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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Tekong VS OETI
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:34 AM --- Post#385048036270101897

Ok...all the follow is just my usual rants...as usual i like to compare things...Today is my second day in OETI...and ya i can feel the different between my new vocation and tekong liao

In tekong...commanders tend to be a lot more vulgar and crude. A lot of them smoke and ya...i feel that some of the commanders are better towards the smokers. While in OETI, commanders much more friendly and understanding, fewer smokes and they dun seem to have any biasness towards the trainees.

In tekong...i rarely get to goto canteen lor..then cook house food like..eeeee...the fish is translucent and rubbery. Today pour curry call curry fish, tml pour black pepper sauce call black pepper fish... Sometimes i also dunno what i eating. Then its like they got ten items on the menu (brocolli, gong bai chicken, otah cake...) then every lunch and dinner just mix and match...breakfast damn boring and standard...menu repeat itself weekly...Food is catered by NTUC.

While in OETI, food is catered by Singapore Food Industries. The food is heavier flavoured and more items on the dish lah. Got Simply nicer!

In BMTC tekong...learn all the fighting...fire control order...SOC...BAC...GAC...all the Assault Courses. I mean my physcial fitness not to good...a bit problematic, also i really no interest in all the fighting...

But in OETI, i get to learn about tanks, armoured vehicles..how they work...how they fire..how to repair and maintain them...its like DnT! I loooovvveeee Dnt wor! Got hands on and learn all the technicak stuff...more like m cup of tea.

in tekong...anyhow tekan...in OETI...ppl tok nicely to u and tell u how to avoid mistakes and the right way of doing things. Reasonable!

Physical Training
I got to admit i hate PT A LOT...in OETI, only tues and fri PT lesson, 45minutes. In tekong...everyday? Lol ah kiat say do strength traing then can carry his gf up liao....i strength train 3 months...muscle no have grow any bigger...still cannot pull up...got use meh?!

In tekong...they keep forcing u to go further...u cannot tahan liao they still ask u go on...give remarks like "dun be a pussy!", "u want recourse anot?", "why why> whats wrong? how u live for the past 18 years of live liddat?", "i also here very pain leh! i also tahan!". Until everyone over fatigue...keep falling sick and getting injured... in OETI...we do our best...no need force over limit. Safety important de! We still need healthy and one piece technicians to fix tanks! Not some crippled ones...

Tekong got facilities...but a lot we seldom get to use. My recruit Annex is like got pool table no cue, got table tennix table no balls...got TV reception like shit. There got canteen but only allowed to go 2 times in 3 months...got e mart but only got 2 times in 3 months also! Not all vending machines can use...

In OETI, we free to make use of the trainee lounge and can go Emart weekly, can go cantenn twice a day, one whole row of variety of vending machines. I mean facilties are meant to be make used of to the fullest...i dun get whats the point of restricting to idle facilties in tekong?

In tekong...must separate from family and friends...lock in the island for so damn long...in OETI can go home daily...

In OETI we got ample rest also. got two tea breaks and one lunch break. I mean no point keep working then fatigue then cannot perform...must give really quality rest de mah. Tekong say give 7 hours full rest...but the 7 hours like rest nothing liddat...best rest is go home sleep! so that the next day got better performance!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:07 AM --- Post#7167156379586681489

Well...im home! Yeah! New life in OETI seems good! Much better than in Tekong! nice Commanders, nice food, can go home, got aircon, got lots of tea breaks, no need cross sea to go home, no need out field...what more i expecting?!

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Monday, March 26, 2007
His first time...
[Jungle Paw] ranted at 10:31 PM --- Post#3709065768319003664

Ok if anyone has forgotten or never known who i am, I am Cygig's ex-schoolmate in AJC and I'm blogging on his behalf.

Life has undergone a great deal of change for Cygig since that dreaded BMT. He got posted to Arms Tech, and is now undergoing a course to become a tank turret technician. He's definitely having a better time than when he was in Mohawk un BMTC. No silly songs, no running around, no sergeant tekanning you or hurling vulgarities at you, not much commanders smoking and ah bengs.

The best thing is that most of the people there are from Cygig's class in JC. There are no platoons or companies, just "wings". Cygig is under the Electronics and Weapon Training Wing(EWTW) and in the turret class. It's as if he is going to school everyday, report in the morning, followed by recess, lectures, practical, and lunch. THEN HE GOES HOME. Well I didn't quite believe it at first but it's all true. The classroom is better than the ones in AJ too, and they are air-conditioned as well.

