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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Accursed Fate part 3
[havoc] ranted at 6:34 PM --- Post#2262541936864773637

A week has past. I haf came to settle down in LW. Due to the exp I had acquired last week, I had learnt to b more careful when putting the files back onto the rack. Certainly, I wont want all my fingers to end up in plasters and ointment. Care and caution was my motto. Putting back the files in the correct manner back on the rack was my duty.

Too bad as the days past, there was a phase shift in my original duty. As old and abandoned files were taken out frm the racks and being sent to the warehse, my job scope had widened. In addition to my current duty, I was further ordered to arrange all the files onto empty racks. ( which were previously taken up by those abandoned files ) Of cos, I haf to thx Eric. Y and wad made me say tt? To put it bluntly, he was the source of my extended workload. He was in charge of taking out those old files.

Those days, though hectic and tiring, we were still able to indulge in countless fun and food. ( courteousy of the continuous supply of snacks in the pantry ) HAHA. Those were the days. My accursed fate finally turned for the better after I was assigned of my extra duty. Oh well, another 1 week had past. Both Eric and I were done wif the withdrawal of old files and re-arranging the remaining files.

Eric was sent to make new files to replace old ones. Me? I was sent to match docs to the corresponding files which were supposedly on the racks. All the files and letters were labelled. Everytime, I juz haf to match the corresponding letter to its file. Sounds ez. Thought so too.

Things wd b ez if all the files were on the rack. But things were made challenging, as most of them wd b scattered ard the whole office. Imagine walking ard the whole office ( which was 3 times the size of my bedroom ) repeatedly and straining yr eyes at finding those darn files. Yep, it can b a troublesome chore.

Pauline and Carol were in charge of all these matching. I was added to the team of 2. Initially, mistakes were inevitable. However, as the days grew, I matured. I became more careful. I was able to remb the exact location of certain files after a few days. As a result, things were done in a fast pace and almost all the letters assigned to us were matched correctly. However, smooth it may seemed, there was still obstruction along the way. As the files wd not permanently stay in one place, finding of the files which were supposedly there was made difficult. But, thx to my seniors, the job was still not as hard as it may seem.

Oh well, the days when I was in charge of matching were happy and joyful ones. Of cos, wif the added humour coming frm Carol and Pauline and some of the clerks (YONG AND LINDA), I found tt time past by v fast...

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