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Saturday, April 28, 2007
Zhong Guo Hua!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:59 PM --- Post#8359637685030593682

Gonna love this SHE album de best

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Finally FC is over
[havoc] ranted at 4:09 PM --- Post#8694466174845349767

OMG. In the blink of an eye, my field camp (fc) finally drew to a close. Gd riddance.

I was confined for 2 wks. 2 LONG wks. These past 2 wks was a dread and I wished it wd b over. Though it had finally ended, my mind still haf horrifying flashbacks of wad I exp in those 6 days outfield. It came back to torment me, even until today.

I can still remb the 1st day we set out on a 8km road march to our campsite. Everyone was damn shag after the road march. However, tt did not spare us of the sufferings tt was yet to come. Juz after we drank up, we were ordered to pitch up our basha tents and dig inter-connected trenches. The trenches serve to collect rainwater and re-direct them to other areas, so tt it wont flood our slping area. We slogged our guts while digging the ankle-deep trench. When it was finally done, all of us were dead-beat.

Soon, it was the long-awaited lunch. As we prepared ourselves for the unappetizing combat rations, we soon found out tt the taste was actually not tt bad. Not tt bad as the looks had prescribed it to b. Perhaps we were hungry and cdnt care much abt wad we were eating.

After tt, we had lessons. And on subsequent days, we had lessons and den practical tests to judge how much we haf benefitted frm those lessons. Oh well, some of us screwed it up. Esp those blur cocks.

4th day. Half way bench mark to end of fc. This was also the day we shifted campsite. Our final destination wd b the oil palm plantation. We heard tt we wd b digging a 1.2m deep trench, called the shell-scrape. A more common term for dummies wd b digging a grave for oneself. All the actions, for eg slping, will b in tt grave. YES! U will b spending 1/4 of yr time slping wif insects which were in the grave u dig.. Merry Christmas.

The 4th day was more horrifying den other days. Immediately after our 6km road march to the oil palm plantation, the sky turned gloomy and rain started to pour. It screwed up our timing and seriously put us off track of schedule. When the rain finally decided to stop, it was afternoon. On our empty stomachs, pltn 1 and 2 were told to proceed on wif the test scheduled for the day, while pltn 3 and 4 haf their lunch 1st. WTF?

When my section finally finished the test, it was already 1500 hrs. While it was high tea for most working class, my section finally settled down for our well-deserved lunch. As shocking as it may seem, tt is army life.

Juz when u think u can get time out during the nite, dream on. At ard 1800 hrs tt day, we were ordered to build our graves.Since my stomach was still full frm the late lunch, I decided to drop dinner and proceeded wif my grave digging. Soon, nite started to fall. The whole drama was brought to the climax when we were screwed for not completing the graves within the allocated time. Screwed upside dwn, inside out at ard 2000 hrs. We were ordered to cover up tt half fucked shell scrape of ours and were redeployed to another area to build another one. Life was nv tt bitter b4. As a result of this harsh punishment, many ppl fall out and one of them was heard to b mentally unstable after tt. OMFG! At long last, we were told to stop work after 2100 hrs. Hell was over for at least a few hrs.

The 5th day, we continued wif the digging. Still, our grave was still the half fucked standard after the allocated time. Luckily, the OC let us off. For once, the OC grew a heart. It was a terrific news for all.

The fc finally drew to a close wif BIC. DAMN! It started pouring cats and dogs on the last day when we marched to the BIC grounds. At the BIC grounds, I was so unlucky to b assigned the lane wif the most number of rocks in my lanes. Imagine I had to leopard and back crawl all the ways wif rocks protruding in the way. MAN. My elbows still had scratches frm the aftermath of those crawls above those rocks. Still, it was a wonderful exp which I wont deny.

We were shagged out by the time we returned to coy. Glad tt we were back to civilisation. I sort of appreciate things ard me after fc. Nv wd I take all these things ard me for granted again...

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Why I love Nintendo
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:46 AM --- Post#4361597217791938523

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
I feel it coming again...bad
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:53 PM --- Post#3126560469745201309

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Donate Blurt
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:02 PM --- Post#724970188884758360

Donate Blurt
"We encarlage ahh...eveyone to donate blurt!"
And yet my kind donation is rejected. Why neh? Becos if i donate blood, they will get all my superpower! REALLY! Later u see all those who use my blood become zombies...then how nia?

Actually its cos now they very strict...u sick (even flu, cough, cold...they specially said that) for last few weeks cannot donate liao. Me last week got some damned flu and ya...so cannot. Also cos i stopped eating Malaria pill only 2 weeks ago, need a month interval then can. Summore i G6PD...then in tekong my officer told me,

"Nvm one...now G6PD and normal ppl take the same white pill" which later on i found out its not true. So ya...my blood is corrupted liao.

Also i got phobia of needles...dun dare...hahaha. Even i went thru lots of injection, IV Drip and all in tekong...i never tried donating blood b4...due to my lack of sleep (as always) i scared later faint after donating.