Cygig will stay there till June and become a qualified technician. If anything, one can only pray for him that his real job after his NS won't be anything close to that. =)

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Damn Empty Still...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:10 AM --- Post#8233775983883690336

Seriously ah...without my Blog team active this blog is as good as dead...Ok i think anyone reading my blog now shld be wondering what unit im in. Here it is

Your Posting Order is listed below:

1. You are posted to SAF OETI.
2. Your vocation is ARMT TECH - TURRET.
3. Your are to report to: Ayer Rajah Camp, BLK 201, RM #01-02.
Reporting Date/Time: 26/03/2007 at 0800 hrs.
Person to report to: Chief Clerk
Contact Number: 68708272
You are required to report in smart no.4 uniform (PES E recruits to be in No 3 uniform), except for those assigned to Police Force.
4. Special Instruction:

No Camera Handphone is allowed. You are not required to bring along the SAF issued items given during BMT, except for PT Kit. This is a staying-out unit.

WTF is ARMT TECH - TURRET? I guess its turret repairman... Sian...goto serve my country again tml.

For the past 2 weeks...i had been like wandering soul...whole day giddy giddy dreamy dreamy in wonderland...dunno what i doing also...so fast 2 weeks past liao...now i need goto my unit le. Haiz sian...I heard from yue han its 8 to 5 vocation...which is suppose to be good. But as your know, good things and lucky stuff never happen to me...so ya i damn worried...later i go there tell me "oh...wrong info...u need stay in!!!!" Then i might as well jump down.

Now money really not enuff...$350 a month is not enuff! Mom and dad dun gimme any more pocket money liao...haiz...time now is 0216...by 0800 i need go to Ayer Rajah camp liao...if u see me blog tml (or rather today, past 12am liao) that means its really can go home one. Sianz.

I pass out..my friends enlist..now the rest working...haiz...damn lonely...nothing to blog cos nothing to see also...haiz...

kk i g sleep liao...and wtf is my blog team..FRANK COME BLOG SMTHING!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:44 PM --- Post#590957029646390435

Its high time that i blog, since all my bloggers all gone liao. Jasmine busy w her studies, Havoc just enlisted, Frank Poh busy with r*uh*a....i mean warcraft.

And me here...alone. Very sian....cos ever since i pass out, everyone else enlist. Those who haven enlist all working. Damn bored...and for some apparent reason, i dun feel like meeting those BMT friends. My mind is a damn powerful thing, i had forgotten more or less happenings in Mohawk coy. Just like a sharp knife severing the relationships.

I still sick, feeling giddy and nausea whole day long. That last friday, i woke up damn early to see my friends kiat, tsun lam and havoc off. I miss kiat's bus but caught up with the rest. Everyone was so damn solemn, more solemn than anything i had seen in AJC.

I dunno why my mind is in a whirl....like in a deep deep sleep....nowadays i keep losing memories of stuff...simple things like names of my friends, i take damn long to remember. I have lots to worry about...

- NAFA application, that day i went to NAFA....its gives me a creepy atmosphere, should i or should i not apply for NAFA? I dare not ask the info counter anything...

- Uni application. Mom want me to anyhow apply for one course that i qualify, but which? I choose the Design and Media thingy...but need do video and portfolio...very troublesome

- My medical status. The specialist letter the MO promised me is still dunno where, and the recommendation to non-combat letter seems useless...cos the Brigade Recce Company called me up and did some small interview. From what i heard its damn xiong to be in BRC.

- New unit. Will i be able to cope in new army unit? I dunno...

And i definitely dunno why day in and out since my block leave, i had been feeling giddy and nausea whole day long....no energy to do anything...and my back hurts like shit. My nose still blocked...haiz...
No one to tok to also...no one go out with...no one cares...no no no one one one...

I dying anything...

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
My final entry
[havoc] ranted at 12:26 PM --- Post#6288651667553768041

This is yet another non-Cygig related entries.

Hmm.. Time flew past in the blink of an eye. It was high time for me to enter into the clutches of hell. Oh well, looks like I cant escape frm this inevitable tomb. Time for me to order a coffin.

Alot of things happened after I left LW. I think I ll juz list a few to share. There was the match of the century, where I pwned everyone in the game of dota without dying once in the games we played. Opposing teams were slaughtered brutally. Among the players, Eric was one of them. The gd thing was he fed me pretty well during those games. For tt, I m truly grateful.

Also, I went to the uni open hses last Sat. Eric, Shawn, Jchua and me went to NUS open hse. Man, do we see many familiar faces down there. I think I met Gloria there too. Too bad QL wasnt there to witness this. I also saw SY. Not once, but twice. 1st encounter was when we were app the entrance of the open hse. Both of us were walking towards each other, but we juz didnt acknowledge each other. Our 2nd encounter was still at the entrance. But this time round, I was leaving the place. She was walking towards me again. And the same thing occurred. We glanced at each other and didnt acknowledge. Perhaps she cant remb me in tt outfit.. I guess.

Oh well, both ntu and nus open hses were crowded wif curious prospects and prof to entertain their dying nids. As a result, there was a short change of prof to go ard to satisfy their every demand. So, as a considerate person, I juz took one of the brochures and left for the nx booth.

