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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Help? Help?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:51 PM --- Post#6757828410901420311

The urge to blog. Yesss...i feel my freedom of expression once again, unlike in tekong. First of all, i needa thank Havoc and Jungle Paw for being such a good blogger for me. Seriously needa thank them good. Also congrats to Kiat's blog for making into the youth.sg contest. Thanks to Ah Lam for his concern as well.

Anyway, my right shoulder isnt that good. In tekong, ppl had been calling me "chao keng king" or "status sergeant major", which simple means i like to fake illness and slack. Ya i luff luff and pretend to march around and command the medical status personnel to berhenti at the cookhouse shelter all the time.

But honestly i seldom fake illness. The slacking part i admit. Yes i love to slack, i love being on status, in fact i always liked to be sick, simple cos when im sick i get to have ppl to tend to me and get excuses off lots of things. Screwed up mindset? Whatever u think man! But i never fake illness, im sick means im sick, and im very very prone to illness ever since i came to army. Or rather, i dare not fake illness, cos ya im timid...scared of authories and stuff...

U dun believe me? Ya i noe...expected. Who will believe me man.

Ok, i have got this stuffy and running nose for like weeks, and I still dunno the exact cause of the severe dizziness and weakness in limbs i get esp when im in combat order (long four, LBV, helmet, rifle) although more salt intake does help a bit, my right shoulder is still very prone to stiffness and joint pain when carrying heavy stuff, and i can yet control my emotions there. All these are not major problems. But when u add all together u get a big problem. "U are just weak"..."Its all in your mind...". Ya Ya im weak...so? Im strong in some other areas, i just hate all these regimental stuff cannot ah?

As Shaun said, one day we must let the commanders try singing chior songs whole day long and i will punish them by letting them attend C++ lessons if they dun sing well. See how they tahan. Then when they complain its "sissy", "boring" and start to swear, i will then tell them "its all in the mind! you can do it!"

The most worrying thing is my shoulder. Im stupid enuff not to sound off 2 years ago in JC when i have the chance to. Ok the thing with my shoulder is that when i carry bag, be it right or left shoulder slinged or both shoulder slinged, my right shoulder will start acting up. At first all the upper right back muscle will cramp up and stiffen. It will be damn aching and pain. Then anything heavier (like the field pack) it will feel the pain inside the joint like the joint going yo snap anytime. After the bag is taken off, the stiffness will remain there. Its not sharp pain but a very disturbing ache, like those serious backache. My arm movement will be contrained, i cant lift my arm on its own above 80 degrees, then sometimes at certain angle i will feel sharp pain in my joint and i hate it when i feel like got one whole long stretch of muscle being pulled out. After some day it gets better and the pain reduce to like smthing biting your shoulder and back when u move your arm around. Yes after some days it will be ok, but it never fails to come back immediately when i carry load on my back and after so much trauma on my right shoulder, my left shoulder is PERFECTLY alright. And all these had been happening since like J1, two years ago and worsening now in army.

I had a hard time explaining to doctor and the medication prescribed is not very useful. How? U tell me how? Ya i noe its not like sharp urging pain, buts its very disturbing, its exactly the kind of ache u get if u sit in office chair at the same position for like one whole day for one whole year, stiff and contracted and u need a real good massage. Only thing is my shoulder dun need one day or one year act up, the ache comes immediately on heavy load on back and when sitted on chair for too long.

I guess the cause is cos i used to carry like 7~10kg bag when im in primary skool till Sec 3, simple cos i hate to pack my bag. And i light to right sling my entire bag. Also maybe cos of the longer sitting hours in sec and JC and im always sitting in a wrong position.

Help? Help?

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