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Friday, April 06, 2007
The awakening
[havoc] ranted at 5:02 PM --- Post#8336756330786583114

This is yet another non-Cygig related post. Feel free to share yr thoughts on the points raised in this entry.

Another wk has past. Now I m back home. In my comfort zone. A place where I m protected frm all forms of evil. My soul was tormented brutally back in Tekong, physically and mentally. Physically bcos of the harsh training and punishments implemented. Mentally bcos of the things tt happened ard me which I found was an eye sore..

This is my 3rd wk in Tekong. The adjustment period was over. It literally means our sergeants can pump us anytime, anywhere. Ouch. Well, after a day of str training, agr and bcct, I tot my life was sparred frm any onslaughts. However, as tragic it may seems, my torture didnt juz end there. Juz b4 dinner, we were ordered by 3rd sgt Ken to do chinups. 6 assisted chinups was no sweat. After tt, as if all chains to hell broke loose, we were told to get into our pushup positions and we did 10 spider, diamond and normal pushups. 3 sets of 10 each. While I was doing tt, my shoulder joints made cracking noises and soon I was not able to hold in the pushup position.

I finally yielded. My legs touched the ground and the whole pltn was ordered to do more pushups by the orders of 3rd sgt Ken. I withheld my frustrations and perservered. I juz held on in my pushup position, since i can no longer lower my body.

Not able to stand the pain building up in my shoulders, I let down my leg again. The outcome was more pushups added.

"U r fucking selfish," shouted 3rd sgt ken. I dunno whether tt statement was directed at me, but it seemed tt way. I juz held on for the sake of the whole platoon. Finally it was over. I felt tt I can no longer feel my shoulder anymore. It became numb. I kept to myself.

Later tt nite, 3rd sgt ken went to our bunk and called for a gathering. There, he asked whether we mind him scolding profanities. Nobody dared to spk up. Soon, an answer was made. It was a NO. And tt NO came frm someone I hated in our pltn. A faggot by the name of L. L also added tt our pltn is in nid of a sergeant like sgt ken.

I was like stunned. How cd he haf said tt? But wad's done is done. At least I witnessed L's stupid attempt to curry favour frm Ken. This PhD (poly halfway dropout) is a really no-brainer. True enuff, his words landed us in great jeopardy, for example kenna fucked by sgt Ken for not marching properly, not coming up wif a song within 5 steps of marching, not able to fall in on time and lots more.

All these scenarios gave sgt Ken great opportunities to pump us and hurled vulgarities at us. I hated my life in my pltn.

The below r usual rants frm a person who hated the above things mentioned. Viewer discretion is advised.

1st and foremost, fuck u sgt ken!!! If its so ez for me to complete tt chinup and pushup package of yrs, I wdnt be in ptp in the 1st place. A sgt like u who orders ppl to half left dwn for no gd apparent reasons doesnt deserve my respect. I dun think I cd live up to yr high standards u haf set. Always picking on small faults so tt u can pump us is really stupid. For example, wiping hard on bunk corners so tt u can fickle out a speck of dirt on yr finger, and using tt as an excuse to pump us is really smth childish and abusing one's authority.

Besides tt, hurling vulgarities is smth I can accept. BUT hurling them at inappropriate places and times really sux. It made the whole scenario seemed awkward, unfriendly and hostile. Certainly, NS is not a breeding ground for gentlemen to become uncough beings. Such actions will only sow unnecessary discord betw the pltn and their sergeants.

Thirdly, every 5 steps muz sing song is dumb fuck crazy. Imagine a 24km route march under a hot sun wd leave everyone dehydrated bcos we wd b too occupied wif the song singing tt we forget to patch our dry throats in order to carry on.

All in all, sgt ken really is a pain in my ass. Wad I m asking for is an understanding sgt who noes wad is gd for his pltn and wad is not. Apparently, sgt ken had failed miserably.

And fuck u L. U r also a pain in my ass. Grow up. Stop currying favour so tt u can use tt to yr advantage. Bootlicker. Its no wonder u cant become a commando. Seriously spking, u haf to do a self-reality check. U r the biggest loser in our pltn. Always 1st to fall in and enthu abt doing pt doesnt get u a place in sispec.

U r always lazing ard when it comes to area cleaning and song singing. There was not a single time u r helping the pltn out. U didnt help in area cleaning, always bossing us ard. Such dominance is not needed for this pltn. Our pltn is not yr playground, where u can fool ard. We will surely get fucked bcos of such individualism. Also, interrupting a pltn ic inappropriately is downrite stupid. Such actions r highly uncalled for.

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