Btw, I wd like to use this last opportunity to thx Cygig for giving me this chance to blog on his behalf. Hope I entertained alot of readers out there wif my clumsy language. This wd perhaps b my last entry for the mth. I remb it was not too long ago b4 I embarked on this. But, time had past without me knowing it. T-T...

16 Mar wd b a day of no anime, games, tv shows and most imptly freedom, for me.. Damn. I hope to b free one day. Bye everyone. I m leaving this place of wisdom and departing into a world of delirium. Wad I haf left bhind is my clumsy oofy language tt will b remb in the yrs to come..

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Accursed Fate part 4 (Final)
[havoc] ranted at 11:59 AM --- Post#2096084289636611676

Gd things come to an end, so does my job at LW. I was beginning to enjoy my life working in LW, when suddenly fate tore both of us apart, perhaps forever.

2 fulfilling mths had past. Due to the inefficiency of our productions manager, Eric, I was transferred frm the matching dept to the making new files dept. This wd mean tt I wd haf lesser chance to roam ard the whole office and joke wif ppl I noe anymore. Oh well. The production job was pretty ez, but tedious. This was how I spent my last few days at LW. Making new files to replace old ones.

Since both Eric and I were gg to leave in a few days time, Jenny asked us whether anybody we knew was interested in taking up this job. It seemed tt there r still alot of files left undone. THEY seriously nid manpower for the job. SO, our last assignment was to call up ppl we knew and intro them to this job. WJ and QL were the ones tt flashed thru my mind at tt instant. After a brief interview, both of them were successfully hired.

Both Eric and I taught them everything we knew.. We imparted them our valuable skills and exp, in order for them to survive the long hrs without breaking down . Ok, tt was exaggerating. Our 2nd last day at LW was dedicated to this cause. This GREAT cause..

Soon, words of our departure haf spread across the whole office. Both of us received hugs and kisses frm ppl in the office. It seemed tt they cant bear to see us leave this place of much joy.. Likewise, for both of us. We missed the days in LW.

This may sound mushy, but I haf to thx everyone for their care and concern they had shown..
Firstly, Carol and Pauline for their guidance throughout those dark days in LW. Their jokes and humour brightened up my day everytime, no matter how bz the 3 of us were.. Secondly, Yong, Sharon, Alicia, Upasana and Jade. Thx for yr chocs. Looks like I wont haf any chance to feast on it since my day of reckoning is drawing nearer. Thx Yong esp, I will remb yr jokes and humour. Of cos, to my Kim, Bernada, Lina, Linda and Esther, love u always. And to all the ppl in the office. Thx for the patience u haf shown.

PS. Paisei arh DP, I broke yr fan. Hope it wd still work after I m gone.

Oh well, the filing room even extended their warmest hugs to me. Minutes b4 I left the office, racks and files came tumbling down on me, burying me in the process. My fingers suffered frm cuts once again. Nostalgic cuts tt were similar to the cuts I incurred from my 1st day at work. HAHA. Under Eric's supervision, files were neatly arranged back on the racks. The scene was similar to wad I had during my 1st week. OMG! Is this fate? Pre-destined? Haiz..

It was high time b4 we leave. We took some shots of tt place.. the place tt brings us beautiful memories and great sadness.. Oh well, there was the lift and we took it. I took a final glance as the doors went shut....

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Accursed Fate part 3
[havoc] ranted at 6:34 PM --- Post#2262541936864773637

A week has past. I haf came to settle down in LW. Due to the exp I had acquired last week, I had learnt to b more careful when putting the files back onto the rack. Certainly, I wont want all my fingers to end up in plasters and ointment. Care and caution was my motto. Putting back the files in the correct manner back on the rack was my duty.

Too bad as the days past, there was a phase shift in my original duty. As old and abandoned files were taken out frm the racks and being sent to the warehse, my job scope had widened. In addition to my current duty, I was further ordered to arrange all the files onto empty racks. ( which were previously taken up by those abandoned files ) Of cos, I haf to thx Eric. Y and wad made me say tt? To put it bluntly, he was the source of my extended workload. He was in charge of taking out those old files.

Those days, though hectic and tiring, we were still able to indulge in countless fun and food. ( courteousy of the continuous supply of snacks in the pantry ) HAHA. Those were the days. My accursed fate finally turned for the better after I was assigned of my extra duty. Oh well, another 1 week had past. Both Eric and I were done wif the withdrawal of old files and re-arranging the remaining files.

Eric was sent to make new files to replace old ones. Me? I was sent to match docs to the corresponding files which were supposedly on the racks. All the files and letters were labelled. Everytime, I juz haf to match the corresponding letter to its file. Sounds ez. Thought so too.

Things wd b ez if all the files were on the rack. But things were made challenging, as most of them wd b scattered ard the whole office. Imagine walking ard the whole office ( which was 3 times the size of my bedroom ) repeatedly and straining yr eyes at finding those darn files. Yep, it can b a troublesome chore.