IC U...o U IC...
Me IC...shit. Fuck. Supposed to be sea-hum one, i next week...but then sea-hum got interview, sergeant ask me be IC for the week. IC damn sian one..need to make sure i noe where everybody is. Go toilet i also must noe. Need to march ppl off..need to report strength..more chances of being tekan. But still, i was lucky enuff to escape being IC in Mohawk coy or field camp.

Best Sergeant
Care for soldiers. Sure lots of care from OETI. I notice some sergeants and officers treating us very well. I appreciate that. Really. Its more than good that they treat us with respect, ask for our opinions and take care of our welfare like our parents.

In fact...its more welfare than AJC lor. In AJC the teachers dun even bother to know more about you. They dun even noe you well! But the instructors here in OETI take effort to noe each and everyone of us well enough, and spend time taking and sharing personal experience with us, unlike bloody AJC...only noe how to complete-their-job, which is to muggify us and chunk lumps of info into our brain, thats all. No have say like chat to us, get to noe more about us...AJC is shit.

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Games...Games...and More GAMES
For PC:
Completed: F.E.A.R
Playing Unreal Tournament 04 and Counter Strike: Source
Going to play: Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars and Half Life 2 Episode 2

For Nintendo DS:
Completed: Custom Robo Arena, Castlevania - Portrait of Ruins
Playing: Phoneix Wright 2, Trauma Center, Dead and Furious, Metriod Prime Hunters
Going to Player: Pokemon Diamond

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Saturday, April 21, 2007
Down Anderson's Memory Lane
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:44 PM --- Post#4451764002717690202

Saturday 21 April 07 is AJC's Family Day. I met a lot of ppl, lots of old memories, both good and bad flooded back. I met too much ppl tt day. Just too much. All these ppl had great influence on my life. Either they screw me up or gave me a hand.

Chapter 1: The urge
I dunno why...when i hear about AJ's Family Day....i was like... "I WANT TO GO" feel. It so...strange. Becos i always tot i hated AJ a lot a lot. Somehow or

rather, something is driving me to goto AJ's Family Day. Well, the reason why i hate AJ...simple...all the stupid events...stupid ppl...stupid me..

Chapter 2: Call from Hell
This morning, i was dreadfully woken up by my phone ring. "eh u want come AJ anot?" Yan's familiar voice rang into my ear. I hesitated...and mumbled in my

just-awake low voice, "eh...well...". Upon noticing that im not too willing to step put of my house, ah yan replied, "its ok...up to you". Then i said "i see

see first lah k?" and put down the phone.

Chapter 3: Point of Entry
I got up and got to the MRT station. Halfway through, then i remembered i could had taken Bus 59 to Toa Payoh MRT station, it would be much faster...but i

had forgotten all about it. The MRT ride was freaking hour long, but it wasnt boring, i was amping my tunes through my iAudio D2, enjoying my rave from the

CK-7. Taking the MRT never felt so carefree before, because everyday after bookout from camp, i will be in Smart Four (the green army uniform), in which no

body dare to sit down or do anything funny, cos if Military Police is to catch..thats the end. But now im in civilian clothing, i have all the right to sit

down and relac however i like.

The train passed AMK station...and i can see AJC clearly from bird eye's view. No body inside leh. Strange. Upon alighting my train...i called up Yan to

inform him im here. He made his way to the gate to meet me.

The first thing he says, "aiyo! why now u become fatter le!". Of course lah...i had been slacking and eating so much...of course fat fat lah.

The familiar streams of ppl in blue and yellow shirt flowing filled my vision. I tried my 100% best to look for hatred...but cannot find. The moment i

stepped into the compound, i tot i was back in school, a typical afternoon where everyone goes out to have lunch.

Chapter 4: Mei Nu
The first thing i went to do is to visit my god mother - western food aunty. I rushed there and yelled "MEI NU!" (Pretty gals). Lol the aunty now got long

hair liao. She saw me and was like sibei happy. She commented me from top to toe as usual. Then asked me if i want anything. I asked for Wo Hen Er ("I very

hungry", a dish that consist of a slice each of chicken chop, pork chop, beef steak, fish fillet, hotdog, egg). Aunty looked at me like nuts. Then grabbed

some tons of spagetti and splashed them onto the plastic red plate.

"What meat you want?"

"Anything lor"

"I recommend black pepper"

"k lor!"

It turn out to be just black pepper chicken chop with cheese-dog. No Wo Hen Er TT__TT Guess she too busy to make so many variety of meat ba.

I looked around...the scene resemble's last year's family day. No seat on canteen...so yan brought me to the Ohana, which his class's drink stall is to seat.

I almost forgotten Kang Seng and Melissa in Yan's class...for once i said 'hi' to them. I hastily ate my western food as i dun wanna be too extra. Toking

about army life to ah yan while eating, saw terrence and his gf also...he became a store man liao...more slack than me.

Out of the blue...i asked "eh...you got see rouhua?". I tot even if she came...ah yan wun see her cos so many ppl today. Who noes.. "ya just now saw her"

came as the reply. Well...

