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Monday, March 12, 2007
The AJ Curse
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:44 PM --- Post#4530841778154838854

Character Intro
ZOMBiE - me, the author, Assistant Head of cXtreme Graphic Design Department

Tsun Lam - my good friend, the Head of cXtreme Graphic Design Department

Wen Yan - my junior, one year younger than me, from cXtreme Hardware Department

Tux - my senior, one year older than me, Head of from cXtreme Hardware Department

Jeremy - my another friend who lives near me, a retainee, one year older than me but same school standard cos he repeat J1 again. Tux his former classmate in J1.

Date: 2006 March | Venu: AJ Hall
Its a long dread afternoon for me, but the AJ school Hall is crowded cos its time to collect the 2005 J2 batch results. Ponning lessons as usual, i called up Jeremy and Wen Yan to kapo about. For me, im curious how ugly AJ gals can be when they dress up, for Wen Yan, he is looking for Tux and for Jeremy he wanna noe how his J1 classmates does.

By the time we enter the AJ hall, half of the ppl were gone liao, and we saw Tux in a corner with some sour face. He saw us, and said "I cant make it...die liao...i got CDD C6, how to enter uni? Maybe can try the mechanical enginnering lah.."

He looked into me and Jeremy's eyes, grabbing his cursed result slip, "your better study hard, dun follow my footstep".

The three of us went to MRT together, i wanna go home sleep while Wen Yan and Tux hitting Sim Lim Square maybe to VR-Zone's office. Its quite a solemn MRT ride, as i can tell Tux's really depressed. Yet i cant really feel the effect of doing badly for A's...

Date: 2007 March 2nd | Venu: AJ Hall
I was quarrelling with my parents...shedding tears on how much i hate AJ the nite before, totally refusing to go back to AJC. But the next day, smthing in me tell me to go back, when i reach the MRT station, i hesitated before i alight from the platform. From the sea of ppl, i saw Gek Han, and we toked and toked and ya..walked rite into AJC without me even knowing..(i noe this sounds damn illogical and fake).

The hall was crowed liao. I squeezed inside and saw some old bag nagging as usual. And i saw my "favourite" PE teacher Lame Cock Wee (name altered to protect privacy) standing behind me. Frank poh came in and i start toking to him to spite LCW.

"U noe hor, i gain weight in NS leh, i still cannot clear the low wall lor, last time got some teacher say go army they will make u die die able to pass IPPT and low wall de... but i still fail my IPPT leh, my running still 17 minutes leh...i told the teacher i cannot do means cannot, he still kao peh me a lot...."

Lame Cock Wee was speechless...and moved to the other side of the hall.

I went out of the hall and waited outside...i went in and out for like 3 times before the old bag stop whining and gave out our results. Strangely i have no fear, partly cos i noe i sure CMI one. And my prediction was correct. I dint even get A for computing, i barely passed GP and Physics and as usual, i failed Math. I called up Tsun Lam, the first thing he told me was "eh really got to go NAFA liao". I tot he kidding, but he got CCD C6, which qualifies for Uni, but maybe those low end courses, so he decided might as well to join NAFA w me to pursue smthing he likes.

Wen Yan was there too, he just finished his lessons, joining us tok cock. Went to canteen and bumped into Jeremy. He dun look quite good, like anytime wanna commit suicide liddat. I ask him how, he told me he got CDD C6. I damn shocked, cos 2 weeks before A Levels, he was the one chionging TYS and practise paper with me (i one hour do one question, he one hour do one paper), how isit possible he get tt kinda grades neh?

We all sat down...a solemn moment of silence, when jeremy and me looked at Wen Yan.

"You better not follow my path..."

I can see fear in his eyes, its a de javu, smthing that happened one year ago happening now. He was staring into blank space...where we board the MRT...to Sim Lim Square....

"Its a curse", he said, "a curse that all IT personnels in AJ will get"

The End

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