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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Accursed Fate part 4 (Final)
[havoc] ranted at 11:59 AM --- Post#2096084289636611676

Gd things come to an end, so does my job at LW. I was beginning to enjoy my life working in LW, when suddenly fate tore both of us apart, perhaps forever.

2 fulfilling mths had past. Due to the inefficiency of our productions manager, Eric, I was transferred frm the matching dept to the making new files dept. This wd mean tt I wd haf lesser chance to roam ard the whole office and joke wif ppl I noe anymore. Oh well. The production job was pretty ez, but tedious. This was how I spent my last few days at LW. Making new files to replace old ones.

Since both Eric and I were gg to leave in a few days time, Jenny asked us whether anybody we knew was interested in taking up this job. It seemed tt there r still alot of files left undone. THEY seriously nid manpower for the job. SO, our last assignment was to call up ppl we knew and intro them to this job. WJ and QL were the ones tt flashed thru my mind at tt instant. After a brief interview, both of them were successfully hired.

Both Eric and I taught them everything we knew.. We imparted them our valuable skills and exp, in order for them to survive the long hrs without breaking down . Ok, tt was exaggerating. Our 2nd last day at LW was dedicated to this cause. This GREAT cause..

Soon, words of our departure haf spread across the whole office. Both of us received hugs and kisses frm ppl in the office. It seemed tt they cant bear to see us leave this place of much joy.. Likewise, for both of us. We missed the days in LW.

This may sound mushy, but I haf to thx everyone for their care and concern they had shown..
Firstly, Carol and Pauline for their guidance throughout those dark days in LW. Their jokes and humour brightened up my day everytime, no matter how bz the 3 of us were.. Secondly, Yong, Sharon, Alicia, Upasana and Jade. Thx for yr chocs. Looks like I wont haf any chance to feast on it since my day of reckoning is drawing nearer. Thx Yong esp, I will remb yr jokes and humour. Of cos, to my Kim, Bernada, Lina, Linda and Esther, love u always. And to all the ppl in the office. Thx for the patience u haf shown.

PS. Paisei arh DP, I broke yr fan. Hope it wd still work after I m gone.

Oh well, the filing room even extended their warmest hugs to me. Minutes b4 I left the office, racks and files came tumbling down on me, burying me in the process. My fingers suffered frm cuts once again. Nostalgic cuts tt were similar to the cuts I incurred from my 1st day at work. HAHA. Under Eric's supervision, files were neatly arranged back on the racks. The scene was similar to wad I had during my 1st week. OMG! Is this fate? Pre-destined? Haiz..

It was high time b4 we leave. We took some shots of tt place.. the place tt brings us beautiful memories and great sadness.. Oh well, there was the lift and we took it. I took a final glance as the doors went shut....

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