Chapter 5: Auto Roaming
After eating the pile of meat and spagetti, we move out to see stuffs...not interested in the stores..more in re-visiting AJC. We went across the AJ Square

to the MPH to the block 10 and 11. Then to the place outside chior room where me, yan and tsun lam used to slack there...then back to block 11. I arrived at

second level...and was stunned. Stunned cos i cannot remeber which is my classroom. Isit 1123 the math or 1125 the econs room? The room was locked...cannot

go in to see.

Yan was like "army make u stupid liao isit? brainwashed lah???" Lol...maybe...cos i really cannot remeber where part so my own school are located,

As i re-tour AJC...lots of things came to mind...past events and stuff...it almost felt as if its last year's family day...which im actually suppose to be


Chapter 6: Performance
We wen back to the parade square...and im still chattering with yan...and out of the crowd, a huge hand grabbed me.

"EHHH!!!" tt guy called out

ooooo...its shaun! My AJ classmate cum BMT bunkmate, coincidence rite...so qiao. He was dressed up damn awkardly...in blazer. The weather damn hot today

lor...i cannot tahan liao...he still blazer nia...wtf... Anyway, he is supposed to perform some singing lah. So we waited patiently for him to sing. At first

i tot he going Audi to sing, then later realised he will be singing on that pathetic small stage in the center of AJ Square.

He sang...and for the first 20 second...the instrument was much louder, then next ten second, no sound came out and the other singer got to lend him the

mike. The next 10 second is blasted with feedbacks...EWWWWWWWWWZZZZZZZ. So bascially i cant hear what he toking.

"Due to technical problem, we will cut short the singing items. Sorry." Said the MC.

Yan was murmuring "user problem lah...not technical problem.."

WTF? Meanin shaun came here all the way from camp in blazer just to stand on the small stage and sing (summore cannot hear properly) just one song? How nice

ah AJ...

Chapter 7: Angie saw Me
The day was hot...yan and shaun one wanna go AMK Hub...one wanna go eat ba chor mee oppo AJC. So in the end decided on the ba chor mee. I just ordered two

teh-O Bing cos i still damn full...Shaun was as usual "I tell you ah....I ask you one question...." rattling non-stop nia.

Thats when i received an sms:
"hah did you see me? coz i think i saw upi :p -Angie HP"

I asked yan he got see angie meh...yan say he only got see her friends on way out of AJ. So i replied said that was me whom she saw.

"haha i was walkin in front of you then you three overtook us as we walked out of aj..was with 2 other girls.. -Angie HP"

I cock eye liao...she went past me i never see...strange....

Anyway...shaun left after lunch and went back to AJC to look for Marcus Pang...the guy in BTT Heay Arms class.

Chapter 8: Let's meet at colour center
The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

I walked off with a broken heart.

Chapter 9: Cash Converter
I tried not to think about just now. I just pretend i never see anything. Else i will be damn depressed. Marcus went off first, as me and yan went to Cash Converter and shop for second hand albums.

I bought:
- Best 2000 (jewel case a bit broken) $5
- Dance Nation (PERFECT CONDITION like its brand new, 2CD) $5
- Wang Li Hom, Xin Zhong De Ri Yue (jewel case a bit broken, CD a bit scratched) $2

Cheap cheap hahahaha. Im not too scared of slightly scratched CD cos got error correction when ripping off, distortion and noise wun be too obvious. The scratches very minor lah.

We spent about like 2 hours there...chatting and looking at piles of CD...got audio CD by singtel...mcdonal...coca cola...TCS....

After that yan went home, me went meet up my parents at Funan.

Chapter 10: Which is Worst?
Army and School. Which is worst.

Today i experienced yet one day of school at AJC. Probably i dint feel stressful cos i noe i no longer need to mug, plus alot of my batch ppl never turn up, so no ppl i hate there. Its like...back to AJC for one day. Doing things i used to do like hanging around AMK area...eating Ba Chor Me...toking cock with canteen aunties... See un-chio but cute mei mei in sports bra...slacking off ourside chior room.

Still...i never forget AJC is like the worst 2 years in my life. The Stress and Depression almost killed me...so fucked up place. No friends, no aim, no hope, no happiness...no nothing. Everyday like going to hell liddat. Everyday wanna cry. So painful...so painful.

Army is good as it seems that i have less problems there...dun have much PR probs, or being marked and pinpointed by authorities, dun need to mug...not much stress. But army no much freedom. Lots of rules and restriction. No chio mei mei see also.

Now i had a fair view of both major stage of my life - AJC and Army. Which is worst? Or maybe both bad in their ways? I dunno. Especially when ppl like Shaun and Marcus who were close to me in school last time is close to me now again in army. Very strange feeling...like things being brought forward in time liddat.

Whey this time i no longer hate AJC? Isit like what Tomato said, ppl always hate school, but when they leave school, they will miss it again, its liddat one. So maybe after two years, i will miss army life?

Or maybe isit like...i had forced myself to forgotten all the sad past in AJC? Remaining only the nice memories? Just like i forced myself to forget the BMT period, leaving only memories of nice friends there.

