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Saturday, April 28, 2007
Finally FC is over
[havoc] ranted at 4:09 PM --- Post#8694466174845349767

OMG. In the blink of an eye, my field camp (fc) finally drew to a close. Gd riddance.

I was confined for 2 wks. 2 LONG wks. These past 2 wks was a dread and I wished it wd b over. Though it had finally ended, my mind still haf horrifying flashbacks of wad I exp in those 6 days outfield. It came back to torment me, even until today.

I can still remb the 1st day we set out on a 8km road march to our campsite. Everyone was damn shag after the road march. However, tt did not spare us of the sufferings tt was yet to come. Juz after we drank up, we were ordered to pitch up our basha tents and dig inter-connected trenches. The trenches serve to collect rainwater and re-direct them to other areas, so tt it wont flood our slping area. We slogged our guts while digging the ankle-deep trench. When it was finally done, all of us were dead-beat.

Soon, it was the long-awaited lunch. As we prepared ourselves for the unappetizing combat rations, we soon found out tt the taste was actually not tt bad. Not tt bad as the looks had prescribed it to b. Perhaps we were hungry and cdnt care much abt wad we were eating.

After tt, we had lessons. And on subsequent days, we had lessons and den practical tests to judge how much we haf benefitted frm those lessons. Oh well, some of us screwed it up. Esp those blur cocks.

4th day. Half way bench mark to end of fc. This was also the day we shifted campsite. Our final destination wd b the oil palm plantation. We heard tt we wd b digging a 1.2m deep trench, called the shell-scrape. A more common term for dummies wd b digging a grave for oneself. All the actions, for eg slping, will b in tt grave. YES! U will b spending 1/4 of yr time slping wif insects which were in the grave u dig.. Merry Christmas.

The 4th day was more horrifying den other days. Immediately after our 6km road march to the oil palm plantation, the sky turned gloomy and rain started to pour. It screwed up our timing and seriously put us off track of schedule. When the rain finally decided to stop, it was afternoon. On our empty stomachs, pltn 1 and 2 were told to proceed on wif the test scheduled for the day, while pltn 3 and 4 haf their lunch 1st. WTF?

When my section finally finished the test, it was already 1500 hrs. While it was high tea for most working class, my section finally settled down for our well-deserved lunch. As shocking as it may seem, tt is army life.

Juz when u think u can get time out during the nite, dream on. At ard 1800 hrs tt day, we were ordered to build our graves.Since my stomach was still full frm the late lunch, I decided to drop dinner and proceeded wif my grave digging. Soon, nite started to fall. The whole drama was brought to the climax when we were screwed for not completing the graves within the allocated time. Screwed upside dwn, inside out at ard 2000 hrs. We were ordered to cover up tt half fucked shell scrape of ours and were redeployed to another area to build another one. Life was nv tt bitter b4. As a result of this harsh punishment, many ppl fall out and one of them was heard to b mentally unstable after tt. OMFG! At long last, we were told to stop work after 2100 hrs. Hell was over for at least a few hrs.

The 5th day, we continued wif the digging. Still, our grave was still the half fucked standard after the allocated time. Luckily, the OC let us off. For once, the OC grew a heart. It was a terrific news for all.

The fc finally drew to a close wif BIC. DAMN! It started pouring cats and dogs on the last day when we marched to the BIC grounds. At the BIC grounds, I was so unlucky to b assigned the lane wif the most number of rocks in my lanes. Imagine I had to leopard and back crawl all the ways wif rocks protruding in the way. MAN. My elbows still had scratches frm the aftermath of those crawls above those rocks. Still, it was a wonderful exp which I wont deny.

We were shagged out by the time we returned to coy. Glad tt we were back to civilisation. I sort of appreciate things ard me after fc. Nv wd I take all these things ard me for granted again...

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