be supervising them.

As mentioned b4, our dear friend has yet to recover frm his shoulder injury, so he did not haf a chance to participate in the obstacle course. He spent his time mostly daydreaming. Nobody noes wad goes thru his mind at tt instant..

After lunch, everyone had an afternoon nap b4 gg for strength training, which again shawn and him were excused for the training. The day was a long one. To Cygig, the day was a long and draggy one, as he was virtually sitting at one corner rotting and his body putrifying under the intense heat frm the sun. Seems like his injury was more of a cock up in disguise, rather den a blessing.

Cygig was getting worried, since his shoulder showed no signs of improvement or recovery. There were still awkward pains whenever he moves them. Ouch. According to him, he could feel smth strange pulling inside of his rite shoulder whenever he moves it. The muscle in his rite shoulder is still stiffen like a hard rock and he can feel a line of muscle pulling off. OMFG!

When he told everyone abt this, nobody bought his story. They all think it was an excuse for him to get MC so tt he cd be excused frm training. I also find it hard to believe, primary bcos it was hard for me to imagine how painful it wd be when one's shoulder is injured. I had not gone thru this b4 and I hope I wont be gg thru it.

Nx week, there is a Situational Test. One of the components is a 12km road march. The 12km march was no tough feat for him. However, he is not in tip top shape for the march. He is afraid his injured shoulder wd be no match to the heavy field pack he has to carry throughout the 12 km march.

Well, wad to do? Only wish him all the best. I guess.

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