Why? Why i dun feel the hatred for AJC, like i do last time? Why???

Chapter 11: Time Warp
Anything thing i feel is like...

I still wear uniform, no longer blue grey but green.

I still take the East West line home, no longer with jeremy and selina, but with eric tan and kevin.

I still eat sweet in class, no longer in my 08 homeroom, but my OETI Turret classroom

I still play Gunz, no longer with ah lam and robert, but with eric tan

I still tok cock and whine online, no longer tomato, but lily and jasmine

I still blog, no longer rantings about AJC, but about army

I still listen to music, but no robert there to tell me my EQ no good and no tomato to argue if jay or SHE is better

You see...I still do the same events all along. But ppl involving keep changing. Its like... so guai guai de. Its like, i miss the previous batch of ppl doing those events. Somehow, the old friends, when we go our own path, will seldom contact each other after that. Then good friends used-to-be will be slowly forgotten. Become stranger.

Just imagine, my buddies ah lam, robert, ah yan, tomato, elly, jasmine, few 08 friends and many others... slowly i no longer see them in my life and they slowly disappear..and one day i meet them on the streets, all i can say is 'hi'. Thats it. Or maybe they forget me liao also.

Its like a time warp, Events remain paused, people around fastforward. You move at normal speed. Very soon you will lose track of ppl you like, even u find that your lifestyle haven change much. New ppl come in. And u not used to them.

Selina said, "you dun have to change your friends if u understand that friends change" I think i beginning to understand...

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Bus 33
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:02 AM --- Post#1016928594866120197

I tot i saw a classmate on bus 33 when coming home today. My recognition of ppl damn lousy..so dare not call that person, scared malu myself. So if u really the one...pls tag me let me noe. lol.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Fun Right?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:51 PM --- Post#8675419571966198057

Today never do Live run...reason being im sick. Yesterday was even sicker...got severe block nose, both nostrils BLOCKED...really cannot breath...breathless and giddy due to lack of oxygen. Then i use mouth to breath...kena sore throat...cant eat properly.

My nose damn fragile...a bit only over sensitive, esp to dust, perfume (deodorants are still ok), excessive water vapour and humid weather, rabbit hair (but not chicken feather) will easily cause me to have block nose and then keep sneezing...non stop, can last for days.

Just imagine u whole day both nostrils also totally blocked...then mucus keep flowing out...your throat damn pain cos u breath thru your mouth. Food no taste, swallow tt time will pain. Just imagine how fucked up it is.

So i told my commanders..and did live walk instead. I walk walk walk...ok de noe! Then finish liao go bathe liao come back...my butt damn pain. I dunno its cos i sat on smthing hard or isit cos i pulled my butt muscle. Sit also pain, stand also pain...and the pain is extended down my leg nia. Knn. I sit toilet bowl also pain...

I completing F.E.A.R. liao...story damn long lah...i no patience...used cheats...then keep playing with the remote control sticky grenade. Stick five grenade onto enemy...then PRESS! BOOOOOOM...and enjoy the explosion right in my screen. Then can see all the limbs of the enemies fly off and blood splatter all over. Fun rite?

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Monday, April 16, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:34 AM --- Post#6146012597767528332

Welcome KDash
Welcome ah lam aka KDash to my blog...since i entered army...my blog post went down...simply cos evertyday the same thing happen...nothig much to blog about...a lot of classified and restricted things cannot blog also...so more guest blogger...more things to blog...yea...

BGR is definitely a strange thing. Although i no gf, but looking at the ppl around me is enuff. There are blissful couples...like ah kiat and hui. There are some not so smooth one...like pinger and her bf.

Honestly throughout my life i always tot im the most depressed...but actually im not. Tot that pinger is more depressed than i am. She say got some relationship prob w her bf...how i help her? I never neen thru BGR...how i noe...

Last time...i always kao pei kao bu on MSN to my friends how miserable i am...how sad i am....then they will come and comfort me...but still i depress. Now my turn to comfort ppl...yet i dunno how to do. I realised how tiring it is to comfort ppl...when when u noe your friend cheered up...u feel damn wonderful. Thats how friends work? Isnt it?

Some techniques i learnt from Jasmine...instead of just talking talking...ask questions like "take care of yourself k?" or "dun be sad le k?" or "promise me be happy k?"..when the other part replies...he/she will like have the sense of responsibility to keep up the promise for u. It add extra sense of concern from the comforter also.

Angie's way of comfort is by giving all possibilities and solutions. "maybe u can ask them to check for you if any porgress", "maybe you can find a way when the time comes?", "just dun think about it...maybe it feels better"

Selina's way is my sniggering "hehehehe...everyone got to go thru de lah", "your limit will be lengthend..hehehe"

Suyee will fly out all the GP argument on why you should not feel sad. "When somebody jump down, the face will land first, and 90% of those who commit suicide by jumping down got disfigured, thus is not wise to jump down"

Many Many ways lah...MSN is a wonderful medium to act as a counsellings center. I still learning.

