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Monday, March 26, 2007
Damn Empty Still...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:10 AM --- Post#8233775983883690336

Seriously ah...without my Blog team active this blog is as good as dead...Ok i think anyone reading my blog now shld be wondering what unit im in. Here it is

Your Posting Order is listed below:

1. You are posted to SAF OETI.
2. Your vocation is ARMT TECH - TURRET.
3. Your are to report to: Ayer Rajah Camp, BLK 201, RM #01-02.
Reporting Date/Time: 26/03/2007 at 0800 hrs.
Person to report to: Chief Clerk
Contact Number: 68708272
You are required to report in smart no.4 uniform (PES E recruits to be in No 3 uniform), except for those assigned to Police Force.
4. Special Instruction:

No Camera Handphone is allowed. You are not required to bring along the SAF issued items given during BMT, except for PT Kit. This is a staying-out unit.

WTF is ARMT TECH - TURRET? I guess its turret repairman... Sian...goto serve my country again tml.

For the past 2 weeks...i had been like wandering soul...whole day giddy giddy dreamy dreamy in wonderland...dunno what i doing also...so fast 2 weeks past liao...now i need goto my unit le. Haiz sian...I heard from yue han its 8 to 5 vocation...which is suppose to be good. But as your know, good things and lucky stuff never happen to me...so ya i damn worried...later i go there tell me "oh...wrong info...u need stay in!!!!" Then i might as well jump down.

Now money really not enuff...$350 a month is not enuff! Mom and dad dun gimme any more pocket money liao...haiz...time now is 0216...by 0800 i need go to Ayer Rajah camp liao...if u see me blog tml (or rather today, past 12am liao) that means its really can go home one. Sianz.

I pass out..my friends enlist..now the rest working...haiz...damn lonely...nothing to blog cos nothing to see also...haiz...

kk i g sleep liao...and wtf is my blog team..FRANK COME BLOG SMTHING!

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