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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Guard duty
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:43 PM --- Post#2932557445698293085

Guard Duty
kena guard duty last nite. Still ok lah, although my classmate complain the guard commander too fierce... i think he quite nice guy..just damn strict...compared to tekong lah.

From 7pm to 9pm, me and Jian Qi prowled around the camp, then damn creepy..esp the Tank Lane...where u got to go in between two large hangers into the dark alley. Looking inside one of the hangers...its pitch dark except for this eye striking red light coming from this altar...what altar is it i never bother to check.

Lots of toads there also..maybe mating of whatever they doing. Still never got any strange encounter...no ghost nothing...maybe cos 7pm to 9pm too early...ghost never come out so early one.

come back, 9.15pm got the shield and baton drill. How to wack and defend the camo in case of riot. Right after that is a Turn Out, where all the guards will fall in with file ready for emergency action.

It ended by 10 and i slept till 12. Then i took over the Orderly's duty at the desk, to open the gate, check for pass, exchange pass and all that. I did till 2am...only got 2 ppl came in...other time i was staring into space.

Then i go sleep again..and woke up at 5.30am..do area cleaning and breakfast till 6.30. Then i was assigned to stand by the road to take down vehicle number that illegally parked along the road.

Every thing ended by 8am, and we drew key to the bunk. Salah liao! Bunk only got 4 beds...but got 12 of us...6 stayed in bunk, the rest go back classroom sleep.

Sleep and bath and rest till 12pm. go lunch and attend lecture at 1pm.

My Fear
OETI is good...but the only thing i scared is my relationship with the class. I really fear history repeats itself and i ended up like AJ liddat. So i choose to become more quiet. I chose to become more anti Social. I tot maybe that way i can stay out of trouble, politics and complications. I keep telling myself keep low profile...

Cant be help...cos i too guai lan..what other ppl like, i dun, what other ppl do, i avoid. What other ppl dislike, i take pride and what other ppl have faith in, i demolish. Well i take long time to gain trust and build relationships...looong time...i had learnt to to easily trust ppl.

I damn scared...i damn scared i become like last time liddat. Dan scared depression comes again...damn scared...damn scared...

Care For Soldiers
In tekong i always tot "Care for soldiers" is just a facade, for show only...tok cock only. I was wrong...actually down here commanders all care a lot for soliders...keep asking if we feel ok, tell us not to overwork, give us ample time for rest and meals. Release us on time...ya...just to name few...

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