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Thursday, February 01, 2007
The worst is yet to come..
[havoc] ranted at 9:07 PM --- Post#3355429880087141441

It was another awful day for our young adventurer. The day was kicked start wif the CO supervising the Standard Obstacle Course (SOC). The CO was like the head of BMTC. The commanders were shocked tt the CO will be supervising them.

As mentioned b4, our dear friend has yet to recover frm his shoulder injury, so he did not haf a chance to participate in the obstacle course. He spent his time mostly daydreaming. Nobody noes wad goes thru his mind at tt instant..

After lunch, everyone had an afternoon nap b4 gg for strength training, which again shawn and him were excused for the training. The day was a long one. To Cygig, the day was a long and draggy one, as he was virtually sitting at one corner rotting and his body putrifying under the intense heat frm the sun. Seems like his injury was more of a cock up in disguise, rather den a blessing.

Cygig was getting worried, since his shoulder showed no signs of improvement or recovery. There were still awkward pains whenever he moves them. Ouch. According to him, he could feel smth strange pulling inside of his rite shoulder whenever he moves it. The muscle in his rite shoulder is still stiffen like a hard rock and he can feel a line of muscle pulling off. OMFG!

When he told everyone abt this, nobody bought his story. They all think it was an excuse for him to get MC so tt he cd be excused frm training. I also find it hard to believe, primary bcos it was hard for me to imagine how painful it wd be when one's shoulder is injured. I had not gone thru this b4 and I hope I wont be gg thru it.

Nx week, there is a Situational Test. One of the components is a 12km road march. The 12km march was no tough feat for him. However, he is not in tip top shape for the march. He is afraid his injured shoulder wd be no match to the heavy field pack he has to carry throughout the 12 km march.

Well, wad to do? Only wish him all the best. I guess.

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