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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Accursed Fate part 2
[havoc] ranted at 1:20 PM --- Post#4475439322692721258

After working at Events Plus, the tragedy didnt juz end there. Soon, both wj and I found another job, similar to the job scope of Events Plus. As wj wd b gg on a holiday during the end of last Dec, it seemed tt I wd b soloing the job.

However, after my fateful exp working for Events Plus, I was reluctant to start work at the new company after I was hired for the job. I finally plucked up my courage and rang the office, informing them of my resignation. They accepted my reason and didnt pursue the matter anymore. At last, I was left in peace, which didnt last for a long time.

I was once again nagged at my mum for lazing ard at home. And man do my ear hurts everytime she nags. Suddenly, I recalled a joke my friend told me yrs ago..

Friend: "Imagine U r at home. U haf locked yr mum and yr dog outside of yr door. Yr mum is nagging u, and yr dog is barking non-stop outside yr door. Supposedly u can only let one of them into the hse, who wd it b?''

Me: "I haf no damn idea. Either of them wd cause unnecessary disturbance."

Friend: "Only yr dog wont. If u let yr dog in, it will stop barking . On the other hand, yr mum wont.''

Haha! Kudos to my friend. Indeed, this is the case.

Well, back to job finding and hunting. Juz when I was abt to gif up, a friend of mine called up. He was none other den Eric. He asked me whether I was interested in taking up some admin job. He also added tt the pay is $50 per day, where I can either claim the total amt by the end of each week or mth.

The pay seems attractive. After knowing tt the working hrs is frm 0930 to 1830, wif 1 hr lunch break in betw, I took up the job without any hesitation. To think I wd earn abt $250 at the end of each week, my eyes suddenly beamed wif hope. The hope tt I wd shut my mum up of her nagging.

Off I went to tt company wif Eric on my 1st day. I was amazed how big the office was, esp my working area, which was the filing room. Its triple the size of my room. And it was the filing room alone.. Imagine how big the office was.. wif abt 15 professionals and 30 odd clerks? Furthermore, it was air-condtioned. Phew. Looks like I wont be sweating in this place.

I was later briefed by Pauline and Carol, on my job duties inside the filing room. Seems tt there r alot, and I mean ALOT, patent files. Wif colours ranging frm pink to green to blue to yellow and lots more. All the files r labelled. So my primary job was to put back these files into their respective orders and colours. Seems ez? I tot so too.

A few mins later, fresh blood came oozing out of my fingernails. 5 fingers were injured in the process. I was scratched by paper cuts, rubber bands tt were together wif the files I was supposed to put back on the racks. AND IT HURTS.

This was not an end to my sufferings..

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