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Thursday, February 08, 2007
[havoc] ranted at 8:43 PM --- Post#7267117049360733398

If I remembered correctly, I did some flaming on someone in one of my blog entries. And tt particular someone: Harshal.

Weeks after tt incident, I finally received news frm him. A rather horrendous one. Apparently, it had come to his attention of the existence of my blog and my entry abt him. So this was how he returned fire at me after I relentlessly sprayed him, thru msn conv. The below was an extract of an email he received and he showed it to me..


University Scholars Programme Interview

Thank you for your interest in the University Scholars Programme at NUS. I am pleased to inform you that an interview, which is part of the admission selection process, has been arranged for you. The details are as follows:

Date: 15-Feb-2007

Time: 10.30AM

Venue: Block ADM (Next to Central Library), Level 5, SR4

Well, to finish the conv wif an added twist..


As soon as he finished tt, poof. Offline. Gone wif the wind.

It was gd riddance for me. Another word frm this cutthroat dog, I will do him in. After he left abruptly, like he always did last time, I was amused. Amused at the fact tt the whole thing was only an interview, yet he acts as if he is already a promising prospect tt deserves our applause and recognition. With his calibre, I haf total faith in him tt he wont make it pass e interview.

Y and wad make me say tt? Simply bcos: His looks already make pigs nauseated. His brain is similar to tt of a 3yr old. His 40-40-40 figure is juz nice for a 2-man seat on MRTs. Enough of personal attacks. Lets talk abt his behaviour and char.. Behaviour is positive most of the time, but dun be mistaken. His postive behaviour coupled wif his cunning personality is a force to be reckoned wif. Dun b fooled by his innocent behaviour. Bhind tt rosy pic he painted of himself, there lies a hideous part of him. So hideous tt mirrors start to crack upon seeing his reflection.

He is always plotting to get close to everyone, trying to get into their gd books, in an attempt to use tt to his advantage. Wad advantage u may ask? Well, like getting secret notes from teachers and spreading ppl's secrets ard so as to create discord betw 2 parties. Tt's not an end to his nonsense. He even goes to the extent of betraying alliances he made. A 2 faced scumbag. Such ugly traits were detestable among his peers. Yet, he didnt gif a fucking screw abt it. Solid evidence to show tt he had done this: My classmates can justify every statement I mentioned. Not creating nuisance here, but its a mere presentation of his undignified acts and traits.

The University Scholars Programme (USP) is a premier undergraduate programme at National University of Singapore (NUS) designed to develop the intellectual, leadership, and personal potential of promising students. Him promising? Promising and him don't fit well in a pic. Quite understandable y is this so.

And Harshal, thx for showing me this email they sent u. Now I m gg to duplicate another copy of this entry, of cos cutting back on my vulgarities and personal attacks on u. I m gg to present the real side of u thru email to their address. U shd be thanking me for wad I haf done for u. Btw, if u want one copy, u can ask directly frm me nx time. I will be more den happy to send it to u for yr personal reference. And till den, go hug yr mum and cry/piss u want.

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