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Saturday, April 21, 2007
Down Anderson's Memory Lane
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:44 PM --- Post#4451764002717690202

Saturday 21 April 07 is AJC's Family Day. I met a lot of ppl, lots of old memories, both good and bad flooded back. I met too much ppl tt day. Just too much. All these ppl had great influence on my life. Either they screw me up or gave me a hand.

Chapter 1: The urge
I dunno why...when i hear about AJ's Family Day....i was like... "I WANT TO GO" feel. It so...strange. Becos i always tot i hated AJ a lot a lot. Somehow or

rather, something is driving me to goto AJ's Family Day. Well, the reason why i hate AJ...simple...all the stupid events...stupid ppl...stupid me..

Chapter 2: Call from Hell
This morning, i was dreadfully woken up by my phone ring. "eh u want come AJ anot?" Yan's familiar voice rang into my ear. I hesitated...and mumbled in my

just-awake low voice, "eh...well...". Upon noticing that im not too willing to step put of my house, ah yan replied, "its ok...up to you". Then i said "i see

see first lah k?" and put down the phone.

Chapter 3: Point of Entry
I got up and got to the MRT station. Halfway through, then i remembered i could had taken Bus 59 to Toa Payoh MRT station, it would be much faster...but i

had forgotten all about it. The MRT ride was freaking hour long, but it wasnt boring, i was amping my tunes through my iAudio D2, enjoying my rave from the

CK-7. Taking the MRT never felt so carefree before, because everyday after bookout from camp, i will be in Smart Four (the green army uniform), in which no

body dare to sit down or do anything funny, cos if Military Police is to catch..thats the end. But now im in civilian clothing, i have all the right to sit

down and relac however i like.

The train passed AMK station...and i can see AJC clearly from bird eye's view. No body inside leh. Strange. Upon alighting my train...i called up Yan to

inform him im here. He made his way to the gate to meet me.

The first thing he says, "aiyo! why now u become fatter le!". Of course lah...i had been slacking and eating so much...of course fat fat lah.

The familiar streams of ppl in blue and yellow shirt flowing filled my vision. I tried my 100% best to look for hatred...but cannot find. The moment i

stepped into the compound, i tot i was back in school, a typical afternoon where everyone goes out to have lunch.

Chapter 4: Mei Nu
The first thing i went to do is to visit my god mother - western food aunty. I rushed there and yelled "MEI NU!" (Pretty gals). Lol the aunty now got long

hair liao. She saw me and was like sibei happy. She commented me from top to toe as usual. Then asked me if i want anything. I asked for Wo Hen Er ("I very

hungry", a dish that consist of a slice each of chicken chop, pork chop, beef steak, fish fillet, hotdog, egg). Aunty looked at me like nuts. Then grabbed

some tons of spagetti and splashed them onto the plastic red plate.

"What meat you want?"

"Anything lor"

"I recommend black pepper"

"k lor!"

It turn out to be just black pepper chicken chop with cheese-dog. No Wo Hen Er TT__TT Guess she too busy to make so many variety of meat ba.

I looked around...the scene resemble's last year's family day. No seat on canteen...so yan brought me to the Ohana, which his class's drink stall is to seat.

I almost forgotten Kang Seng and Melissa in Yan's class...for once i said 'hi' to them. I hastily ate my western food as i dun wanna be too extra. Toking

about army life to ah yan while eating, saw terrence and his gf also...he became a store man liao...more slack than me.

Out of the blue...i asked "eh...you got see rouhua?". I tot even if she came...ah yan wun see her cos so many ppl today. Who noes.. "ya just now saw her"

came as the reply. Well...

Chapter 5: Auto Roaming
After eating the pile of meat and spagetti, we move out to see stuffs...not interested in the stores..more in re-visiting AJC. We went across the AJ Square

to the MPH to the block 10 and 11. Then to the place outside chior room where me, yan and tsun lam used to slack there...then back to block 11. I arrived at

second level...and was stunned. Stunned cos i cannot remeber which is my classroom. Isit 1123 the math or 1125 the econs room? The room was locked...cannot

go in to see.

Yan was like "army make u stupid liao isit? brainwashed lah???" Lol...maybe...cos i really cannot remeber where part so my own school are located,

As i re-tour AJC...lots of things came to mind...past events and stuff...it almost felt as if its last year's family day...which im actually suppose to be


Chapter 6: Performance
We wen back to the parade square...and im still chattering with yan...and out of the crowd, a huge hand grabbed me.

"EHHH!!!" tt guy called out

ooooo...its shaun! My AJ classmate cum BMT bunkmate, coincidence rite...so qiao. He was dressed up damn awkardly...in blazer. The weather damn hot today

lor...i cannot tahan liao...he still blazer nia...wtf... Anyway, he is supposed to perform some singing lah. So we waited patiently for him to sing. At first

i tot he going Audi to sing, then later realised he will be singing on that pathetic small stage in the center of AJ Square.

He sang...and for the first 20 second...the instrument was much louder, then next ten second, no sound came out and the other singer got to lend him the

mike. The next 10 second is blasted with feedbacks...EWWWWWWWWWZZZZZZZ. So bascially i cant hear what he toking.

