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Sunday, March 18, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:44 PM --- Post#590957029646390435

Its high time that i blog, since all my bloggers all gone liao. Jasmine busy w her studies, Havoc just enlisted, Frank Poh busy with r*uh*a....i mean warcraft.

And me here...alone. Very sian....cos ever since i pass out, everyone else enlist. Those who haven enlist all working. Damn bored...and for some apparent reason, i dun feel like meeting those BMT friends. My mind is a damn powerful thing, i had forgotten more or less happenings in Mohawk coy. Just like a sharp knife severing the relationships.

I still sick, feeling giddy and nausea whole day long. That last friday, i woke up damn early to see my friends kiat, tsun lam and havoc off. I miss kiat's bus but caught up with the rest. Everyone was so damn solemn, more solemn than anything i had seen in AJC.

I dunno why my mind is in a whirl....like in a deep deep sleep....nowadays i keep losing memories of stuff...simple things like names of my friends, i take damn long to remember. I have lots to worry about...

- NAFA application, that day i went to NAFA....its gives me a creepy atmosphere, should i or should i not apply for NAFA? I dare not ask the info counter anything...

- Uni application. Mom want me to anyhow apply for one course that i qualify, but which? I choose the Design and Media thingy...but need do video and portfolio...very troublesome

- My medical status. The specialist letter the MO promised me is still dunno where, and the recommendation to non-combat letter seems useless...cos the Brigade Recce Company called me up and did some small interview. From what i heard its damn xiong to be in BRC.

- New unit. Will i be able to cope in new army unit? I dunno...

And i definitely dunno why day in and out since my block leave, i had been feeling giddy and nausea whole day long....no energy to do anything...and my back hurts like shit. My nose still blocked...haiz...
No one to tok to also...no one go out with...no one cares...no no no one one one...

I dying anything...

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