Pauline and Carol were in charge of all these matching. I was added to the team of 2. Initially, mistakes were inevitable. However, as the days grew, I matured. I became more careful. I was able to remb the exact location of certain files after a few days. As a result, things were done in a fast pace and almost all the letters assigned to us were matched correctly. However, smooth it may seemed, there was still obstruction along the way. As the files wd not permanently stay in one place, finding of the files which were supposedly there was made difficult. But, thx to my seniors, the job was still not as hard as it may seem.

Oh well, the days when I was in charge of matching were happy and joyful ones. Of cos, wif the added humour coming frm Carol and Pauline and some of the clerks (YONG AND LINDA), I found tt time past by v fast...

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System Integrity Check
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:44 PM --- Post#454191245030171594

Operating System Integrity Check
System has detected attempt(s) to corrupt and brainwash important opinions, values and ideology.
The malicious program(s) are listed below:

Delete the above malicious program(s)? Press 'Y' to delete and 'N' to cancel.
> Y

It is recommended to conduct a full system scan in order to protect your own opinions, values and ideology. Failure to do so may lead to severe damage to the system including loss of individual's believes, path of thinking, uniqueness and creativity. Press 'Y' to continue with scan or 'N' to abort.
> Y

- Depression Level. . . 85% . . . status normal
- Slack Level . . . 95% . . . status normal
- Guai Lan Level . . . 101%. . . status normal
- Independence Level . . . e312790 reading varies on situation . . . status normal
- Scanning for Elitist.trj. . . 0 infection found . . . status normal
- Scanning for i-be-commander.wrm . . . 0 infection found . . . status normal
- Scanning for beManbeFit.vir . . . 0 infection found . . . status normal
- Computing Body Weight . . . 67kg (68kg before enlistment). . . status normal
- Computing Fitness. . . situp(47) pullup(0) shuttlerun(10.6) sbj(189) 2.4(17.5) grade(F) . . . status normal
- Checking Audiophile module . . . ok
- Checking Graphic Design module . . . ok
- Checking Gaming module . . . ok
- Checking Basic Computing module . . . ok
- Checking Slacking module . . . module recently upgraded successfully

System will now run memory test, please wait...
Infection Result(s):

Repair (R), Ignore (I), Move to Vault (V)?
> R
Infected files will be deleted, please wait. . .
12/12 files healed successfully!

You have reached the end of the System Integrity Check. All malicious programs and infected memories had been removed. System will now reboot for changes to take effect. . .


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Accursed Fate part 2
[havoc] ranted at 1:20 PM --- Post#4475439322692721258

After working at Events Plus, the tragedy didnt juz end there. Soon, both wj and I found another job, similar to the job scope of Events Plus. As wj wd b gg on a holiday during the end of last Dec, it seemed tt I wd b soloing the job.

However, after my fateful exp working for Events Plus, I was reluctant to start work at the new company after I was hired for the job. I finally plucked up my courage and rang the office, informing them of my resignation. They accepted my reason and didnt pursue the matter anymore. At last, I was left in peace, which didnt last for a long time.

I was once again nagged at my mum for lazing ard at home. And man do my ear hurts everytime she nags. Suddenly, I recalled a joke my friend told me yrs ago..

Friend: "Imagine U r at home. U haf locked yr mum and yr dog outside of yr door. Yr mum is nagging u, and yr dog is barking non-stop outside yr door. Supposedly u can only let one of them into the hse, who wd it b?''

Me: "I haf no damn idea. Either of them wd cause unnecessary disturbance."

Friend: "Only yr dog wont. If u let yr dog in, it will stop barking . On the other hand, yr mum wont.''

Haha! Kudos to my friend. Indeed, this is the case.

Well, back to job finding and hunting. Juz when I was abt to gif up, a friend of mine called up. He was none other den Eric. He asked me whether I was interested in taking up some admin job. He also added tt the pay is $50 per day, where I can either claim the total amt by the end of each week or mth.

The pay seems attractive. After knowing tt the working hrs is frm 0930 to 1830, wif 1 hr lunch break in betw, I took up the job without any hesitation. To think I wd earn abt $250 at the end of each week, my eyes suddenly beamed wif hope. The hope tt I wd shut my mum up of her nagging.

Off I went to tt company wif Eric on my 1st day. I was amazed how big the office was, esp my working area, which was the filing room. Its triple the size of my room. And it was the filing room alone.. Imagine how big the office was.. wif abt 15 professionals and 30 odd clerks? Furthermore, it was air-condtioned. Phew. Looks like I wont be sweating in this place.

I was later briefed by Pauline and Carol, on my job duties inside the filing room. Seems tt there r alot, and I mean ALOT, patent files. Wif colours ranging frm pink to green to blue to yellow and lots more. All the files r labelled. So my primary job was to put back these files into their respective orders and colours. Seems ez? I tot so too.