I got some cheat IPS patch for DS games, completed Castlevania, and on the way to complete the previous games like Metroid Prime Hunters and Trama center that was way too hard for me to play. I noob lah k?

Enjoying life
Currently enjoying life in camp....weekend go out w Stan they all watch movie...sit tok cock...in camp...eat eat eat unitl i damn more fat liao...everyday one big fried chicken and all the nice nice mee goreng and char kawy teow!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
[TL] ranted at 5:58 PM --- Post#3341860587249380279

ok, for some reason, zombie invite me to his blog...
so, i now test loh...
2 more hour to book in to tekong...
i LOVE tekong...
i LOVE field CAMP...
it is NOT a waste of time...

see u 2 weeks later............

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[havoc] ranted at 10:15 AM --- Post#1527262454245299966

While Cygig is enjoying his well-deserved welfare at OETI, I on the other hand was fighting to stay alive in Tekong. The word, or rather phrase, to pay close attention to is "fighting to stay alive".

As I had injured my shoulder during one of my chinup regimes, I was excused upper limb x 5. Oh well, I tot I cd rest to get my shoulders healed in time for the nx battle in my life during these 5 days. Hohoho, reality really showed me how naive I was.

These 5 days were like hmm, hell. I was not given ample rest. I was ordered by COS to help out in the daily chores in the coy. To put it bluntly, I was treated as cheap labour and ordered to help out in the sai gang. Sai gang came in the forms of cleaning the area ard the coy, removing water puddles in the track, and helping other coys wif their furniture moving.

There was once I was ordered to move cupboards from A coy training shed to its smoking point. WTF. Only those who r excused for heavy load r excused for this duty. ME? I excused upper limb, so still muz help out. WTF! The cupboard was like 100kg. 6 men were required to barely lift it frm the ground. Damn. Imagine the burden built up in the injured shoulder. No words can b used to express the excruciating pain in my shoulders during the transport of those 15 cupboards.

Well 5 days were more of a torture rather den a relief. FUCK.

Sgt Ken is another fucking cb who made the whole pltn days miserable. While there r those who found him motivating, which IMO he is fucking irritating and a pain in my ass, some of us juz hoped he wd get posted away soon. Save us frm the misery, OMG. There was once he asked the whole pltn to close our eyes, and he did a survey on all the sgts' popularity.

" Who hates me, raise yr hand," he asked. Surprisingly, only a minority raised their hands. (according to pimp) Mainly bcos nobody wants to be engulfed in his wrath. Sgt Ken is a petty character when it comes to all these. In order to appease him, most of them who hated him decided not to get themselves into some deep shit, they had to go against their free will. Sad.

And to hell wif Sgt Alex. He's a lazy piece of shit. The thing tt made us all happy, ironically, was his absence in coy. He wd only slp in his bunk and get up when his stomach starts growling. When he is DI, he wd den appear wif his bad hair day and screw us all upside down. The relieving thing was he only showed himself once a wk.

Oh nx wk is IFC. Looks like I will b confined for 2 wks again. Another torture awaits. T-T

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Lets take off our BRAs!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:53 PM --- Post#3568490474682001789

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Welfare...not used to it lah...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:40 PM --- Post#5303786630024172652

Maybe they are right - im not used to welfare. Today is Live run for OETI. As usual i become fat and unfit after so long of physical rest.

So in the morning, the run commence. My friends will notice that i always like to run looking down, simply cos i wanna divert my shagness by looking at the moving pattern on the ground.

So ya...i ran looking down as usual. The Wing SM yelled "U ok anot?". I reply "Im ok!". After 3 minutes, he yelled again "eh, u sure you ok anot?", i replied "ya ya ok!". after 5 minutes, he looked at me again, "eh ok?", this time i was damn fustrated...how many times must i say im ok? So i angrily replied "IM OK LAH!". Wing SM reacted by saying "If you ok then DUN LOOK DOWN! You look down i have to look at you!"

Actually...Wing SM was just concerned for me...its usual that ppl think i collapsing soon cos im damn fair..look like i damn pale liddat. Also my breathing damn heavy and loud...damn scary cos i always have breathing difficulty when running. To add on, i like to look down while running.

So im quite wrong to be rude to him for ensuring im fit to carry on running.

Last time in Mohawk, there was this occasion we kena held in pumping position for damn long. I almost wanna faint liao, then one of my buddy sounded off "sir sir! he want to faint liao! SIR!". That commander, simply replied "FAINT LAH! The most is i take you to Medical Center to have a jab! I dun care if i get complained or what!"

So ya...i should learn to cherish and appreciate welfare. "Care for soldiers" dun apply to everywhere in SAF. Its like in tekong, we expected to tahan even over your limits, u complain not feeling well, they will come out with 101 vulgarities, insults and scoldings to discourage you from falling out. So its like everyone will tahan even if stretched beyond their limit.

Down here got welfare, if commander see u not in right shape, they will stop you if too serious or encourage you (instead of discouraging and insulting) to go on. Yet i tot Wing SM was bothersome to keep checking on me. If i faint, i will get him into deep shit lor...

