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Monday, February 12, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 8:21 PM --- Post#9215859581784539978

On Friday, Cygig went for live grenade throwing exercise. The platoon commander was behaving diff from usual. He was especially nice to everyone. Smth tt left everybody thinking wad was wrong wif him. But this was gd news for Cygig. For obvious reason, Cygig threw once and risk once. The commander nids to risk 50 times for the whole platoon.

If the grenade does not explode (blind), the team will come in to blow it up wif a c4 charger. When the grenade finally blows, one wd see where the grenade wd land b4 the commander push one down and take cover bhind the bunk.

After the exercise, everyone went back to pack their stuff for bookout. Only poor Cygig and Guo Xiang stayed bhind for the test tt was scheduled for them on sunday. Morale was low for Cygig. Seeing everyone happily preparing to go home, Cygig finally felt depressed for the 1st time in tekong when he cdnt go back home bcos of some stupid shitty test.

One day had passed and soon Saturday came. The day started fine wif a 30 60 run, which is a 30 sec sprint and a 60 sec jog incorporated together. After tt, everyone left, leaving him to his cruel fate. He cdnt leave Tekong. He cdnt turn up for the reunion dinner as promised. Worse still, he had to sit for a test, which was energy consuming. He spent the remaining hrs of Sat clearing the stinky drain bhind the building and preparing for his test.

Cygig stared at the mirror. To his horror, he hasnt slimmed down. WORST. He has grown fatter. Perhaps its due to too much MC and eatting too much supper. Haiz who else to blame other den himself?

Another worrying matter tt struck him when he was looking at the mirror was shaun's candid behaviour. After the unhappy incident tt devastated him at the medical centre, Shawn had changed. Shawn seemed as if he was possessed by Satan. He kept pressing on the fact tt he wd achieve wad he wants, no matter wad the cost. Wad made him say tt? Probably the ans lies wif the medical officer himself. Shaun had also become more bitchy and less complaining. This saddened Cygig, but he was worried as well. He was frightened tt he wd become the nx Shaun in the few days to come.

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