A few mins later, fresh blood came oozing out of my fingernails. 5 fingers were injured in the process. I was scratched by paper cuts, rubber bands tt were together wif the files I was supposed to put back on the racks. AND IT HURTS.

This was not an end to my sufferings..

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Monday, March 12, 2007
POP lor!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:38 PM --- Post#5009917430092278705

My dream came through...i got Att C on Passing Out Parade (POP). Last morning i was having mild fever, and things got worst when i went back to tekong. At 2am, my fever hitted 39.5 degrees. Stanley and Eric faster pushed me off the the Company Orderly Sergeant (COS).

He walked me to the medical center and got a good scolding from the Medical Officer, asking why i dint report earlier.

"U noe u have to wake up my medic, your COS and me just for u?"
"Sorry, MO"
"Dun say sorry, touch your heart..."
"Yes, MO"

I was sent to sick bay for observation, and then given two days of MC. When MC says "12 March to 13 MArch", it means u rest from 12 March till 13 March, and u report back in morning of 14 March. But since the BMT phase ends on 13 March....it means i no need go back tekong liao.

Actually i dint wanna participate in the POP, its too much chore for the mundane rehersals and that my company is one of the last to go back on tt day (about 9pm). And i cant tahan standing there for long. I dun mind marching, but maybe cos i flat foot, my balls of my feet will hurt like siao if i stand still for more than 15 minutes.

Nevermind the glory and sense of achievement of your parents putting on the jockey cap for u. Nevermind the sense of achievement. For all these, i rather get sick and stay at home and enjoy times with my families and friends.

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The AJ Curse
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:44 PM --- Post#4530841778154838854

Character Intro
ZOMBiE - me, the author, Assistant Head of cXtreme Graphic Design Department

Tsun Lam - my good friend, the Head of cXtreme Graphic Design Department

Wen Yan - my junior, one year younger than me, from cXtreme Hardware Department

Tux - my senior, one year older than me, Head of from cXtreme Hardware Department

Jeremy - my another friend who lives near me, a retainee, one year older than me but same school standard cos he repeat J1 again. Tux his former classmate in J1.

Date: 2006 March | Venu: AJ Hall
Its a long dread afternoon for me, but the AJ school Hall is crowded cos its time to collect the 2005 J2 batch results. Ponning lessons as usual, i called up Jeremy and Wen Yan to kapo about. For me, im curious how ugly AJ gals can be when they dress up, for Wen Yan, he is looking for Tux and for Jeremy he wanna noe how his J1 classmates does.

By the time we enter the AJ hall, half of the ppl were gone liao, and we saw Tux in a corner with some sour face. He saw us, and said "I cant make it...die liao...i got CDD C6, how to enter uni? Maybe can try the mechanical enginnering lah.."

He looked into me and Jeremy's eyes, grabbing his cursed result slip, "your better study hard, dun follow my footstep".

The three of us went to MRT together, i wanna go home sleep while Wen Yan and Tux hitting Sim Lim Square maybe to VR-Zone's office. Its quite a solemn MRT ride, as i can tell Tux's really depressed. Yet i cant really feel the effect of doing badly for A's...

Date: 2007 March 2nd | Venu: AJ Hall
I was quarrelling with my parents...shedding tears on how much i hate AJ the nite before, totally refusing to go back to AJC. But the next day, smthing in me tell me to go back, when i reach the MRT station, i hesitated before i alight from the platform. From the sea of ppl, i saw Gek Han, and we toked and toked and ya..walked rite into AJC without me even knowing..(i noe this sounds damn illogical and fake).

The hall was crowed liao. I squeezed inside and saw some old bag nagging as usual. And i saw my "favourite" PE teacher Lame Cock Wee (name altered to protect privacy) standing behind me. Frank poh came in and i start toking to him to spite LCW.

"U noe hor, i gain weight in NS leh, i still cannot clear the low wall lor, last time got some teacher say go army they will make u die die able to pass IPPT and low wall de... but i still fail my IPPT leh, my running still 17 minutes leh...i told the teacher i cannot do means cannot, he still kao peh me a lot...."

Lame Cock Wee was speechless...and moved to the other side of the hall.

I went out of the hall and waited outside...i went in and out for like 3 times before the old bag stop whining and gave out our results. Strangely i have no fear, partly cos i noe i sure CMI one. And my prediction was correct. I dint even get A for computing, i barely passed GP and Physics and as usual, i failed Math. I called up Tsun Lam, the first thing he told me was "eh really got to go NAFA liao". I tot he kidding, but he got CCD C6, which qualifies for Uni, but maybe those low end courses, so he decided might as well to join NAFA w me to pursue smthing he likes.

Wen Yan was there too, he just finished his lessons, joining us tok cock. Went to canteen and bumped into Jeremy. He dun look quite good, like anytime wanna commit suicide liddat. I ask him how, he told me he got CDD C6. I damn shocked, cos 2 weeks before A Levels, he was the one chionging TYS and practise paper with me (i one hour do one question, he one hour do one paper), how isit possible he get tt kinda grades neh?

