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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Accursed Fate part 1
[havoc] ranted at 12:33 PM --- Post#4520288718450358137

This is non-Cygig related stuff. Its mainly abt my personal encounters/experiences I had went thru these 3 mths. I wanted to share them b4 all chains to hell break loose this Friday. Oh well.. On wif the story, shall we?

Ard last dec, I started looking everywhere for a job. Hopefully, out of sheer luck, I can find a decent one, wif a decent pay. Every morning after breakfast, my time was entirely devoted to the newspaper. Not the obituaries, like some old uncles and aunties wd do. I went straight to the classifed sections and searched for any job vacancies..

Surprisingly, all this job hunting stuff was not initiated by me. My mum plays a bigger and more significant role den me. How do I put it? In simpler words, my mum wd always b there to nag at me when I m lazing ard in front of my com. In order to avoid this nagging session, the suggested approach I thought I shd take is to find smth to do to stop her tongue frm wagging.

Damn.. Oh well.. Off I went to Events Plus. It seems tt they r hiring 20 ppl to distribute vouchers on the streets of Spore. $10 per hr + commission. NO selling required. Wtf! Tt was a great deal. Imagine the amt of money I wd earn in juz one day. Imagine the amt of money I wd earn juz to keep my mum's mouth shut. Imagine.. Enugh of imagination. I tot. Time to put imagination into reality.

I went there wif WJ. The place was flooded wif ppl of diff age grps. There were ppl who r waiting for their O's and A's (no doubt I saw some AJ pips there too). There were ppl who r juz sec 2 and 3. There was even one who juz completed his NS. OMFG. Wad is this place? Oh who gifs a bloody fuck. So long tt the pay is gd, I dun gif a damn abt these ppl.

Shortly after the scrutinising, both wj and I were asked to fill in our particulars. After tt, the whole hoard of us were ushered into a small room for an interview. We were all asked to intro ourselves in a flashy manner. So I juz bullshitted alot of crap. Tt's wad I do best. The whole hoard of us were hired. After tt, the interviewer gave us a rough idea on wad's the job scope is like. It turned out tt we were supposed to ask ppl on the streets to fill in their personal particulars on a form in order for them to claim a lucky voucher frm us.

WTF??? I tot there was no selling involved. After analysing closely wad the interviewer said, it appeared to me tt the whole thing was a bloody scam. Though she put it to us tt we were supposed to let the ppl fill in the forms, it was no diff frm advertising yr form and asking ppl to fill them up for u. U r sort of selling yr forms to ppl to earn yr keep. Though there was no money exchange in this selling process, it was still considered selling technically.

Though frustrated, I accepted the job since I tot it wd b ez to persuade ppl to fill in the forms. Also, I m also required to attend a training course prior to the actual practice. Oh well, gd time to familiarise my shitty persuasive techniques, which has gone rusty after A's.

The training session bored everyone to tears. Literally. We were told how our pay is derived and paid. FUCK! Its not the $10 + commission which they haf published in the newspapers. Its all calculated in a diff manner. A rather tedious way. To sum up, its paid according to performance. IF u did not get a single soul to fill up for u, GG for u! No money for u for tt day! FUCK! Bloody FUCKERS AND LIARS. Of cos, the instructors reassured us tt we wd get money no matter wad by the end of the day.

Having bought their stories, we sped off to Raffles Place and did our "selling"! Both wj and I were in a team. Tt's was a pleasant news. A persuasive tone coupled wif an innocent looking face wd make the job all so much eaiser. However, it was harder den both of us expected. Some fuckers on the streets juz brushed us aside or the usual "no time" signals were used. Job was hard. FUCKING RETARDED. We sweated like shit. WJ was gd wif his deals. He clinched abt 3 by 3 hrs.

Me? NTH!

FUCK! The 4 hr training session was abt to end in approx 1 hr time. AND the sad thing was I haven clinched a single shit. I was freaking annoyed. SO I juz cast away all my dignity and hunted down my target down to the last sec. I even went to the extent of begging them. OMG! OMG! OMG! Finally, after 4 hrs, I managed to clinched 7 out of 10 deals. WIF all 7 made in the last hr.

After calculating my pay was like $10 for 4 long fucking hrs, I quit the job. I m seriously underpaid for this job. Bcos the output I received was definitely not enugh to compensate the input I had registered for the last hr. FUCK. Shockingly, it turned out tt the whole hoard turned down the job offer after tt day. WJ too.

Tt fateful day was smth all cd remb. Events Plus is a screwed up company which scams ppl of their money and time. They seriously haf to review their pay since wad they said on the papers contradicts to wad I heard frm them later on. FUCK THEM! EVENTS PLUS -- A SCAM!

Wif tt, I will fuck Events Plus if I see them on the streets nx time.

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