"Due to technical problem, we will cut short the singing items. Sorry." Said the MC.

Yan was murmuring "user problem lah...not technical problem.."

WTF? Meanin shaun came here all the way from camp in blazer just to stand on the small stage and sing (summore cannot hear properly) just one song? How nice

ah AJ...

Chapter 7: Angie saw Me
The day was hot...yan and shaun one wanna go AMK Hub...one wanna go eat ba chor mee oppo AJC. So in the end decided on the ba chor mee. I just ordered two

teh-O Bing cos i still damn full...Shaun was as usual "I tell you ah....I ask you one question...." rattling non-stop nia.

Thats when i received an sms:
"hah did you see me? coz i think i saw upi :p -Angie HP"

I asked yan he got see angie meh...yan say he only got see her friends on way out of AJ. So i replied said that was me whom she saw.

"haha i was walkin in front of you then you three overtook us as we walked out of aj..was with 2 other girls.. -Angie HP"

I cock eye liao...she went past me i never see...strange....

Anyway...shaun left after lunch and went back to AJC to look for Marcus Pang...the guy in BTT Heay Arms class.

Chapter 8: Let's meet at colour center
The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

I walked off with a broken heart.

Chapter 9: Cash Converter
I tried not to think about just now. I just pretend i never see anything. Else i will be damn depressed. Marcus went off first, as me and yan went to Cash Converter and shop for second hand albums.

I bought:
- Best 2000 (jewel case a bit broken) $5
- Dance Nation (PERFECT CONDITION like its brand new, 2CD) $5
- Wang Li Hom, Xin Zhong De Ri Yue (jewel case a bit broken, CD a bit scratched) $2

Cheap cheap hahahaha. Im not too scared of slightly scratched CD cos got error correction when ripping off, distortion and noise wun be too obvious. The scratches very minor lah.

We spent about like 2 hours there...chatting and looking at piles of CD...got audio CD by singtel...mcdonal...coca cola...TCS....

After that yan went home, me went meet up my parents at Funan.

Chapter 10: Which is Worst?
Army and School. Which is worst.

Today i experienced yet one day of school at AJC. Probably i dint feel stressful cos i noe i no longer need to mug, plus alot of my batch ppl never turn up, so no ppl i hate there. Its like...back to AJC for one day. Doing things i used to do like hanging around AMK area...eating Ba Chor Me...toking cock with canteen aunties... See un-chio but cute mei mei in sports bra...slacking off ourside chior room.

Still...i never forget AJC is like the worst 2 years in my life. The Stress and Depression almost killed me...so fucked up place. No friends, no aim, no hope, no happiness...no nothing. Everyday like going to hell liddat. Everyday wanna cry. So painful...so painful.

Army is good as it seems that i have less problems there...dun have much PR probs, or being marked and pinpointed by authorities, dun need to mug...not much stress. But army no much freedom. Lots of rules and restriction. No chio mei mei see also.

Now i had a fair view of both major stage of my life - AJC and Army. Which is worst? Or maybe both bad in their ways? I dunno. Especially when ppl like Shaun and Marcus who were close to me in school last time is close to me now again in army. Very strange feeling...like things being brought forward in time liddat.

Whey this time i no longer hate AJC? Isit like what Tomato said, ppl always hate school, but when they leave school, they will miss it again, its liddat one. So maybe after two years, i will miss army life?

Or maybe isit like...i had forced myself to forgotten all the sad past in AJC? Remaining only the nice memories? Just like i forced myself to forget the BMT period, leaving only memories of nice friends there.

Why? Why i dun feel the hatred for AJC, like i do last time? Why???

Chapter 11: Time Warp
Anything thing i feel is like...

I still wear uniform, no longer blue grey but green.

I still take the East West line home, no longer with jeremy and selina, but with eric tan and kevin.

I still eat sweet in class, no longer in my 08 homeroom, but my OETI Turret classroom

I still play Gunz, no longer with ah lam and robert, but with eric tan

I still tok cock and whine online, no longer tomato, but lily and jasmine

I still blog, no longer rantings about AJC, but about army

I still listen to music, but no robert there to tell me my EQ no good and no tomato to argue if jay or SHE is better

You see...I still do the same events all along. But ppl involving keep changing. Its like... so guai guai de. Its like, i miss the previous batch of ppl doing those events. Somehow, the old friends, when we go our own path, will seldom contact each other after that. Then good friends used-to-be will be slowly forgotten. Become stranger.

Just imagine, my buddies ah lam, robert, ah yan, tomato, elly, jasmine, few 08 friends and many others... slowly i no longer see them in my life and they slowly disappear..and one day i meet them on the streets, all i can say is 'hi'. Thats it. Or maybe they forget me liao also.

Its like a time warp, Events remain paused, people around fastforward. You move at normal speed. Very soon you will lose track of ppl you like, even u find that your lifestyle haven change much. New ppl come in. And u not used to them.

Selina said, "you dun have to change your friends if u understand that friends change" I think i beginning to understand...

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