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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Sit Test Manic
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:57 PM --- Post#8694175510641610099

I will try to make this short and sweet. First of all i would like to thank Havoc and Frank (aka jungle paw) in my blogging. I noe there are some kinda of conflict but im not blaming anyone cos i do not have the right as you guys are voluntary helping me out. Remb to ask me give your a treat some day. As your noe im confined cos i need to re-Sit Test. So ya here is what happened...

>>SIT Test ('M' Phase)<<
SIT Test means Situational test. Basically its smthing like your JC/Sec skool team bonding games. Put u in a group and then give u a sort of puzzle or situation to solve. Everyone gets a chance to be leader, then the accessors (external re-service officers) will see your leadership potential. Its a out field, in-the-forest thingy, 3 day 2 nite.

I booked in on 4th Feb 2007, and right after submitting my MC (excuse field pack) for my shoulder injury, they told me that the Sit Test is inclusive of the 12km road march, which is not quite possible for me cos i cant carry field pack (if u still dunno, u need to wear field pack while marching). I wanted to withdraw and endure for the road march, but my commander says its not possible. And they told me i need to re-Sit Test. Shit.

I was thinking maybe i can rest in bunk since i cant participate, but no, i was asked to go out field as well....to be a sai-kang (Shit Job) warrior.

SIT Test ('M' Phase) Day 1 (Monday 5 Feb 2007)
So much for being a sai-kang warrior, the usual job of carrying the water point, benches, equipment and stuff up the tonner and be loaded to the camp site before the rest arrive. So ya when we reach, we unloaded everything, and cleared the training shack for the commanders to rest in.

Next up we were told to dig the shit hole. You see, in the jungle there is no toilet, so u needa clear a small space in the forest and dig holes, then the ppl shit inside the hole. There is this large drill, about 30cm in diameter, 1.5m tall. One guy will sit on top to provide the downward force, while two others will turn the drill to drill the shit holes. Its quite hard, esp to balance the guy sitting on top of the drill. Funny funny things are dug up in the process like half rotten shit (which i use my hand to personally get rid of it as its stuck in the drill), frogs...light sticks...

It takes about 40 minutes to dig a 1.2m deep shit hole. Next up, use iron picket and canvas to make the "walls" of the "toilet". I mean u dun really wanna see the next guy squatting there while u shit rite....

After that shit is lunch time. Same old disgusting combat rations..eeee....

After lunch, a certain Platoon Sergeant (PS) called us to help set up the stations needed for the next day. Things like dummy soldiers, rods, jerry cans...blah blah... we pack all up the tonner and off we go to the various stations.

Well done, tonner driver. In total we had like 4 hours of tonner ride on the bumpy road. How bumpy is the road? Easy, its so bumpy that seat belts are not that useful anymore, and u REALLY fly off your seat of u dun get a grip onto smthing. Its jungle road mah...welll. One guy his seat no seat belt, on one of the high bumps he flew off the seat and onto the, and the rear door was opened for easy of loading/unloading of the stocks. We have to pull him else he will just slide off the tonner.

We got lost lots and lots of time...and i seriously dunno what the tonner driver is doing, at times he simply drive INTO the vegetation. Ok, normally tonners drive on this distinct (vegetation-less) ground tracks in the forests, but this time...the driver just like force his way through the trees and bushes and shrubs.

We came to this woods where there was a steep slope in front, and cannot reverse cos trees are blocking behind (im wondering how he came in in the first place), and ya he tried reversing and the ppl sitting near the back of the tonner can see the bloody tree coming right into their faces. We all signaled to the driver ask him to stop....but he just cant hear.....until which the tonner really hit tree. BANG! The tree slanted...some roots poked out from the ground. Luncily its not a big tree. He go front again, attempting to make a sharper turn and immediately reversed once more. BLOODY! BANG! This time the tree collapsed! And thankfully...the ppl sitting there are still a live and the tonner managed to squeese its way out in the end.

But strange enuff...everyone was very enthu. Cos the PS taking us keep encouraging us...and for the first time, we are appreciated for our help. PS went running when we reach a check point with us to deliver the items to the stations, which is a rare rare sight cos commanders usually sit one corner and leave everything to the recruits. For that i really respected that PS for acknowledging our effort and participating and helping with us.

At about 6pm liddat, the tonner went back to get the Secu and another Platoon Sergeant to help set up the tent for the accessors the next day. Basically we got abandoned by the tonner with 5 other ppl and struggling to build the tent before sun set. The sun did went down eventually, and we got to rely on a small pathetic handphone for light and the mosquitoes attacked us in swamps until everyone also buay tahan.

