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Monday, April 16, 2007
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:34 AM --- Post#6146012597767528332

Welcome KDash
Welcome ah lam aka KDash to my blog...since i entered army...my blog post went down...simply cos evertyday the same thing happen...nothig much to blog about...a lot of classified and restricted things cannot blog also...so more guest blogger...more things to blog...yea...

BGR is definitely a strange thing. Although i no gf, but looking at the ppl around me is enuff. There are blissful couples...like ah kiat and hui. There are some not so smooth one...like pinger and her bf.

Honestly throughout my life i always tot im the most depressed...but actually im not. Tot that pinger is more depressed than i am. She say got some relationship prob w her bf...how i help her? I never neen thru BGR...how i noe...

Last time...i always kao pei kao bu on MSN to my friends how miserable i am...how sad i am....then they will come and comfort me...but still i depress. Now my turn to comfort ppl...yet i dunno how to do. I realised how tiring it is to comfort ppl...when when u noe your friend cheered up...u feel damn wonderful. Thats how friends work? Isnt it?

Some techniques i learnt from Jasmine...instead of just talking talking...ask questions like "take care of yourself k?" or "dun be sad le k?" or "promise me be happy k?"..when the other part replies...he/she will like have the sense of responsibility to keep up the promise for u. It add extra sense of concern from the comforter also.

Angie's way of comfort is by giving all possibilities and solutions. "maybe u can ask them to check for you if any porgress", "maybe you can find a way when the time comes?", "just dun think about it...maybe it feels better"

Selina's way is my sniggering "hehehehe...everyone got to go thru de lah", "your limit will be lengthend..hehehe"

Suyee will fly out all the GP argument on why you should not feel sad. "When somebody jump down, the face will land first, and 90% of those who commit suicide by jumping down got disfigured, thus is not wise to jump down"

Many Many ways lah...MSN is a wonderful medium to act as a counsellings center. I still learning.

I got some cheat IPS patch for DS games, completed Castlevania, and on the way to complete the previous games like Metroid Prime Hunters and Trama center that was way too hard for me to play. I noob lah k?

Enjoying life
Currently enjoying life in camp....weekend go out w Stan they all watch movie...sit tok cock...in camp...eat eat eat unitl i damn more fat liao...everyday one big fried chicken and all the nice nice mee goreng and char kawy teow!

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