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Saturday, April 07, 2007
Art Design Media (ADM) Faculty Test
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 PM --- Post#5598976459110596535

My dad's car drove round and round the compound....but cannot find LT2A. Sianz....then we drove into this carkpart...which says to my right its the place. looking to my right...its a flight of open stairs, which leads me to think of Great Wall of China. The stairs damn steep and goes on for like three level high lah. I ran up cos i rushing for time liao.

Down there...like some hipster party liddat. Guys all wearing some hip caps, shiny clothes, squatting there playing handphone. Once again i heard that fucking IRRITATING chattering of the girls. All the gals wearing until like going prom liddat. Some dressed up like guys...all kinds of different dressings lah. Some quite sexy, some quite disgusting.

I scanned around. Nobody from AJ or VS or NS leh. Strange. There there are significantly more gals than guys...wtf...I went up there...flashed my 11B to the reception, then hide one corner play my NDSL.

At 9.55am, we asked to enter the LT. It resembles the AJ audi alot. Just that its smaller cos there is no top level. I found a cozy seat and chilled there. The faculty test papers already placed on the seat liao, so wrote my name and IC and paste a sticker on it as usual like A levels.

This environment resembles an exam in AJ alot lah..its so...deja vu. Paper started, its one and a half hours long, three questions, half an hour for each. The last question has three options choose one.

Question 1: Draw your own hand, u may pose your hand in any position.

I really feel like drawing my middle finger for them to see..but decided not to guai lan. Well i tot i sure die liao...cos i cant draw animated(or live) objects, i can only draw products drawing. But somehow at the rush of time (half an hour for inexperience peepz like me is damn short), i managed to do up a decent outlining of my back of my palm.

I deliberately tuck in my little and forth finger, leaving my middle, index finger and thumb sticking out. Reason being, the thing with drawing palm is that the proportion of the fingers and parts of palm damn important...cos u see your own hand everyday...any mis proportion (i suck in drawing things to proportion) is obvious. So i drew only three fingers...easier to control.

After i got my outline of my palm back, i drew my nails and groves...and took note that the bottom grooves, side of finger tend to buldge, and on the top groove, side of finger tend to curve in. I took out my B pencil and shade my whole drawing of hand. Then using my favorite technique - Gaussian blur! Lol but this time not Photoshop. I use my finger and smudge the pencil markings, so the lining is no longer there, everything become soft. Following up, i use 2B to do some toning...shading the sides of finger cos its round...adding some shadow. And finally used 3B pencil to outline it again.

35 minutes past...and done!

Question 2: There are three drawings, two by famous artist, one is a doodle by a "non-artist". Explain your answer, and say what is unique about the all the drawing in comparison. Although there is a correct answer, but scoring is based on ability to express yourself clearly and critical analysis of the drawings.

For this, i chose the third drawing, which looks like using mouse and brush tool and doodled in Photoshop one. Then i used the "Art Criticism" stuff i learnt in General Art in sec 2 to tok cock about the rest. Wah sia lah...like writing essay noe! I long time no write things..my handwriting is like shit.

I only wrote like 3/4 page nia. Then i dunno why...my old habit of counting the number of words per line came back. Ever since Ms Tang say my hand writing too small, she had been using "word per line" to determine my handwriting size. More word per line, smaller handwriting. Mine is 17 word per line. Normall ppl is 10 or 12 per line one.

Question 3 (Option 1): Trace the outline of the room onto page 5. Then use your imagination to decorate the room. Room must have at least a vase, lamp, clock...(cant remb liao)

I never do this option...i dun even decorate my own room...my room fuck messy.

Question 3 (Option 2): Using the below picture element (square, triangle, circle, rectangle) , do three abstract drawing (in which u cannot draw anything that is recognizable like face, vase, table...), one each to represent HARMONY, STRENGTH and DISCORD

I chose this option. Shape playing time! Like Photoshop! I remember Tsun Lam taught me how to use circles and crop and mask each other to form tattoos. Same!

For Harmony, i use lots of circles and triangles. I put one circle, then a smaller one, then a even smaller one next to each other...forming like a clown's hat liddat. Then i anyhow anyhow lah.

For Strength, i put a square in center, and surrounded by rectangles. On the rectangles got lots of triangles. It looks like a shield lah, cos the triangle looks like spikes on amour, protecting something solid in middle.

For Discord, i draw this 3x3 blocks of squares, then on the 4th row, two alternate blocks are missing. On the 5th, another two alternate blocks missing. Slowly...the blocks curve to the sides instead of going straight up...then the squares eventually turned into circles...then triangles and all over the place. Yeah...discord...

Question 3 (Option 3): A illustration of a guy in a messy room is provided on the next page. Something bad has happened. Using your imagination do a write up on what had happened, and it must be involved in at least one of the object in the picture

I never do this option. No time left to write essay liao...i hate writing essays!!!

I manage to finish just on time at 11pm. Went out saw my dad still there, and down the long flights of stairs..and drove off...

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