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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Donate Blurt
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:02 PM --- Post#724970188884758360

Donate Blurt
"We encarlage ahh...eveyone to donate blurt!"
And yet my kind donation is rejected. Why neh? Becos if i donate blood, they will get all my superpower! REALLY! Later u see all those who use my blood become zombies...then how nia?

Actually its cos now they very strict...u sick (even flu, cough, cold...they specially said that) for last few weeks cannot donate liao. Me last week got some damned flu and ya...so cannot. Also cos i stopped eating Malaria pill only 2 weeks ago, need a month interval then can. Summore i G6PD...then in tekong my officer told me,

"Nvm one...now G6PD and normal ppl take the same white pill" which later on i found out its not true. So ya...my blood is corrupted liao.

Also i got phobia of needles...dun dare...hahaha. Even i went thru lots of injection, IV Drip and all in tekong...i never tried donating blood b4...due to my lack of sleep (as always) i scared later faint after donating.

IC U...o U IC...
Me IC...shit. Fuck. Supposed to be sea-hum one, i next week...but then sea-hum got interview, sergeant ask me be IC for the week. IC damn sian one..need to make sure i noe where everybody is. Go toilet i also must noe. Need to march ppl off..need to report strength..more chances of being tekan. But still, i was lucky enuff to escape being IC in Mohawk coy or field camp.

Best Sergeant
Care for soldiers. Sure lots of care from OETI. I notice some sergeants and officers treating us very well. I appreciate that. Really. Its more than good that they treat us with respect, ask for our opinions and take care of our welfare like our parents.

In fact...its more welfare than AJC lor. In AJC the teachers dun even bother to know more about you. They dun even noe you well! But the instructors here in OETI take effort to noe each and everyone of us well enough, and spend time taking and sharing personal experience with us, unlike bloody AJC...only noe how to complete-their-job, which is to muggify us and chunk lumps of info into our brain, thats all. No have say like chat to us, get to noe more about us...AJC is shit.

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Playing Unreal Tournament 04 and Counter Strike: Source
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