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Thursday, February 08, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 8:00 PM --- Post#6082416227324968690

Its been some time now since my last update. Well mainly bcos Cygig didnt send me anything to update these few days, haha! Lets get on wif the show, shall we?

The Situational Test. Lets juz say due to his condition, Cygig had been outfield frm mon to weds, and was excused frm the test. All he did those 3 days, can b simply summarised into 4 words: STARE BLANKLY INTO SPACE.

There was nth he cd do. He was injured. He cant carry tt massive and bulky field pack, cant road march to the camp site.. But all these did not seem to brighten up his 3 days in outfield.

Immediately he sent in his excuse letter, the officers told him the test he wd be sitting includes the road march. If he fails to march, he wd haf to resit for the test. Of cos upon hearing this, it was too late for him to withdraw the letter from his officers. Oh well.

The story didnt come to an end bcos of this, rather. The min he got to the camp site, he was ordered to do odd jobs of transporting heavy stuff which are more tiring den the test itself. He was also astonished tt by the time he finished all these jobs, it is already the wee hrs of the nite and most of his bunk mates had already turned in without him.

He was told on tuesday tt he wd sit for the test this sunday wif company P. It wd mean tt his whole wkend wd b burned off in tekong. Oh well, no more physiotherapy for him. Tough luck.

So to keep his body in tip top condition for Sunday's test, he wd nd to resort to eating pain killers tt the doctor prescribed him back den to relieve the pain in his shoulder. Well, Cygig didnt care much. The thing he was frustrated abt was the early submission of his letter. To put it simply, if he didnt hand in the letter back den, he wdnt be excused for the test. He cd haf taken the painkillers and tahan the test wif his platoon mates. But as a result of handing in the letter, he was forced to sit for a makeup test this sun wif other company. Wad had initially turned out to be a blessing had came back to haunt him. Poor old Cygig.

To add on to his misery, there is a reunion dinner this sat for Cygig's family. Since he is forced to take the makeup test this sunday, there is no way he can attend it. Wif his morale at rock btm, the Situation makeup Test wd prove to be a challenging feat for our young hero. Wd he b able to pass it? I wd be crossing my fingers..

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