We all sat down...a solemn moment of silence, when jeremy and me looked at Wen Yan.

"You better not follow my path..."

I can see fear in his eyes, its a de javu, smthing that happened one year ago happening now. He was staring into blank space...where we board the MRT...to Sim Lim Square....

"Its a curse", he said, "a curse that all IT personnels in AJ will get"

The End

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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Accursed Fate part 1
[havoc] ranted at 12:33 PM --- Post#4520288718450358137

This is non-Cygig related stuff. Its mainly abt my personal encounters/experiences I had went thru these 3 mths. I wanted to share them b4 all chains to hell break loose this Friday. Oh well.. On wif the story, shall we?

Ard last dec, I started looking everywhere for a job. Hopefully, out of sheer luck, I can find a decent one, wif a decent pay. Every morning after breakfast, my time was entirely devoted to the newspaper. Not the obituaries, like some old uncles and aunties wd do. I went straight to the classifed sections and searched for any job vacancies..

Surprisingly, all this job hunting stuff was not initiated by me. My mum plays a bigger and more significant role den me. How do I put it? In simpler words, my mum wd always b there to nag at me when I m lazing ard in front of my com. In order to avoid this nagging session, the suggested approach I thought I shd take is to find smth to do to stop her tongue frm wagging.

Damn.. Oh well.. Off I went to Events Plus. It seems tt they r hiring 20 ppl to distribute vouchers on the streets of Spore. $10 per hr + commission. NO selling required. Wtf! Tt was a great deal. Imagine the amt of money I wd earn in juz one day. Imagine the amt of money I wd earn juz to keep my mum's mouth shut. Imagine.. Enugh of imagination. I tot. Time to put imagination into reality.

I went there wif WJ. The place was flooded wif ppl of diff age grps. There were ppl who r waiting for their O's and A's (no doubt I saw some AJ pips there too). There were ppl who r juz sec 2 and 3. There was even one who juz completed his NS. OMFG. Wad is this place? Oh who gifs a bloody fuck. So long tt the pay is gd, I dun gif a damn abt these ppl.

Shortly after the scrutinising, both wj and I were asked to fill in our particulars. After tt, the whole hoard of us were ushered into a small room for an interview. We were all asked to intro ourselves in a flashy manner. So I juz bullshitted alot of crap. Tt's wad I do best. The whole hoard of us were hired. After tt, the interviewer gave us a rough idea on wad's the job scope is like. It turned out tt we were supposed to ask ppl on the streets to fill in their personal particulars on a form in order for them to claim a lucky voucher frm us.

WTF??? I tot there was no selling involved. After analysing closely wad the interviewer said, it appeared to me tt the whole thing was a bloody scam. Though she put it to us tt we were supposed to let the ppl fill in the forms, it was no diff frm advertising yr form and asking ppl to fill them up for u. U r sort of selling yr forms to ppl to earn yr keep. Though there was no money exchange in this selling process, it was still considered selling technically.

Though frustrated, I accepted the job since I tot it wd b ez to persuade ppl to fill in the forms. Also, I m also required to attend a training course prior to the actual practice. Oh well, gd time to familiarise my shitty persuasive techniques, which has gone rusty after A's.

The training session bored everyone to tears. Literally. We were told how our pay is derived and paid. FUCK! Its not the $10 + commission which they haf published in the newspapers. Its all calculated in a diff manner. A rather tedious way. To sum up, its paid according to performance. IF u did not get a single soul to fill up for u, GG for u! No money for u for tt day! FUCK! Bloody FUCKERS AND LIARS. Of cos, the instructors reassured us tt we wd get money no matter wad by the end of the day.

Having bought their stories, we sped off to Raffles Place and did our "selling"! Both wj and I were in a team. Tt's was a pleasant news. A persuasive tone coupled wif an innocent looking face wd make the job all so much eaiser. However, it was harder den both of us expected. Some fuckers on the streets juz brushed us aside or the usual "no time" signals were used. Job was hard. FUCKING RETARDED. We sweated like shit. WJ was gd wif his deals. He clinched abt 3 by 3 hrs.

Me? NTH!

FUCK! The 4 hr training session was abt to end in approx 1 hr time. AND the sad thing was I haven clinched a single shit. I was freaking annoyed. SO I juz cast away all my dignity and hunted down my target down to the last sec. I even went to the extent of begging them. OMG! OMG! OMG! Finally, after 4 hrs, I managed to clinched 7 out of 10 deals. WIF all 7 made in the last hr.

After calculating my pay was like $10 for 4 long fucking hrs, I quit the job. I m seriously underpaid for this job. Bcos the output I received was definitely not enugh to compensate the input I had registered for the last hr. FUCK. Shockingly, it turned out tt the whole hoard turned down the job offer after tt day. WJ too.