Well i apologised to him after the run. Still...haiz...

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Saturday, April 07, 2007
Art Design Media (ADM) Faculty Test
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 PM --- Post#5598976459110596535

My dad's car drove round and round the compound....but cannot find LT2A. Sianz....then we drove into this carkpart...which says to my right its the place. looking to my right...its a flight of open stairs, which leads me to think of Great Wall of China. The stairs damn steep and goes on for like three level high lah. I ran up cos i rushing for time liao.

Down there...like some hipster party liddat. Guys all wearing some hip caps, shiny clothes, squatting there playing handphone. Once again i heard that fucking IRRITATING chattering of the girls. All the gals wearing until like going prom liddat. Some dressed up like guys...all kinds of different dressings lah. Some quite sexy, some quite disgusting.

I scanned around. Nobody from AJ or VS or NS leh. Strange. There there are significantly more gals than guys...wtf...I went up there...flashed my 11B to the reception, then hide one corner play my NDSL.

At 9.55am, we asked to enter the LT. It resembles the AJ audi alot. Just that its smaller cos there is no top level. I found a cozy seat and chilled there. The faculty test papers already placed on the seat liao, so wrote my name and IC and paste a sticker on it as usual like A levels.

This environment resembles an exam in AJ alot lah..its so...deja vu. Paper started, its one and a half hours long, three questions, half an hour for each. The last question has three options choose one.

Question 1: Draw your own hand, u may pose your hand in any position.

I really feel like drawing my middle finger for them to see..but decided not to guai lan. Well i tot i sure die liao...cos i cant draw animated(or live) objects, i can only draw products drawing. But somehow at the rush of time (half an hour for inexperience peepz like me is damn short), i managed to do up a decent outlining of my back of my palm.

I deliberately tuck in my little and forth finger, leaving my middle, index finger and thumb sticking out. Reason being, the thing with drawing palm is that the proportion of the fingers and parts of palm damn important...cos u see your own hand everyday...any mis proportion (i suck in drawing things to proportion) is obvious. So i drew only three fingers...easier to control.

After i got my outline of my palm back, i drew my nails and groves...and took note that the bottom grooves, side of finger tend to buldge, and on the top groove, side of finger tend to curve in. I took out my B pencil and shade my whole drawing of hand. Then using my favorite technique - Gaussian blur! Lol but this time not Photoshop. I use my finger and smudge the pencil markings, so the lining is no longer there, everything become soft. Following up, i use 2B to do some toning...shading the sides of finger cos its round...adding some shadow. And finally used 3B pencil to outline it again.

35 minutes past...and done!

Question 2: There are three drawings, two by famous artist, one is a doodle by a "non-artist". Explain your answer, and say what is unique about the all the drawing in comparison. Although there is a correct answer, but scoring is based on ability to express yourself clearly and critical analysis of the drawings.

For this, i chose the third drawing, which looks like using mouse and brush tool and doodled in Photoshop one. Then i used the "Art Criticism" stuff i learnt in General Art in sec 2 to tok cock about the rest. Wah sia lah...like writing essay noe! I long time no write things..my handwriting is like shit.

I only wrote like 3/4 page nia. Then i dunno why...my old habit of counting the number of words per line came back. Ever since Ms Tang say my hand writing too small, she had been using "word per line" to determine my handwriting size. More word per line, smaller handwriting. Mine is 17 word per line. Normall ppl is 10 or 12 per line one.

Question 3 (Option 1): Trace the outline of the room onto page 5. Then use your imagination to decorate the room. Room must have at least a vase, lamp, clock...(cant remb liao)

I never do this option...i dun even decorate my own room...my room fuck messy.

Question 3 (Option 2): Using the below picture element (square, triangle, circle, rectangle) , do three abstract drawing (in which u cannot draw anything that is recognizable like face, vase, table...), one each to represent HARMONY, STRENGTH and DISCORD

I chose this option. Shape playing time! Like Photoshop! I remember Tsun Lam taught me how to use circles and crop and mask each other to form tattoos. Same!

For Harmony, i use lots of circles and triangles. I put one circle, then a smaller one, then a even smaller one next to each other...forming like a clown's hat liddat. Then i anyhow anyhow lah.

For Strength, i put a square in center, and surrounded by rectangles. On the rectangles got lots of triangles. It looks like a shield lah, cos the triangle looks like spikes on amour, protecting something solid in middle.

For Discord, i draw this 3x3 blocks of squares, then on the 4th row, two alternate blocks are missing. On the 5th, another two alternate blocks missing. Slowly...the blocks curve to the sides instead of going straight up...then the squares eventually turned into circles...then triangles and all over the place. Yeah...discord...

Question 3 (Option 3): A illustration of a guy in a messy room is provided on the next page. Something bad has happened. Using your imagination do a write up on what had happened, and it must be involved in at least one of the object in the picture

I never do this option. No time left to write essay liao...i hate writing essays!!!