We went back at 10.30pm in a Rover, by then all the rest of the Sit Test participants were already asleep in their pashas (small tent). We ate dinner and went to rest.

There is smthing i never understood, all the Sai Kang Warriors are all those on medical status, yet they always call these sick ppl to do odd jobs, things like running around with a 5kg jerry can is really no joke for someone with injured shoulder or ankle. And i felt that the jobs we did were much more tiring than the Sit Test itself. Justice? Logic?

SIT Test ('M' Phase) Day 2 (Tuesday 6 Feb 2007)
Nothing much today, all the participants were out there while we woke up at 7am and tok cocked the whole day.

We got info today we going with Pegasus company on sunday (which is true later on...)

K skip to day 3...

SIT Test ('M' Phase) Day 3 (Wednesay 7 Feb 2007)
Nothing much today either, first thing is to dismantle and fill back the shit hole, which involves playing with fire, buring of the shit and some fun stuff...

Then we helped load up all the Sit Test participants' field pack and take them back to company line, then came back to deliver lunch to the accessors.

By afternoon the Sit Test ended and the rest of the day were spend cleaning up rifle and stuff.

Thursday (8 Feb 2007)
Slacking all along...cos my excuses last till saturday. Confirmed going with Pegasus Company on sunday liao...so need to get confined on Saturday cos they scared we all go out get MC to skip the re-Sit Test.

Friday (9 Feb 2007)
Hand grenade day! Although i on status, im good to go to throw the freak grenade. Remembered some cockster lost his safetly ring after throwing it, and everyone were sent to look for it.

At first got one practise, then throw the real grenade. The impact sibei big...can feel the sock wave. Basically, u go into the grenade range, wait till your turn, collect the bomb and when asked, enter the bay.

Outside the bay, say "I, (nric) (rank) (name), Right Master hand, No Sweaty Palm, requesting permission to enter the bay sir!". Your officer will give u permission to enter the U-shaped bay. He will ask u to prepare grenade, u take i out and hold it with both hands outside the bay.

Command will be given to get ready, then twist safety pin, pull it and take it out and reply "grenade prepared and ready to be thrown sir!" The grenade has a safety pin, and it will detonate only when the safety pin and lever are detached. So after pulling the safety pin, it will take 6 secs to explode after the safety lever is released, which is when the grenade leaves your palm when u throw it.

Now commander will tap your shoulder and u throw it. On seeing where it land, by the 4th second u should be squatting down behind the bay and wait for the explosion.

There are quite some cases of blinds, meaning the grenade wun explode on throwing. Then the C4 charger will be placed and BOOOM, blow everything up together. That on the explosion is like....blowing off the whole BMTC liddat.

Unsurprisingly, all the commanders were very very nice to us on that day.

Saturday (10 Feb 2007)
Confiment day! It really hurted when u see ppl packing up and going home...while u are left alone with the rest of the re-sit testers doing nothing for the rest of the day....

SIT Test ('P' Phase) Day 1 (Sunday 11 Feb 2007)
Woooo i love Pegasus company! I had heard that they are a more pleasant company. They are nicer ppl than i tot sia! The commanders are always smiling and they give reasonable timing like an hour for lunch, breakfast, dinner, to build pasha...

The 12 km road march is killing, not to mention that my shoulder is still injured, which reminded me that i went for re-sit test for nothing...cos no matter its monday or sunday....my shoulder still hurts like hell. But their officers were nice enuff to encourage us and tok to us nicely and gave us ample time to rest for the day.

I quite appreciate the fact that they standardised and take off their LBV and helmet as long as they are not doing training, which i find acceptable, rather than asking for permission all the time and defeats the purpose of resting since its damn uncomfortable to rest with the gears on. Trash bags were given to throw their rubbish...hmmm hygenic? hmmmm...im not implying anything here ah...

The rest of the day was just lectures and rests. Everyone was broken and mixed into details. Each detail member got jobs like Medic, Navigator, Demolisher, Miner, Claymore.... Which is needed in the SIT test later on. I dunno anyone from Pegasus...but they are social ppl and i get used to them very fast.

SIT Test ('P' Phase) Day 2 (Monday 12 Feb 2007)
The morning fast march is terrible...its like running with LBV, helmets and rifle on...jia lat...4km leh...

The late morning till afternoon is the SIT test itself, which im not going to describe cos well...too many stations...

SIT Test ('P' Phase) Day 3 (Tuesday 13 Feb 2007)
Same stupid fast march in the morning again...this time 2km...and im dying liao by the end...haiz...sianz...

Same time Sit Test till afternoon then we brought back to compant line.

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