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Thursday, March 01, 2007
My decision..
[havoc] ranted at 8:57 PM --- Post#3008658764046340758


On Tues nite, Cygig made the most impt decision in his life, which I also felt tt wad he did was rite. He decided. Finally decided. Decided not to be a commander in army. All the officers r strongly encouraging Cygig's batch to be commanders or leaders in army. They also threatened them tt if they stayed on as normal infantries, its gg to b v tough. Very tough.

However, if one is to be a leader/commander, u r gonna do yr country, family, gf proud. Utter bullshit and craps. Cygig felt. He still remb the day he was enlisted wif his 10 other friends. All of them were like him, wif the heck care attitude. But all tt has changed since then. They all abandoned their ideals and fell as mindless slaves. Sad. The only resilient one remaining was poor Cygig.

He saw tt Brainwash Inc has successfully brainwashed his friends into accepting their ideals. Lots of pressure and force were exerted on them, and they all yielded as a result. Haiz. Cygig saw tt his officers were all hiding smth bhind e route of not becoming a commander and he felt tt it was the easier way out for him.

Perhaps the ans to y the army is recruiting more commanders to join its family is this: They needed more manpower.


Cygig juz found out tt his block leave was frm 14-25 Mar. This is a gd chance for him to see a specialist abt his rite shoulder prob. From wad he knew, he wd b posted to combat unit most likely. This means he wd nid to carry bulky and heavy stuff every now and then. There wd b no escape for him den.

However, his parents seemed pretty reluctant to bring him to visit the specialist. They believed its a waste of time and money and its not gonna help much. The worst thing is his dad feels tt Cygig is faking his injury. Ouch. Its really saddening when yr parents dun care for u anymore and thinks tt u r bluffing them.

Furthermore, to add on to his misery, his platoon commander approached him today. He told Cygig tt he was not satisfied wif Cygig's performance in BMT. The number of times he fell out of training was tremendous. Attitude prob is wad his commander sees in him.

Nx week will be his last full week for his BMT. Today's IPPT seems likely tt he will fail again. Shaun, on the other hand, has shown tremendous improvement since JC. Cygig felt tt he wasnt the Shaun he knew from AJC anymore. He had changed. Worst, he had been brainwashed. Haiz..

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