I manage to finish just on time at 11pm. Went out saw my dad still there, and down the long flights of stairs..and drove off...

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Friday, April 06, 2007
The awakening
[havoc] ranted at 5:02 PM --- Post#8336756330786583114

This is yet another non-Cygig related post. Feel free to share yr thoughts on the points raised in this entry.

Another wk has past. Now I m back home. In my comfort zone. A place where I m protected frm all forms of evil. My soul was tormented brutally back in Tekong, physically and mentally. Physically bcos of the harsh training and punishments implemented. Mentally bcos of the things tt happened ard me which I found was an eye sore..

This is my 3rd wk in Tekong. The adjustment period was over. It literally means our sergeants can pump us anytime, anywhere. Ouch. Well, after a day of str training, agr and bcct, I tot my life was sparred frm any onslaughts. However, as tragic it may seems, my torture didnt juz end there. Juz b4 dinner, we were ordered by 3rd sgt Ken to do chinups. 6 assisted chinups was no sweat. After tt, as if all chains to hell broke loose, we were told to get into our pushup positions and we did 10 spider, diamond and normal pushups. 3 sets of 10 each. While I was doing tt, my shoulder joints made cracking noises and soon I was not able to hold in the pushup position.

I finally yielded. My legs touched the ground and the whole pltn was ordered to do more pushups by the orders of 3rd sgt Ken. I withheld my frustrations and perservered. I juz held on in my pushup position, since i can no longer lower my body.

Not able to stand the pain building up in my shoulders, I let down my leg again. The outcome was more pushups added.

"U r fucking selfish," shouted 3rd sgt ken. I dunno whether tt statement was directed at me, but it seemed tt way. I juz held on for the sake of the whole platoon. Finally it was over. I felt tt I can no longer feel my shoulder anymore. It became numb. I kept to myself.

Later tt nite, 3rd sgt ken went to our bunk and called for a gathering. There, he asked whether we mind him scolding profanities. Nobody dared to spk up. Soon, an answer was made. It was a NO. And tt NO came frm someone I hated in our pltn. A faggot by the name of L. L also added tt our pltn is in nid of a sergeant like sgt ken.

I was like stunned. How cd he haf said tt? But wad's done is done. At least I witnessed L's stupid attempt to curry favour frm Ken. This PhD (poly halfway dropout) is a really no-brainer. True enuff, his words landed us in great jeopardy, for example kenna fucked by sgt Ken for not marching properly, not coming up wif a song within 5 steps of marching, not able to fall in on time and lots more.

All these scenarios gave sgt Ken great opportunities to pump us and hurled vulgarities at us. I hated my life in my pltn.

The below r usual rants frm a person who hated the above things mentioned. Viewer discretion is advised.

1st and foremost, fuck u sgt ken!!! If its so ez for me to complete tt chinup and pushup package of yrs, I wdnt be in ptp in the 1st place. A sgt like u who orders ppl to half left dwn for no gd apparent reasons doesnt deserve my respect. I dun think I cd live up to yr high standards u haf set. Always picking on small faults so tt u can pump us is really stupid. For example, wiping hard on bunk corners so tt u can fickle out a speck of dirt on yr finger, and using tt as an excuse to pump us is really smth childish and abusing one's authority.

Besides tt, hurling vulgarities is smth I can accept. BUT hurling them at inappropriate places and times really sux. It made the whole scenario seemed awkward, unfriendly and hostile. Certainly, NS is not a breeding ground for gentlemen to become uncough beings. Such actions will only sow unnecessary discord betw the pltn and their sergeants.

Thirdly, every 5 steps muz sing song is dumb fuck crazy. Imagine a 24km route march under a hot sun wd leave everyone dehydrated bcos we wd b too occupied wif the song singing tt we forget to patch our dry throats in order to carry on.

All in all, sgt ken really is a pain in my ass. Wad I m asking for is an understanding sgt who noes wad is gd for his pltn and wad is not. Apparently, sgt ken had failed miserably.

And fuck u L. U r also a pain in my ass. Grow up. Stop currying favour so tt u can use tt to yr advantage. Bootlicker. Its no wonder u cant become a commando. Seriously spking, u haf to do a self-reality check. U r the biggest loser in our pltn. Always 1st to fall in and enthu abt doing pt doesnt get u a place in sispec.

U r always lazing ard when it comes to area cleaning and song singing. There was not a single time u r helping the pltn out. U didnt help in area cleaning, always bossing us ard. Such dominance is not needed for this pltn. Our pltn is not yr playground, where u can fool ard. We will surely get fucked bcos of such individualism. Also, interrupting a pltn ic inappropriately is downrite stupid. Such actions r highly uncalled for.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Guard duty
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:43 PM --- Post#2932557445698293085

Guard Duty
kena guard duty last nite. Still ok lah, although my classmate complain the guard commander too fierce... i think he quite nice guy..just damn strict...compared to tekong lah.

From 7pm to 9pm, me and Jian Qi prowled around the camp, then damn creepy..esp the Tank Lane...where u got to go in between two large hangers into the dark alley. Looking inside one of the hangers...its pitch dark except for this eye striking red light coming from this altar...what altar is it i never bother to check.