Tt fateful day was smth all cd remb. Events Plus is a screwed up company which scams ppl of their money and time. They seriously haf to review their pay since wad they said on the papers contradicts to wad I heard frm them later on. FUCK THEM! EVENTS PLUS -- A SCAM!

Wif tt, I will fuck Events Plus if I see them on the streets nx time.

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Friday, March 09, 2007
The awakening.. of my injured shoulder
[havoc] ranted at 2:32 PM --- Post#817289404483418932

Yest morning, the fucking CO's parade and Passing Out Parade rehersal left Cygig in a state of exhaustion. They made him stand there and hold rifle for 5 plus hrs. It was a strain to his shoulder and his soles ( maybe bcos he was flat footed ).

The Recruit's Evening was held sometime at nite. It was similar to a party. The commanders asked the SAF Music and Drama Company to perform. It was den he saw Jacky from J3 in superband. His voice was damn high and nice. He enticed ppl wif his sweet voice by singing Superwoman and rapped Huo Yuan Jia. It was quite a fun nite to all.

However, hell broke loose on Cygig today. There was rehersal again. And the much awaited 24km road march. Looks like more strain on his shoulder after today. Yest's parade already made him feel giddy and nauseous. The symptoms of a slight fever. Oh well, juz pray hard tt he wont collapse today.


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Thursday, March 08, 2007
A boring day..
[havoc] ranted at 12:54 PM --- Post#6661464857179763102

Yest was the most boring day in Cygig's army life. In the morning, the sergeants made them do IPPT retest. After tt, they told them all those who failed the static stations nid not sit for the 2.4 km retest, bcos its pointless for them to do so.

Oh well, Cygig spent the rest of the remaining day in his bunk, slping. Mohawk's evening was a rather sumptuous one. The whole company was supposed to gather and do some lame performance. After tt, there was food. Cygig helped himself to the food. One serving after another. HAHA!

After all tt was over, he called up Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Luckily for Cygig, there was no hurry for him to register. He can wait until mid Aug to apply. After shoving tt aside, Cygig had another worry on his mind. The 24km road march. The event tt wd pose more prob for his shoulder..

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Its a bird, no its a plane, no its..
[havoc] ranted at 1:12 PM --- Post#8063329617454884874

Yesterday nite, somebody was sighted on the rooftop of Mohawk and Leopard ( same building )by ppl from Scorpion Company. Some sergeants went up to investigate the matter. Guess who they found?

The ans to tt: Nth. Ppl from Mohawk and Leopard were immediately called down and the sergeants did a headcount on the number of ppl in both companies. It turned out tt nobody was missing. If tt was the case, who the fuck was the one spotted on the rooftop at tt time?

There were rife speculations. Some say tt the guy spotted wanna jump bcos of his poor results obtained in his A's. There were others who speculated tt the guy was secretly smoking upstairs. Some say its not a human they spotted. Supernaturals in fact. Well, such sightings r not tt uncommon in a place like Tekong.

Today's the IPPT retest. Cygig felt it was pointless for him to retake the test. He knew he cant pass every station. It's a waste of time and energy in his opinion.

Cygig is getting worried abt NAFA registration. He still hadnt made up his mind where he wanna go. In addition, he was unfamiliar wif the registration procedures. As the deadline drew closer ( nx monday), Cygig felt he wdnt haf enugh time to register. Did he wanna register now or after N's? God noes..

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Fresh army experience
[havoc] ranted at 10:41 AM --- Post#1011273954290314888

Yest morning was a fresh start for Cygig. It marks a whole new beginning in Cygig's army life.

The Standard Obstacle Course test was held yest. As usual, Cygig failed. He cant do low wall, monkey bar, parallel bar and low rope. Of cos, tt was not the crux of the story.

It all started when Cygig visited the medical center later tt day. Things went on pretty smoothly, the medical officer didnt reprimand or ill-treat him. He actually accepted the letter his doc wrote for the polyclinic. He politely asked Cygig wad's wrong wif his shoulder. Cygig told him everything abt his shoulder prob.

Upon hearing his story, the medical officer pressed and turned his rite arm to check. Then he handed him a form to recommend for a non-combat vocation after his BMT. A few mins later, the medical officer wrote a letter to CGH for a orthropaedic (aka a specialist on human bones). On top of tt, he was excused for 2 days.

Haha. It was a wonderful day in his 4 mths stay in tekong. Nth beats better den tt day. His day was brightened for a sec but gloomed after tt. After he was informed tt he nids to attend a 24km road march, he was quite depressed. But since this was the last full week in tekong, he wants to make the best use of it.

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Monday, March 05, 2007
The usuals..
[havoc] ranted at 1:09 PM --- Post#2885163475698137268

Cygig went to the doc on Sun to check on his shoulder. Apparently, his doc kept asking him to see SAF medical center. After hearing and seeing for himself how bad the medical center was, he requested to see a specialist regarding his shoulder prob.

