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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
BrainWash Inc.
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:51 AM --- Post#2785501609683480625

Let me tell you a secret.... i had been kidnapped by BrainWash Inc. "BrainWash Inc" is merely a pseudo-name i give the organization, for i will die of horrible death should i reveal the true identity of BrianWash Inc.

You got play HalfLife? Remeber City 17? Remeber the human converted stalkers? The scene of helpless stalkers walking around doing their routine task with Combines taking batons and watching over the poor coolies is damn familiar to me.

BrainWash Inc. lock me up in this little room together with 11 other ppl. Day by day i see ppl changing, slowly having their own characteristics and personalities pulled apart and replaced by a mindset defined by BrainWash Inc. BrianWash Inc and their authorities said that the mindset defined by them are beneficial to us, true enough it might be after all. But i am not willing to accept certain aspects of their mindset, especially the way they forcefully drive it down to us and tactfully used threats to make us accomplish some tasks.

As i observe, when we were first kidnapped, everyone laughed and joked with all the rules and regulations and doings o BrainWash Inc. But as the day passed, they seemed to have accepted them. Maybe thats what the others call "learn to love smthing you dislike", which to me is bullshit as i find it meaningless to bluff yourself and change yourself for something you noe deep inside is smthing you hate a lot. Say that im despicable, childish or bo liao, but i would rather find an escape route or bend the system rules such that i can keep off those actions i dislike, rather than going ahead and forcing yourself to do it.

What BrainWash Inc did may be good for us. Heard of brainwashing-for-the-good? Maybe it does exist. Maybe our core values inside are so screwed that BrainWash Inc has to fixed it up all over for us. But still i find their methods of counsellings (a nicer word for "brainwashing") very underhand and irritating.

So why must BrainWash Inc brainwash us? I noe! I noe their motive! They want to configure us for an event that will threaten the existence of a nation in concern. And precisely, BrainWash Inc's job is to defend the nation in concern, which few ppl are willing to do it cos honestly speaking, not everyone likes the nation in concern. Not everyone is cut for the job of protection, thus BrainWash Inc got to change this mindset to their pre-defined one.

Ok...shhhss....this is a top secret. If you happen to get kidnapped by BrainWash Inc, u really need a strong mind to maintain your own thinking...else...you get brainwashed!!!

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