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Thursday, March 15, 2007
My final entry
[havoc] ranted at 12:26 PM --- Post#6288651667553768041

This is yet another non-Cygig related entries.

Hmm.. Time flew past in the blink of an eye. It was high time for me to enter into the clutches of hell. Oh well, looks like I cant escape frm this inevitable tomb. Time for me to order a coffin.

Alot of things happened after I left LW. I think I ll juz list a few to share. There was the match of the century, where I pwned everyone in the game of dota without dying once in the games we played. Opposing teams were slaughtered brutally. Among the players, Eric was one of them. The gd thing was he fed me pretty well during those games. For tt, I m truly grateful.

Also, I went to the uni open hses last Sat. Eric, Shawn, Jchua and me went to NUS open hse. Man, do we see many familiar faces down there. I think I met Gloria there too. Too bad QL wasnt there to witness this. I also saw SY. Not once, but twice. 1st encounter was when we were app the entrance of the open hse. Both of us were walking towards each other, but we juz didnt acknowledge each other. Our 2nd encounter was still at the entrance. But this time round, I was leaving the place. She was walking towards me again. And the same thing occurred. We glanced at each other and didnt acknowledge. Perhaps she cant remb me in tt outfit.. I guess.

Oh well, both ntu and nus open hses were crowded wif curious prospects and prof to entertain their dying nids. As a result, there was a short change of prof to go ard to satisfy their every demand. So, as a considerate person, I juz took one of the brochures and left for the nx booth.

Btw, I wd like to use this last opportunity to thx Cygig for giving me this chance to blog on his behalf. Hope I entertained alot of readers out there wif my clumsy language. This wd perhaps b my last entry for the mth. I remb it was not too long ago b4 I embarked on this. But, time had past without me knowing it. T-T...

16 Mar wd b a day of no anime, games, tv shows and most imptly freedom, for me.. Damn. I hope to b free one day. Bye everyone. I m leaving this place of wisdom and departing into a world of delirium. Wad I haf left bhind is my clumsy oofy language tt will b remb in the yrs to come..

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