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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Tekong VS OETI
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:34 AM --- Post#385048036270101897

Ok...all the follow is just my usual rants...as usual i like to compare things...Today is my second day in OETI...and ya i can feel the different between my new vocation and tekong liao

In tekong...commanders tend to be a lot more vulgar and crude. A lot of them smoke and ya...i feel that some of the commanders are better towards the smokers. While in OETI, commanders much more friendly and understanding, fewer smokes and they dun seem to have any biasness towards the trainees.

In tekong...i rarely get to goto canteen lor..then cook house food like..eeeee...the fish is translucent and rubbery. Today pour curry call curry fish, tml pour black pepper sauce call black pepper fish... Sometimes i also dunno what i eating. Then its like they got ten items on the menu (brocolli, gong bai chicken, otah cake...) then every lunch and dinner just mix and match...breakfast damn boring and standard...menu repeat itself weekly...Food is catered by NTUC.

While in OETI, food is catered by Singapore Food Industries. The food is heavier flavoured and more items on the dish lah. Got Simply nicer!

In BMTC tekong...learn all the fighting...fire control order...SOC...BAC...GAC...all the Assault Courses. I mean my physcial fitness not to good...a bit problematic, also i really no interest in all the fighting...

But in OETI, i get to learn about tanks, armoured vehicles..how they work...how they fire..how to repair and maintain them...its like DnT! I loooovvveeee Dnt wor! Got hands on and learn all the technicak stuff...more like m cup of tea.

in tekong...anyhow tekan...in OETI...ppl tok nicely to u and tell u how to avoid mistakes and the right way of doing things. Reasonable!

Physical Training
I got to admit i hate PT A LOT...in OETI, only tues and fri PT lesson, 45minutes. In tekong...everyday? Lol ah kiat say do strength traing then can carry his gf up liao....i strength train 3 months...muscle no have grow any bigger...still cannot pull up...got use meh?!

In tekong...they keep forcing u to go further...u cannot tahan liao they still ask u go on...give remarks like "dun be a pussy!", "u want recourse anot?", "why why> whats wrong? how u live for the past 18 years of live liddat?", "i also here very pain leh! i also tahan!". Until everyone over fatigue...keep falling sick and getting injured... in OETI...we do our best...no need force over limit. Safety important de! We still need healthy and one piece technicians to fix tanks! Not some crippled ones...

Tekong got facilities...but a lot we seldom get to use. My recruit Annex is like got pool table no cue, got table tennix table no balls...got TV reception like shit. There got canteen but only allowed to go 2 times in 3 months...got e mart but only got 2 times in 3 months also! Not all vending machines can use...

In OETI, we free to make use of the trainee lounge and can go Emart weekly, can go cantenn twice a day, one whole row of variety of vending machines. I mean facilties are meant to be make used of to the fullest...i dun get whats the point of restricting to idle facilties in tekong?

In tekong...must separate from family and friends...lock in the island for so damn long...in OETI can go home daily...

In OETI we got ample rest also. got two tea breaks and one lunch break. I mean no point keep working then fatigue then cannot perform...must give really quality rest de mah. Tekong say give 7 hours full rest...but the 7 hours like rest nothing liddat...best rest is go home sleep! so that the next day got better performance!

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