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Sunday, February 25, 2007
A day without army
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:13 PM --- Post#3284803084980463315

Life is never good without music. I was walking down the same old street to bus stop. Ahhh....bus stop...such a..hmmm..weird thingy. It had been a long long time since i sat on a bus stop. The bus came and i boarded it.

Feel so shiok to slack on the bus. I remember the bus and MRT trip home was one of the best times in AJC. The transport ride was always so tranquil and such a nice place to slack. I was pumping MC Hotdog, Cherry Boom, and Tank's new album (Keep Fighting) in my ears. I love music. I enjoy the crystal clear sound and overboard bass from my G3 and CK7. I upped the volume as i entered the bus to cover the outside noise.

I love my IEM (ATH-Ck7). As human we can close our eyes to not see what we dun wanna see. We can choose what to eat or not to eat. We can choose to touch the texture we like. We can apply Medicated Oil or stop breathing to cancel out foul smell. BUT.... there is no way to control things we hear. Sound travel rite into our ear drums and no way to close our ears. The only way is to block our ears. In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) are earphones that are shaped like ear plugs. They block out outside noise so that we can enjoy music better.

I always dreamed of having background music in my life. My CK-7 sort of made it come thru. At about volume 20/40 on my iAudi G3 player, 90% of the outside noise are blocked out. Such that i can walk on the street or sit in the bus and get sort of "isolated" from the world. One day u should try it. The feeling of seeing ppl and objects moving around u and their sounds are replaced by your fav music feels damn good. It feels like u are from another dimension seeing this world.

And to block off my sight from this ugly world, my eyes were focused on my Nintendo DS. I remembered i was playing NanoStray, a aracade style shoot-them-up flight game for DS. The graphics by far are one of the more stunning and top-notch, compared to other Ds titles.

The bus arrived at Bedok bus interchange. I alighted and waited around Princess theater for Ah Yan and Boss. Boss arrived first and treated me to ice lemon tea. Ahh....coffee shop...a heart warming place. A place that me and my friend gather lots of time to enjoy heavenly and cheap food, while toking cock and showing off gadgets. I missed the coffee shop that sells Ba Chor Mee opposite of AJ. Last time no matter how bad the day is in AJ (almost every day is a bad AJ day...), eating Ba Chor Me w ah kiat, ah yan and ah lam there always cheered me up. Three Cheers to Ba Chor Me!

Yan arrvied late, by then me and Boss in Princess theather watching Just Follow The Law liao. Nice movie, but i no time to write a review. Princess theather is another hang out point w my friends. Reason being its near to my house, its cheap and its not crowded. $5 on weekdays and $7 on sundays are tix prices u cant get anywhere else in singapore. Movie theather...another place that takes me out of the world for that 2 hours. Watching movies also provided another source of inspiration for me.

After Just Follow The Law, Boss left and Yan accompanied me watch Protege. Nice typical HK Drug Trafficking movie.

After that, me and yan sat at the kerb side and ate ice cream. Watching civilians walking here and there and seeing the big big clouds move across the sky while toking cock seemed to be an utmost enjoyment. Gossiping about this AJ-gal (which is rare to sight in Bedok since AJ is so far away in AMK) walking pass us holding a near 30 years old man...toking about how to make GBA into an oscilloscope, asking Yan hows the ppl in AJ doing, and had those bastard authorities in AJ died...blah blah. Nice.

But....once i board the bus and get home...smthing struck my mine...i need to return to tekong today... All these peace and tranquil broke suddenly. For the moment i tot my depression is cured. I was wrong. My depression came back. Suddenly i realised in a few hours time my freedom will be seized. My life will be as bad as before. OMG....

I....I...will have to book in to army tonite. Every hope of mine shattered. Tear flowed.

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