However, if he is to see a specialist, it will b private pricing. So, his doc was left wif no other alternative. He wrote him a letter and asked him to refer his prob to a polyclinic specialist. Well, looks like the last thing Cygig gonna do is to visit the medical center today and see how it goes. If things go bad, he can still go polyclinic. Well, only wish him the best of luck frm here on.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007
iAudio D2
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:47 PM --- Post#7869951673139971785

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

After the trauma on Friday...i went nuts...and bought myself a D2. Here is my review video:

D2 has no speaker, i connected D2 to my computer speakers for demo purpose.

- 2GB Flash
- SD, SDHC, MMC expansion slot
- 2.5" QVGA touchscreen
- 37mWx2 output
- 50 hours battery
- Support audio mp3, ogg, wma, FLAC and APE
- Support video xvid mpeg4 avi and wmv at 320x240 on 30fps
- support picture and text
- TV-out, line in, FM, voice recorder
- jetEffect - 5 band EQ, BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D surround, Stero Enhance
- PowerDict dictionary
- ID3 tag browsing, podcast ready, lyrics view, album art
- No software required, recognize as a removable drive, even on Linux and Mac

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Thursday, March 01, 2007
My decision..
[havoc] ranted at 8:57 PM --- Post#3008658764046340758


On Tues nite, Cygig made the most impt decision in his life, which I also felt tt wad he did was rite. He decided. Finally decided. Decided not to be a commander in army. All the officers r strongly encouraging Cygig's batch to be commanders or leaders in army. They also threatened them tt if they stayed on as normal infantries, its gg to b v tough. Very tough.

However, if one is to be a leader/commander, u r gonna do yr country, family, gf proud. Utter bullshit and craps. Cygig felt. He still remb the day he was enlisted wif his 10 other friends. All of them were like him, wif the heck care attitude. But all tt has changed since then. They all abandoned their ideals and fell as mindless slaves. Sad. The only resilient one remaining was poor Cygig.

He saw tt Brainwash Inc has successfully brainwashed his friends into accepting their ideals. Lots of pressure and force were exerted on them, and they all yielded as a result. Haiz. Cygig saw tt his officers were all hiding smth bhind e route of not becoming a commander and he felt tt it was the easier way out for him.

Perhaps the ans to y the army is recruiting more commanders to join its family is this: They needed more manpower.


Cygig juz found out tt his block leave was frm 14-25 Mar. This is a gd chance for him to see a specialist abt his rite shoulder prob. From wad he knew, he wd b posted to combat unit most likely. This means he wd nid to carry bulky and heavy stuff every now and then. There wd b no escape for him den.

However, his parents seemed pretty reluctant to bring him to visit the specialist. They believed its a waste of time and money and its not gonna help much. The worst thing is his dad feels tt Cygig is faking his injury. Ouch. Its really saddening when yr parents dun care for u anymore and thinks tt u r bluffing them.

Furthermore, to add on to his misery, his platoon commander approached him today. He told Cygig tt he was not satisfied wif Cygig's performance in BMT. The number of times he fell out of training was tremendous. Attitude prob is wad his commander sees in him.

Nx week will be his last full week for his BMT. Today's IPPT seems likely tt he will fail again. Shaun, on the other hand, has shown tremendous improvement since JC. Cygig felt tt he wasnt the Shaun he knew from AJC anymore. He had changed. Worst, he had been brainwashed. Haiz..

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Depressed Bookout
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:26 PM --- Post#5695128011772725311

Hi guys, im back. This is such a horror book out.

When i first entered army, i tot "maybe AJ is a nice place after all, i have got freedom and stuff back there..." Now i think otherwise. Whats stopping me from collecting my results tml is not the results itself, for i noe i surely fail. Its the fear of going back to AJ.

When i first entered army, i told myself AJ dark days are long gone and will never come back. But its only until these few days i can feel it...the darkness from AJC. So much so that i just had a quarrel with my parents arguing that i will not go back to AJ tml afternoon. I will go back in the evening and get the result myself alone.

I hate AJC, i fear it also. Come to think of it, the days there were darker than army life. Why i fear going back tml so much?

1. I have lots of ppl (authorities and students) i dun wanna meet. LOTS of them. I dun have to name them...i dun have to and you should noe. I hate them i hate them i hate them.

2. Im in army so long that i think im not detached to the world. I fear meeting big group of ppl whom i used to noe, unless i noe them personally well.

3. Im sick of teacher nagging, and im sure they gonna nag and nag tml about my results

4. fucking muggers are going to compare reuslts and come out with things like "I got A B B B, aiya lousy sia, i should had done better" or "wah, your result liddat, can be even lousier ah??"

5. I noe im not welcome in AJ, i dun want to get stuck in a place when everyone hates me. Its just too stressful.

I dunno...will i be going back tml? I dunno...i shall see to it.

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