Lots of toads there also..maybe mating of whatever they doing. Still never got any strange encounter...no ghost nothing...maybe cos 7pm to 9pm too early...ghost never come out so early one.

come back, 9.15pm got the shield and baton drill. How to wack and defend the camo in case of riot. Right after that is a Turn Out, where all the guards will fall in with file ready for emergency action.

It ended by 10 and i slept till 12. Then i took over the Orderly's duty at the desk, to open the gate, check for pass, exchange pass and all that. I did till 2am...only got 2 ppl came in...other time i was staring into space.

Then i go sleep again..and woke up at 5.30am..do area cleaning and breakfast till 6.30. Then i was assigned to stand by the road to take down vehicle number that illegally parked along the road.

Every thing ended by 8am, and we drew key to the bunk. Salah liao! Bunk only got 4 beds...but got 12 of us...6 stayed in bunk, the rest go back classroom sleep.

Sleep and bath and rest till 12pm. go lunch and attend lecture at 1pm.

My Fear
OETI is good...but the only thing i scared is my relationship with the class. I really fear history repeats itself and i ended up like AJ liddat. So i choose to become more quiet. I chose to become more anti Social. I tot maybe that way i can stay out of trouble, politics and complications. I keep telling myself keep low profile...

Cant be help...cos i too guai lan..what other ppl like, i dun, what other ppl do, i avoid. What other ppl dislike, i take pride and what other ppl have faith in, i demolish. Well i take long time to gain trust and build relationships...looong time...i had learnt to to easily trust ppl.

I damn scared...i damn scared i become like last time liddat. Dan scared depression comes again...damn scared...damn scared...

Care For Soldiers
In tekong i always tot "Care for soldiers" is just a facade, for show only...tok cock only. I was wrong...actually down here commanders all care a lot for soliders...keep asking if we feel ok, tell us not to overwork, give us ample time for rest and meals. Release us on time...ya...just to name few...

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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Custom Robo Arena
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:21 AM --- Post#6340452907898559484

Recently this new game fro DS came out, so me and Potato decide to try it out!

Its a part RPG, part 3D Fighting game. U are a new Robo commander, then u walk through the story of discovering new parts, new friends and new styles, like Pokemon liddat lah, just that when u meet ppl, you battle with your robo. The game then switch from 2D top down view to 3D robo view. The main thing about this game its that u get a robo body, then u can mod its gun, pod, bomb, legs to suit different enemies and fighting arena.

Video of Battle

Yes, this game support the Rumble pack, means extra shiok got vibration on DS one. Me and Potato tried out the Nintendo WiFi Connection also, basically each DS got this Friend Code, then u add each other's code and your can play thru the internet like CS liddat. Still got Voice commnuication summore, can tok to Potato before and after the battle, using DS' mic.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Part Customization

Quite a fun game lah...very intense fighting. The review say the story mode too easy...but i eat shit one...always die...haiz...

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Its been a long time
[havoc] ranted at 10:03 AM --- Post#6725875379786494798

Its been a long time, indeed...

2 wholesome wks had past since my last entry. These 2 wks proved to b both physically and mentally demanding for me. For a guy who hasnt done any exercise in his past 21 weeks b4 enlistment, PT was nth but siong and tiring. For someone who hadnt yet realised tt his honeymoon period was over, NS's rules and regulations wd leave anyone mentally devastated.

Oh well, those were the 2 wks. Many things happened to me. Both gd and awful stuff. The gd stuff was tt despite my inadequate training b4 enlistment, I was still able to pass 2 stations in IPPT, wif both attaining the max pts allocated. 2.4km run was a dread. Frm someone who was a 15-min pter, I thought I wd fail this station terribly. To my surprise, I failed not tt badly as I had expected it to b. I ran under 14 mins. OMFG!

Bad things seemed to b recurring themselves, in diff forms of onslaught. Getting insulted badly for wrong step in marching and slping during lectures were common. The thing tt kept on recurring was the ruthless, excessive yet limited use of profanities during those scoldings. Oh well, I wd not downgrade myself to their standards.

And to think Cygig survived this ordeal for 13 wks, y cdnt I?

11 more wks to go. Luckily, I get along well wif my section and my platoon. Looking at the company lvl, there were certain ppl I despise and dread seeing. Esp platoon 3's meal IC and his gang of mischievious and bird-brained infidels. Tt grp was certainly an eye sore, IMO. Coming up wif such a no-brainer slogan for the company, which mayb wrongly interpreted as the word "cock", these guys r better off in hell den in the company. 11 wks wif them wd b a mentally challenging chore. Platoon 4 is made up of pia-kias who always stirred up unnecessary trouble to challenge higher authorities. The combination of the 2 platoons is a lethal weapon, tt wd jeopardise the welfare of the rest of the company. I juz dun want any wrath to b incurred juz bcos of these bastards and their inconsiderate and insensible actions.

Perhaps I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Who can help me, other den myself?

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